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Upvc Replacement Window Handles

Upvc replacement window handles are a simple option to modernize the look of your windows without needing to replace them completely. There are a variety of choices for colors, shapes, and designs. Select one that will fit your window.


There are a variety of window handles on the market. The most popular one in the UK is the Espag handle. This window handle is utilized in aluminium windows, uPVC windows, and timber windows.

The espag window handle is very similar to the Venetian. It has a flat , metal strip that runs along the side of the handle. Usually, the handle is fixed to the back of the window using two bolts or screws.

Based on your personal preference, there are several different styles of espag handles available on the market. Some handles have a crank, allowing users to turn the handle in one direction. Some handles can be adjusted clockwise or anti-clockwise being left or right-handed.

The replacement handles for windows made of upvc are available in various colours. They are equipped with a range of features such as a key locking mechanism. You can find replacement uPVC handles in sizes ranging from 15mm up to 55mm. A replacement uPVC window handle will typically be finished in white standard.

You should pick a high-quality product when you are planning to replace your windows handles. Poor-quality handles can break or cause damage to the spindle pivoting areas.

You can also find an alternative uPVC handle with magnetic spindles. These are easy to install. You can also purchase a handle that is inline. Inline handles look more elegant.

Replacement uPVC handles are adapted to fit different window systems. In general, these handles are designed to be 43mm in diameter.


Cockspur Upvc window handles are a popular choice. They are a great alternative to traditional lever handles and can be used with almost any type of window. This handle was commonly used in uPVC windows from the beginning of days. It is still in use regularly. Modern handles have an extended 20mm nosepiece as well as an locking mechanism that locks to the transom cross member.

There's a lot excitement about the contemporary Cockspur handle, and a handful of companies have come out with a traditional handle that can be used on both timber and uPVC. Yale Securistyle Virage Cockspur Handle is one such handle. It is suitable for both aluminum and timber windows. It's a well-engineered handle with high-end locking deadlock cylinder and a slim grip. It can be deadlocked with the key included.

Based on your preferences, you may prefer the quick touch of the nipper to the touch of a handle. There are a number of cockspur Upvc handles, such as Cotswold Cotspurs that can be placed in 38 or 58mm positions. A lot of upvc door and window versions come with an adjustable lever that locks over the transom and frame. These are a smarter option for windows that don't need regular service.

The Yale Securistyle Virage Cockspur is the ideal match for wooden and aluminium windows. It comes with a premium locking deadlock cylinder and a slim grip.


UPVC replacement window handles come in a variety of styles, sizes and colours. There are various locking systems that are used in some models, such as the espagnolette lock. You should also think about the kind of windows you have when you are looking for a new handle. Consider the material of the window, as there are numerous kinds of wood, metal, and uPVC.

The cockspur handles are one of the most well-known types of double glazed window handles. They are usually found on older UPVC windows, however they're more common in older aluminum windows. The handles are secured by three or four screws. They can also be secured using bolts or two screws.

Another type of double-glazed window handle is the spade or blade handle. These handles are usually made of aluminum or uPVC and have a two-peg locking mechanism that locks the window into place. This design is perfect for windows that are placed in the frame of a wooden structure and are equipped with multiple locking points.

Spaded / Bladed upvc replacement window handles are available in a variety of colors, including White, Silver, Black and Bronze. Their sleek design and low-profile appearance make them suitable for a wide range of UPVC windows.

Other repairing upvc windows - sneak a peek at this site, replacement window handles include the tilt and turn and espag. Tilt and turn window handles allow you to open the window in a normal manner, but turn to the inside or outside when needed.

Turn and tilt

Tilt and turn windows are a great option for homeowners. They're easy to operate and convenient, as well as providing healthy airflow. The mechanism for opening is fast and secure.

You can pick from a variety of styles and materials like timber, aluminum, and uPVC. Aluminum and composite windows require less maintenance than wooden frames, which could be rotten over time. upvc windows repairs tilt-and-turn frames for windows are also less expensive than timber and aluminum frames.

A tilt and turn window can be closed and opened in one move. They can be adjusted to allow for an air flow that is either slow or high. You can leave them open at all times of the day or in the heat of summer. It only takes two to five minutes to open the window.

The handle is one of the most crucial components of the window. The handle has two screw heads on its top. To measure the distance between the screws, make use of a measuring tape. Typically, it's 43mm from center to center.

If you choose to replace your window handles, you should look for a model that's an appropriate match to your existing model. Selecting the same model improves reliability.

Another key part of a tilt and turn windows is the locking mechanism. A small gearbox is connected to the spindle on the handle. These windows are extremely secure.

A professional contractor should be consulted if you require a replacement. The replacement uPVC tilt-and-turn window handles are wider and have a square spindle diameter of seven millimetres at their rear. This handle is more durable and tougher than aluminum or wooden handles.


There are many styles and types of UPVC window handles. They can be bought as replacements for damaged or damaged windows. They are the perfect way to upgrade the appearance of your window openings. You can choose from a wide range of colors and designs that match your décor.

UPVC is an material that comes with many benefits that include being resistant to corrosion and repairing upvc windows energy efficient. It is suitable for both doors and windows making it a preferred choice for homeowners. It takes just about a minute to change the handles on your UPVC window windows.

Before you replace the handle Measure the distance between the window frame and the handle. This is referred to as the step height and is a crucial measure for closings that are secure. The standard step height is about 21 millimeters. It is essential to ensure that the new handle is the same height as the one you have for an crank UPVC window frame handle.

The type of window handle you need depends on the type of window. A tilt and turn window requires the use of a handle that is able to handle the weight of the glass. There are a variety of double-glazed window handles that include Espag, Venetian, and cockspur.

The most popular style of UPVC window handles is the Espag handle. They feature a mental spindle that is located on the back of the handle. This allows the handle to be fixed securely to the window frame while also allowing it to be operated in any direction.


There are numerous styles to choose from when replacing upvc window handles your window handle. This includes tilt and turn handles, cockspur handles and Espag handles. It is crucial to select the appropriate handle for your window.

Tilt and turn handles are one of the most used handles on UPVC windows. These types of handles are generally found on high rise flats as well as patio doors. They are available in left-hand and right-hand styles. They are also available in a range of colours and designs.

The handle of the cockspur is a common choice for older properties. The handles feature an elongated blade with a longer nose. This allows the handles to be installed on windows that are smaller. They are usually secured with three to four screws.

The espag handle is yet another popular option. This handle is angled , and more secure than its flat-blade counterpart. These handles aren't as elegant as Venetian handles but they have the same high-end build quality.

Espag handles are a kind of double glazed window handle. These handles are equipped with a mental spindle that is attached to the frame. The spindle size is usually 7mm. It can be larger, however. This lets the handle fit in any UPVC espag type locking window.

There are uPVC window handles that can be fixed on aluminium windows. The espag hold has a white aperture and is available in a variety of locks.

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