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Due to the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many schools, colleges, and other educational institutions have embraced online education platforms. With e-learning web apps, you can provide an effective virtual learning experience to your learners.

E-learning web apps improve students’ academic progress. It has surpassed the barriers of space and time and made the students, teachers, and parents stay connected from anywhere in and around the world.

Online education has experienced an excellent transformation with the advent of e-learning web apps. Keep reading and by the end, you will understand the importance of e-learning web apps for your online classroom.

What is an E-learning Web App?

An e-learning web app is an interactive webpage that allows learners to input their data and get expected results through interactions. Your students can access the app from a web browser with an active internet connection from remote locations.

According to SmallBizTrends, 90% of students consider online learning to be better than traditional learning. With e-learning web apps, you can keep your learners active in the virtual learning network.

How does an E-learning Web App Work?

E-learning web apps are stored on the web server. Unlike e-learning websites, web apps allow students to perform interactive activities like attending a test, submitting a response, presenting a seminar, working on a math problem, and more in a virtually connected classroom.

For instance, Zoom, a video conferencing software allows users to host and attend a virtual meeting from remote. This makes students and teachers experience a real-time learning environment without heading up to the physical school space.

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Must-have Features of an E-learning Web App

Features have a major role in creating a unique identity for the e-learning web app. Every feature of the app should focus on laying down a hassle-free learning space for the teachers and students.

Here are a few noteworthy features for your e-learning web app. Keep this as a checklist while building e-learning web apps for your online classroom.

  • Learner-centric web layout and responsive designs
  • Reminders, appreciations, and other relevant push notifications
  • Variety of different learning materials like visuals, videos, podcasts, etc
  • Holistic micro-learning concepts
  • Downloadable online content for future reviews
  • Multiple quiz formats

Students and teachers feel like signing out a web app if its features do not facilitate learning. Therefore, if you have ideas to build an e-learning web app for your online curriculum, then considering the aspects of these e-learning web app features is crucial.

Top Interactive E-Learning Web Apps

While there are over thousands of educational web apps available, choosing the right ones for students will make them enjoy learning. Our professional web app developers have hand-picked some of the learner-friendly e-learning web apps that are built with note-worthy features.

These apps will encourage your students to spend their time fruitfully by focussing on studies. Below is a list of amazing e-learning web apps. You can choose anyone based on your needs.

1. Google Classroom

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (1)

Google Classroomis a powerful and easy to use web app for seamlessly organizing the daily activities of students. Furthermore, this tool allows you to take online classes, distribute course materials, assign assessments, track students’ progress, send feedback, etc from anywhere at any time.

2. Kahoot

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (2)

Kahootis a game-based learning app to improve students’ engagement in the virtual classroom. With more than 50% of US educators using this platform, it is possible to create quizzes, host live games, and more. All these activities will be depending on the lesson concepts, therefore, you can make students master each of the lessons via games and fun tasks.

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3. Zoom Education

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (3)

Zoom, one of the best cloud video conferencing web apps that assist you in sharing schedules, tutoring lessons, communicating with multiple students, and so on. You can boost students’ participation during remote learning with amazing features like one-click content sharing, digital whiteboarding, etc.

4. Seesaw

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (4)

As one of the popular online learning web apps,Seesawoffers a bulk of resources to you for building a successful digital learning environment. It allows you to showcase the students’ strengths, areas for improvement, students’ learning progress, etc to their parents from the virtual classroom.

5. Photomath

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (5)

Photomath is an award-winning online educational web app. The app has a dedicated team of mathematicians who examine effective math teaching methods, develop solutions for math problems, and more. With the support of this app, you can make students understand concepts in a better way.

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6. Socrative

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (6)
Socrative, one of the efficient e-learning web app platforms to improve the engagement of the students. It allows you to launch a mini-quiz, raise poll questions, assign quick assessment tasks and so on. It is a cloud-based student response system to instantly examine students’ understanding levels while remote learning. https://youtu.be/WlnI1f-Q1JM

7. Edmodo

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (7)

Edmodo lays a perfect communicative foundation between you and the students during distance learning. It is easy to create online collaborative groups, provide lesson materials, create quick questions, share digital assignments, analyze student performance, communicate with parents and much more.

