13 Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks of 2023 | Lax Farmer (2023)

If you’re looking for a new lacrosse stick, you’re in luck! In this article, we will share the best lacrosse sticks for each position. We’ll go over the different types of sticks available, as well as what to look for when choosing a new one. So whether you’re a beginner just starting out, or an experienced player looking for an upgrade, check out our top picks for the best lacrosse sticks on the market!

Best Youth Lacrosse Sticks

Before we jump into our best lacrosse sticks by position, let’s start with the best lacrosse sticks for youth players 👇!

Our Pick

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StringKing Complete 2 Junior Lacrosse Stick

This is the perfect stick for youth players (U10). It is designed with the intent to help younger players learn the fundamentals of the sport: passing, catching, and scooping ground balls. It is comprised of durable aluminum and comes in multiple colors.

The StringKing Complete 2 Junior Stick comes fully strung with StringKing’s high quality mesh; a consistent mesh that is arguably the best in the industry.

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STX Stallion 550 Junior Shorty Lacrosse Stick

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The STX Stallion 550 Junior Attack Lacrosse Stick is excellent for ages 10 and under. It comes with a soft mesh pocket, making it easier to catch and throw the ball. The open side wall flexes upon checks and ground balls, maintaining the head’s integrity and durability. The Stallion 550 shaft is made of alloy, a decently durable yet lightweight material for entry-level players.

STX Stallion 50 Complete Youth Lacrosse Stick

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The STX Stallion 50 is the most common youth lacrosse stick you will see amongst 10 and under players. It is a fantastic beginner stick that is designed to help players develop proper fundamentals with catching and throwing. It is similar to the STX Stallion 550, but is manufactured with slightly cheaper materials, making it a very affordable lacrosse stick for entry-level players.

Best Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Sticks

The best attack and midfield lacrosse sticks frequently have a narrow head, light shaft, and a mid-low pocket.

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StringKing Complete 2 Senior Lacrosse Stick

The StringKing Complete 2 Senior stick is the best lacrosse stick for offensive players. It comes fully strung with StringKing’s world class semi-soft mesh; no break-in required, game-ready right out of the box.

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The StringKing Complete 2 stick combines a slightly narrow head (which is ideal for offensive players) and a lightweight, durable alloy shaft. This is a perfectly constructed stick designed to last all-season long without any maintenance.

Warrior Burn Warp Pro Lacrosse Stick

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The Warrior Burn Warp Pro is one of the most unique lacrosse sticks on the market. It comes with the famously innovative Warp pocket, a built-in pocket designed for consistent performance that is game-ready right out of the box. The Warp pocket has a smooth release that works exactly the same in every weather condition, no matter how bad it gets outside. Its head is designed for outside shooting attackmen looking to improve their shooting stroke, and its carbon fiber shaft is incredibly strong and light. Overall, if you’re looking for a game-ready stick with a consistent release that does not need any pocket restringing, the Warrior Burn Warp Pro is an excellent option.

STX Stallion 200 Complete Stick

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The STX Stallion 200 is a sweet stick for attackmen and midfielders looking to get the job done at an affordable price point. This is likely the best budget-friendly lacrosse stick on the market. The alloy shaft is comprised of a standard lightweight material that includes memory markers so you can easily slide your hands back into passing and shooting position.

Maverik Tactik Carbon Complete Lacrosse Stick

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The Maverik Tactik is a player-favorite for multiple reasons:

  • Lightweight, yet strong
  • Adjustable butt-end
  • Strung with semi-hard mesh for more hold

This complete lacrosse stick from Maverik is designed to improve your shooting speed & accuracy, especially if you’re currently wielding a beginner stick.

Maverik Charger Complete Attack Lacrosse Stick

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The Maverick Charger lacrosse stick is one of the best options for lacrosse beginners. It is the most affordable option of the bunch, and composed of the same lightweight alloy material as the above STX Stallion. The Maverick Charger is an excellent starter stick for those looking to dip their feet in the lacrosse waters and try out the sport.

Best Defense Lacrosse Sticks

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StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick

StringKing’s Complete 2 Senior Defense Lacrosse Stick is the perfect stick for all defensive players. The Senior head is the narrowest of the StringKing defensive heads, however it is still wide enough for a defender to snag passes out of the sky or scoop ground balls on the run.

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The slightly narrow head gives defenders a major advantage that maximizes control; allowing defenders to go on fast breaks, run through checks, and clear the ball upfield like most elite college players are able to do so well. This shaft is much lighter and easier to handle than most other long pole shafts.

