3-2-5 Card Game - 3 2 5 Game Rules, Tips And Strategy To Play 3-2-5 Game (2023)

3 2 5 Card Game - Basic Game Rules & Variant

The 3 2 5 card game is very popular in India. You will also find this card named 5 3 2 card games and 2 3 5 card games. It can only be played between three players using 30 cards from the deck. The card game excludes cards below 8s and only includes the 7 of heart and 7 of spades. Here, the 7 of hearts have a higher ranking than 7’s of spade. It follows the order of Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, 9, 8, 7, starting from high to low.

Among the three players, one will be the dealer, another cutter, and lastly, the third player. The dealer will distribute the cards, and the cutter or caller will cut the deck and call out the trump. The player with the trump card will sit on its immediate right and another player on the left.

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In the 3 to 5 card game, a trump card exclusively includes 7 of hearts and 7 of spades. The 7 will belong to the trump suit, regardless of its actual suits. For instance, if a player plays 7 of spades, another player can either play a spade or 7.

As per 3 2 5 card game rules, now, the major aim of the dealer is to win over 2 tricks; the trump player has to gather over 5 tricks, and the last one more than 3 tricks. If you are unaware, the word “trick” in a western card game where each player plays a card to mimic a pile, and the highest-ranking will win the game.

How to Play the 3 2 5 Card Game

Learning how to play 3 2 5 in cards game might be challenging to grasp initially, but it becomes more entertaining as you practice. This tash game can only be played by three players: the dealer, the cutter, and the last player. The dealer can be decided by using a conventional method, or you can pick out cards from the deck and give it a name and further decide the different positions of the players. Here, you will only be using 30 cards which the dealer will provide to the players.

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When you learn how to play 3 2 5 in cards games, firstly, the cutter will cut the deck, and the dealer will provide five cards to each player. The next batch of cards will be distributed in threes and twos; this will be done in the next two rounds. Firstly, the players will use the five initial cards offered to them. The card with the highest-ranking or the trump card will win the trick.

The winner of each trick of the 3 2 5 card game will set a base for the next round. The winner of 3 2 5 cards will be decided after 10 tricks; here, the dealer must have 2 tricks, the trump player with 5 tricks, and the last player with 3 tricks to qualify to win the game.

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3 2 5 Card Game Rules

  1. Pulling Cards

    One of the exciting 3 2 5 card game rules allows the winner to take away cards from the losers. In this card game, you must achieve a certain margin of tricks to win the game, and if you don’t, then the winning player will take away the different cards from your hand in the next round.

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    For instance, if you are the trump player and won over 6 games and the dealer won only 1 trick, the trump card can take away a single from the subsequent match. However, the winner cannot see which card is taking nor can they return a card they just took, and also the card must also have another three cards of the same suit.

  2. Alternate method of choosing the trump suit

    If you don’t want the cutter to declare the trump suit, this method might work out. In many real cash games, people decide the 7th card offered to the 5-trick player will be the trump card. You can follow another method to get out the trump card, but this is the easiest and the most popular one.

  3. There can be no game without the trump suit

    According to the 3 2 5 card game rules, if any player does not have a trump suit card, he can announce “No Trump-No Deal.” This way, the dealer is forced to reshuffle the cards and start the match again.

  4. Additional rewards

    As If any player wins all ten tricks, the person will be rewarded with 5 additional points above the 10 standard points. Under 3 2 5 card game rules, the winner can take away 5 cards from their opponents in an appropriate ratio.


Similar Variants of 3 2 5 Card Games

7 8 Card Game

This card game works very much similar to 3 to 5 card games. It can only be played between two players using only 30 cards from the deck. Here, one of the players is the dealer, and another the cutter or caller. The 7 8 card game is played till 15 hands, and the dealer has to get over 7 hands and the cutter 8 hands to win the match.

3 5 8 Card Game

This card game is a more versatile version of the 3 2 5 card game. It is played using all the 52 cards, out of which the dealer distributes 16 cards to each player. The remaining four cards are placed at the center as a kitty card. There will be a total of 16 tricks, out of which the dealer has to get over 8 tricks, and the player to the immediate left must get 5 tricks, and the last player must score over 8 tricks to win the game.

3 2 5 Card Game Vs Poker Card Game

The poker game and 3 2 5 card game are among the most famous games in India. Here, you will require appropriate poker skills to win the game. Every player struggles to get the highest-ranking hand using 5 cards in a poker card game. In contrast, in a 3 2 5 card game, you have to win a certain number of tricks to cumulatively win the game.

You can also opt for various online games of cards to compete with fellow players. Just google and download from the Play store and you should be good. If you wish to play real money games of poker card games, simply download the PokerBaazi app from our homepage to access a wide range of poker card game variations and their real money games online across stakes to offer players of all skill levels equal opportunities to win real money.

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3 2 5 Card Games FAQs

Q. How do you play the card game 3 2 5?

3 2 5 card game is an Indian tricky card game, solely made for three players, played using only 30 cards from the deck. Here, one of them will find the dealer, another the cutter, and the last player. There will be a total of 3+2+5= 10 tricks, out of which the dealer has to win above 2 tricks, the trump player is obliged to win more than 5, and the last player must win over 3. All three players will play a card in each round, and the card with the highest-ranking rank will be the winner.

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