8. Scratch

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (8)

Scratch, a popular e-learning web app specifically developed for 8 to 16-year-olds. It builds a rich virtual classroom by allowing students to showcase their creative skills to the outside world. Students can combine music, graphics, and photos to create interactive games, animations, and slideshows. These activities make them engaged in learning as well as playing.

9. Prezi

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (9)
When compared to Powerpoint presentations Prezi presentations were found to be 25% more effective. Prezi is one of the best e-learning web apps that provides beautiful designer templates for creating visually stunning presentations. Using Prezi presentations in the online classroom, you can grab the students’ attention and keep them focussed on the lessons.

10. Thinglink

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (10)

ThingLinkis an award-winning education app that allows teachers to create learning methods using engaging content. It accelerates the curiosity of students to learn things and expand their knowledge. It is possible to provide virtual learning experiences to the students by augmenting the images, videos, virtual tours, music and more.

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11. Quizlet

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (11)

With the support of Quizlet’sfree study sets, study modes, and in-class games you can instantly create a highly interactive virtual classroom. This powerful e-learning web app offers several study modes that make virtual learning effective. Furthermore, you can use gaming activities, study reminders, learning progress checkpoints, etc to enhance the students’ learning experiences.

12. Class Dojo

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (12)

ClassDojois an amazing tool to track students’ behavior. It is possible to allot rewards based on the behavior of the student while attending the sessions and this keeps motivating the students to maintain a disciplined behavior at all times. Also, you can communicate with parents through direct messages to share feedback about their kid’s behavior during remote learning.

13. Storybird

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (13)

With the support of theStorybird, a user-friendly e-learning web app, you can create digitally interactive and artistic books in the virtual classroom. You can assign projects to students, give constant feedback, and more. Additionally, this tool assists in expanding the writing and reading skills of students by giving them challenges to compose stories on their own.

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14. Animoto

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (14)

Animotois one of the best digital apps that allows you to create eye-catching videos to improve the students’ understanding level. It allows you to create audio-visual content using an educational video maker that supports students to show active participation in the online classroom.

15. Educreations

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (15)

Educreationsis a unique interactive online whiteboard that is friendly to operate. Using this app, you can create appealing videos for the subject content and share them instantly with students. Moreover, it is easy to engage students with video content and help them master each of their subjects.

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How is an E-learning Web App Built?

Here we will walk you through the step-by-step process that companies follow to build an e-learning web app.

  • Step 1: Understand the intention of building an e-learning web app
  • Step 2: Formulate an idea about your e-learning web app
  • Step 3: Research the market to check the existence of a similar app. If there is an exact match of the app, then plan for alternate ideas from
  • Step 4: Make note of the features you want in your e-learning web app
  • Step 5: Wireframe you e-learning web app model
  • Step 6: Start building the database, front-end, and back-end of your web application. The database determines the information and datatype you need to store. The front-end is the visual appearance of your e-learning web app which could be built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With multiple page application (server pages), you can start building your app on the existing development page. On the other hand, with Single Page Application (SPA), you have set up a new development environment using a code editor, compilation framework, and front-end framework
  • Step 7: Develop the back-end of your e-learning web app. The primary job of the back-end is to provide HTTP endpoints to your frontend that allows it to operate on your data, check the user’s authorization, store your data, and more
  • Step 8: Buy a separate domain name. Set up a Security Socket Layer (SSL) certificate. Choose a cloud provider for hosting your e-learning web app
  • Step 9: Deploy your web application from your computer to your cloud hosting software

Over To You

Today, the education industry has gained better knowledge about the potential of virtual classroom and e-learning web apps. Virtual classrooms with advanced e-learning web apps, e-learning web design softwares have made students access more educational content from anywhere at any time.

As web apps have made learning easy for students, many educational institutions have already started embracing it. If you have any plans to build a virtual classroom website, do check out our detailed blog on how to create a virtual classroom website

If you get any ideas to build an e-learning web app, then feel free to get in touch with us. At ColorWhistle – a website developer company, we provide white label services, and build student-friendly web apps to provide the best learning experiences for your students. Reach our team or give us a call +1 (919) 234-5140 at any time, we are always glad to support you!