STX Stallion 200 Defense Complete Stick

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The STX Stallion 200 is a fantastic option for lacrosse players beginning their journey as a defensive player. It’s lightweight (alloy shaft), and easy to catch and throw with. If you’re looking for a defensive long pole that can get the job done, this is the best option. Intermediate/advanced players looking to elevate their game should go with the above StringKing Defense stick. Beginner defenders – you can’t go wrong with the STX Stallion 200.

Best Goalie Lacrosse Sticks

Our Pick

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STX Eclipse 2 Goalie Stick

The STX Eclipse 2 is far and away the best goalie stick on the market. The Eclipse 2 head has enhanced stiffness, which is superb for stopping fast shots around the crease. The ergonomic throat makes it easier for your top hand to control the stick.

The Outlet shaft contains texturized grip zones that help your hands slide into place and maintain control without adding weight to the stick. Overall, the STX Eclipse 2 is the benchmark when talking about the best goalie sticks on the market.

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Warrior Nemesis Lacrosse Goalie Stick

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The Warrior Nemesis is the perfect lacrosse stick for entry-level goalkeepers. It features the Warrior Nemesis head with a flared sidewall. This funnels the ball into the center of the pocket and creates a tighter channel for the ball to travel, which is great for clearing and passing accuracy. The Nemesis head is also constructed with maximum durability in mind, allowing you to play in any weather condition. If you’re looking for a goalie stick that is good-to-go right out of the box, the Warrior Nemesis is for you.

STX Shield 100 Lacrosse Goalie Stick

13 Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks of 2023 | Lax Farmer (13)

The STX Shield 100 is another great goalie stick for beginners looking for a starter stick. STX made this stick lighter and shorter than the Eclipse 2 (which is ideal for younger players). The factory string job that the stick comes with might not be the best, so it might require some restringing to fit your preferences.

What to Look for When Buying a Lacrosse Stick

There are several factors to keep in mind when shopping for a new lacrosse stick:

Skill level

Are you a beginner who wants a stick that is easy to use? Or are you an intermediate player looking for a stick that is built for a higher level of play?


Lacrosse sticks can range in price from around $50 to over $200. Depending on your budget, your options can range from affordable beginner sticks to high quality sticks that are built to last.


Most shafts are made aluminum, scandium, titanium, carbon fiber, or other composite materials. Different material contributes to the weight, durability, and feel of a stick.


Depending on if it’s a U10 player or a high school player, there are varying stick lengths built for different age groups.

A new lacrosse stick is only as good as the player who holds it! If you’re looking to improve your passing and catching, don’t forget to check out the best lacrosse rebounders as well.


How much should a lacrosse stick cost?

The price of a lacrosse stick can vary depending on the quality of the materials used. A good quality lacrosse stick will cost between $100 and $200. However, if you’re just starting out, you can find beginner options for as little as $50.

What makes a lacrosse stick illegal?

There are a few things that can make a lacrosse stick illegal:

  • The length of the stick cannot be more than 42 inches.
  • The width of the head cannot be more than 12 inches.
  • The depth of the pocket cannot be more than four inches.
  • The end must not have any sharp or pointed edges.

With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. But by keeping these factors in mind, you can narrow down your choices and find the perfect choice for your game.

What are the main parts of a lacrosse stick?

The main three parts are the head, the shaft, and the pocket. The head is where you hold the ball, and it comes in different shapes and sizes depending on your position on the field. The shaft is what connects the head to the pocket, and it can be made from a variety of materials such as wood, aluminum, or composite. The pocket is where the ball sits in the head, and it can be made from different materials such as nylon, leather, or mesh.

What lacrosse stick should a beginner get?

If you’re just starting out, we recommend getting an affordable beginner stick. There are a number of good quality beginner sticks on the market that will help you develop your skills without breaking the bank.

How many types of lacrosse sticks are there?

Lacrosse sticks come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but there are three main types: offensive, defensive, and goalie. Each type is designed for a specific purpose. Offensive sticks (attack and midfield) are typically lighter and have smaller heads, while defensive sticks are heavier and have larger heads. Goalie sticks are the heaviest of the three and have a wider head.


13 Best Complete Lacrosse Sticks of 2023 | Lax Farmer (14)

There are a variety of complete sticks on the market, but the best ones are those that fit the needs of the player. The best stick depends on your skill level, budget, and personal preferences. To summarize our picks:

Best Youth Lacrosse Stick: StringKing Complete 2 Junior

Best Attack/Midfield Lacrosse Stick: StringKing Complete 2 Senior

Best Defense Lacrosse Stick: StringKing Complete 2 Senior Defense

Best Goalie Lacrosse Stick: STX Eclipse 2

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Full transparency, we are not sponsored by StringKing in anyway. They just so happen to be manufacturing the best complete stick options available today. By keeping the factors mentioned in this article in mind, you can find the perfect stick for your game. Thanks for reading!


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