If you’ve any questions with regard to the general website development, you can read this FAQ in website development blog post, you’ll find useful insights there.

Among the curated list, which e-learning web app do you like the most and why? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below.

15 Best ❇️ Interactive E-Learning Web Apps for Online Classroom - ColorWhistle (2024)


What is the best eLearning website? ›

The 7 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022
  • Best Overall: Coursera.
  • Best for Niche Topics: Udemy.
  • Best for Creative Fields: Skillshare.
  • Best for Celebrity Lessons: MasterClass.
  • Best for STEM: EdX.
  • Best for Career Building: Udacity.
  • Best for Data Learning: Pluralsight.
24 Feb 2022

Which app is best for online classroom? ›

Seven Best Online Teaching Apps
  1. ClassIn. ClassIn is a leading EdTech app that provides all-inclusive solutions for online learning. ...
  2. Zoom. ...
  3. Teachmint. ...
  4. TeacherKit. ...
  5. Kahoot! ...
  6. Quizizz. ...
  7. Educreations.
28 Feb 2022

What is an eLearning web application? ›

An e-learning web app is an interactive webpage that allows learners to input their data and get expected results through interactions. Your students can access the app from a web browser with an active internet connection from remote locations.

What is interactive online classroom? ›

It allows both educational institutions and students to develop their skills holistically and solve challenging exercises to learn better. Online learning makes delivering interactive lessons to higher education students easy.

What are the top 10 online courses? ›

Top 10 Online Courses in India from the Best E-learning...
  • Graphic Design.
  • Cyber Security.
  • Data Analytics.
  • Digital Marketing.
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Programming.
  • Foreign Language.
  • Web Development.

Which is the No 1 learning app? ›

Khan Academy is the best education app because it's free, easy to use, and works well for every age group. It provides informational videos and online exercises to help kids excel in a variety of subjects, including math, science, and language arts.

Which is the best free learning app for students? ›

Top 12 Free Educational Apps for Students
  • Duolingo. Yes, the popular language learning app is available for free. ...
  • SoloLearn. Technology has brought the world closer by helping them stay connected and it will continue to happen in the future as well. ...
  • Khan Academy. ...
  • TED. ...
  • Lumosity. ...
  • Photomath. ...
  • Grammarly. ...
  • Daylio.
13 Jul 2022

Which app is used by teachers? ›

Google Classroom

Google Classroom is excellent. I have been using it for a couple of years now and it has revolutionised my teaching. It pulls together all of the G-Suite apps (Docs, Slides, Sheets and Draw). Teachers can create assignments and announcements for individual classes.

What are the 3 main advantages of eLearning? ›

What are the 5 biggest advantages of E-Learning?
  • Flexibility. The first advantage of e-learning is flexibility in terms of time and place. ...
  • Availability. ...
  • Efficiency. ...
  • Low Cost. ...
  • Mobile. ...
  • Internet connection. ...
  • Discipline. ...
  • Distraction.
15 Sept 2020

What is eLearning and its benefits? ›

It promotes active and independent learning; Efficient way of delivering courses as the resources are available from anywhere and at any time; Students can interact with their peers from all around the world through group discussions and private chats; The studying material can be accessed unlimited number of times.

What are the examples of interactive learning? ›

Interactive Classroom Activities
  • Entry/Exit Tickets. ...
  • Free Writing/Minute Paper/Question of the Day Exercise. ...
  • Ice Breakers. ...
  • Think–Pair–Share. ...
  • Case Studies and Problem-Based Learning. ...
  • Debate. ...
  • Interview or Role Play. ...
  • Interactive Demonstrations.

Why is an interactive classroom so important? ›

How does it help? In addition to engaging students who are raised in a hyper-stimulated environment, interactive learning sharpens critical thinking skills, which are fundamental to the development of analytic reasoning.

What is interactive learning tools? ›

Interactive learning materials are interactive resources designed to teach a specific learning outcome. They may comprise of a single or multiple pages that can contain any combination of text, images, audio, video - including screencasts, animations, self test questions and other interactive activities.

What are the top 5 courses? ›

Have a look at some of the most popular courses:
  • Courses Management.
  • Courses Accounting.
  • Courses Leadership.
  • Courses Spanish.
  • Courses Academic English.
  • Courses Human Resources.
  • Courses Information Technology.
  • Courses Chinese.

What are the four types of online courses? ›

Below are some of the most common online learning format types that remote learners can choose from to accelerate their remote education.
  • Synchronous Learning. ...
  • Asynchronous Learning. ...
  • Hybrid Learning. ...
  • Fixed Time Online Learning. ...
  • Computer-Managed Learning (CML) ...
  • E-Learning.

What is the most successful online course? ›

The most in-demand online courses right now are in the following course categories:
  • Blockchain and Crypto.
  • Trading.
  • Video Production.
  • Graphic Design.
  • Photography.
  • Arts & Crafts.
  • Health and Fitness.
  • Personal Development.
13 Oct 2022

What is the most useful app for students? ›

Take a look below at our list of the 10 best student apps for 2022 – and turn your phone into the ultimate study buddy.
  • RefME. Best for: Referencing. ...
  • Evernote. Best for: Note-taking, task management. ...
  • Office Lens. Best for: Note-taking. ...
  • Motion. Best for: Focus time. ...
  • Google Drive. ...
  • Forest. ...
  • Todoist. ...
  • Mathway.

Which app is used to study? ›

Evernote (Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, Web)

Evernote is another great study app for students for note-taking. It is supported by almost all devices and you can handwrite notes in it and clip articles, books, and pictures into the note. One of the great things about it supports word files, PDF, and powerpoints as well.

Which is best app for improve knowledge? ›

The best learning apps for Android
  • Amazon Kindle.
  • Coursera.
  • Duolingo.
  • Khan Academy.
  • LinkedIn Learning.
24 Feb 2022

How educational apps help students? ›

Summary: Educational learning apps are designed to be engaging and enjoyable for students. Knowledge augmentation, tailored learning experiences, improved engagement, access to online study material, ease of communication, and, most significantly, remote access are all advantages of a learning app.

Which learning app is best Why? ›

The 9 Best Educational Apps of 2022
  • Best Overall: Khan Academy.
  • Best for Young Children: PBS KIDS Games.
  • Best for Kids K-8: BrainPOP.
  • Best for High School: Quizlet.
  • Best for College: Evernote.
  • Best for Adults: edX.
  • Best for Reading: Newsela.
  • Best for Foreign Languages: Duolingo.
16 Dec 2021

What are 3 types of eLearning? ›

One-on-one learning. Group learning. Course-based learning. Video-based learning.

Is the best method of interactive learning? ›

Brainstorming is one of the interactive teaching methods which demand performance in group sessions. With this process, students are able to develop creative thoughts and ideas. The method helps learners to pull learn together.

Can I teach online using my phone? ›

The use of mobile technologies increases the effectiveness of teaching and learning. Teachers are no longer limited to teaching in the traditional brick and mortar classroom; they can use their mobile phone to share information at any time, anywhere.

Which apps are mostly useful for students parents and teachers? ›

Here is a list of parent-teacher communication apps that encourage active engagement between students, teachers, and parents.
  • Skool Loop. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Bloomz. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • Klassly. (Android, iPhone, iPad) ...
  • ParentSquare. (Android) ...
  • Remind. ...
  • ClassDojo. ...
  • Seesaw. ...
  • ClassTag: Class Communication.

What are the 10 benefits of online classes? ›

What are the Benefits of Online Classes for Students?
  • The “Home” Advantage. Digital learning has made learning interesting and fun for students. ...
  • Escape the Traffic. ...
  • Saves your Time and Money. ...
  • Best Online Guidance. ...
  • Instant Doubt Resolution. ...
  • Increased Convenience and Flexibility. ...
  • Enhances Self-Discipline. ...
  • Optimises focus.

How effective is elearning to students? ›

Students Gain More Knowledge Than In Standard Classes

Because online courses provide students with full control over their studies, they can work at their own pace. Pupils, on average, work faster and absorb more information in online courses than they would otherwise.

What is e-learning Class 10? ›

Definition: A learning system based on formalised teaching but with the help of electronic resources is known as E-learning. While teaching can be based in or out of the classrooms, the use of computers and the Internet forms the major component of E-learning.

Why is online learning important? ›

The top benefit of distance education is its flexibility. Students can choose when, where, and how they learn by selecting the time, place, and medium for their education. For those who want direct, live access to teachers there are video conferencing options.

What are the two types of e-learning? ›

They identify just two primary types of e-learning: computer-based e-learning and internet-based e-learning. This method of classification could be seen as more accurate because it differentiates e-learning from online learning, the two of which are often incorrectly used interchangeably.

What are the two types of e-learning settings? ›

Types of eLearning
  • Fixed eLearning. Fixed eLearning is one of the older versions of online learning. ...
  • Adaptive eLearning. Adaptive eLearning is another type of online learning. ...
  • Asynchronous eLearning. ...
  • Interactive eLearning. ...
  • Individual eLearning. ...
  • Collaborative eLearning.
26 Oct 2020

What are the 5 learning activities? ›

  • Content Focus (and Interaction) Whether the learning outcomes for a session or module include declarative or functioning knowledge, almost all of them will be supported in some way by the presentation of information to students. ...
  • Interactivity (with Others) Focus. ...
  • Critical Thinking. ...
  • Production. ...
  • Problem Solving. ...
  • Reflection.

What are the 5 methods of teaching? ›

Here are five strategies that proved to be extremely effective in my classroom.
  • Student-Centered Discussions. ...
  • Making Connections. ...
  • Increased Autonomy. ...
  • Building Relationships. ...
  • A Focus on Literacy.

What is the best activity for students? ›

15 active learning activities to energize your next college class
  • Think-pair-repair. In this twist on think-pair-share, pose an open-ended question to your class and ask students to come up with their best answer. ...
  • Improv games. ...
  • Brainwriting. ...
  • Jigsaw. ...
  • Concept mapping. ...
  • The one-minute paper. ...
  • Real-time reactions. ...
  • Chain notes.
2 Apr 2020

Do students learn better with interactive learning? ›

Engaging students through interactive activities, discussions, feedback and AI-enhanced technologies resulted in improved academic performance compared to traditional lectures, lessons or readings, faculty concluded after collecting research into active learning.

What are interactive teaching methods? ›

With this type of teaching approach, students learn in a different way – instead of being passive listeners to the lecture during the lesson, they are actively involved in the learning process by participating in activities, games, discussions, solving mysteries, storytelling, and so on.

Do children learn better with interactive learning? ›

Student engagement

Interactive learning is a prime opportunity to avoid this kind of passive information retention, as according to research, the majority of students learn more – up to 60% more, in fact – interacting (with a resource, or other people) than they do reading.

Which type of interactive technologies can be used in classroom? ›

Interactive technology in classrooms is most often found in the form of digital and interactive whiteboards (also known as interactive displays), interactive projectors, and digital whiteboard collaboration software.

What are the six interactive components of learning process? ›

There are six interactive components of the learning process: attention, memory, language, processing and organizing, graphom*otor (writing) and higher order thinking. These processes interact not only with each other, but also with emotions, classroom climate, behavior, social skills, teachers and family.

How do I make e learning interactive? ›

10 Engaging eLearning Examples – Make Your Training More Effective with These Expert Tips
  1. Use scenarios for real world practice.
  2. Hook your audience through compelling writing.
  3. Make the content relevant to the job.
  4. Add context to show the material in action.
  5. Incorporate media to create visual interest.

Which is the best tool for online teaching? ›

The most suited for interactive online teaching is Zoom Meetings, while Zoom Webinars is better for lectures.

Is Teachmint free for teachers? ›

Teachmint has 2 pricing editions, from $4 to $7. A free trial of Teachmint is also available.

What is interactive teaching tools? ›

Interactive learning materials are interactive resources designed to teach a specific learning outcome. They may comprise of a single or multiple pages that can contain any combination of text, images, audio, video - including screencasts, animations, self test questions and other interactive activities.

Can we earn money on Teachmint? ›

The #TeachMoreEarnMore contest is a great way to add some extra money to your pocket. With prizes like never before, it adds extra encouragement to the chart. So what's the hold-up? Start teaching and start earning!!

How can teachers get free pencils? ›

Teachers working in schools with 50% or more students enrolled in the National School Lunch Program may apply for a Supply A Teacher box. Each box is based on grade level and contains enough supplies for 24 students, which may include: Pencils.

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