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Friends are awesome, part of life. Friends trivia questions and answers are dedicated to the bosom friend. Listed below are 100 trivia questions (and solutions) concerning the basic TV collection of friends’ trivia questions and answers. This article will give a collection of 300 Friends trivia questions and answers.

Get some pals collectively and take the take a look at answering our Buddies trivia questions. For those who suppose you’re the last word fan of this present, then take a look at your Friends trivia questions and answers.

The father of Rachel’s baby is a secret for a while, and all they have to go on is the sweater he left in her apartment. What color was the infamous sweater?


Who is the father of Rachel’s baby?


Janice’s ex-husband owns a company that sells…?


Which two characters put a turkey on their head?

Joey and Monica

Who is pregnant at Monica and Chandler’s wedding?


What is Joey dressed as when he shows up to Monica and Chandler’s wedding?

An army uniform

What is Phoebe’s fake name/alter-ego?

Regina Phalange

What is actually Rachel’s favorite movie?

Weekend at Bernies

In the episode “The One With the Ball” which friend doesn’t touch the ball?


Why did Phoebe hate the PBS network?

Because she wrote a letter to Sesame Street that was ignored

Monica and Rachel almost get kicked out of their apartment because of their building’s superintendent. What was his name?


What character does Paul Rudd play?

Mike, Phoebe’s boyfriend

What does Phoebe legally change her name to?

Princess Consuela Banana Hammock

In their college days, Ross and Chandler have a band. What was it called?

Way, No Way

Which character plays Dr. Drake Ramorey in Days Of Our Lives?


How many pages was Rachel’s letter to Ross?

18 pages, front and back

What game do the friends play when they’re at the beach house?

Strip Happy Days

How old was Monica when she learned how to tell time?


Why is Ross suspended from the museum for a month?

Anger issues because someone ate his sandwich

Which character says “could I be wearing any more clothes?”


Which cast member was the youngest when the show started?

Matthew Perry

Before it got changed, what was the number of Monica and Rachel’s apartment?


Before it got changed, what was the number of Chandler and Joey’s apartment?


After Friends ended, Matt LeBlanc got a spin-off show. What was it called?


What is Chandler’s father’s job?

A drag queen in Vegas

What was the name of Chandler’s psycho roommate?


Bruce Willis guest-stars as a character on the show. Who does he play?

Paul, Rachel’s boyfriend

What name does Ross say at his wedding?


What does Rachel say is Chandler’s job?


What is Phoebe’s profession?


What language does Phoebe try to teach Joey?


Monica dates a millionaire for a few episodes. What was his name?


During one of the Christmas episodes, Ross entertains his son Ben by dressing up as…?

The Holiday Armadillo

When talking about Ross and Rachel’s relationship, Phoebe says they are each others’ ___?


What were the names of the two people who were in the “I Hate Rachel Green Club”?

Ross and Will

What is the name of Dr. Drake Ramorey’s twin brother?

Striker Ramorey

Where did Monica and Chandler first get together?

In London, at Ross’ wedding

What is Monica’s biggest pet peeve?

Animals dressed as humans

Which actor hated Marcel (Ross’ monkey)?

David Schwimmer

Which character tells his girlfriend he’s moving to Yemen?


What was Chandler’s address in Yemen?

15 Yemen Road, Remen

Where are Monica and Ross performing their 8th-grade dance routine?

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Rachel and Ross buy the same tables from a place that Phoebe hates. What’s the store called?

Pottery Barn

According to Phoebe, someone dies every time she goes to ___?

The dentist

What is Ross’ fantasy?

Princess Leia

What is on the door at Chandler and Joey’s apartment?

A Magna Doodle

Who gets stuck in a pair of leather pants?


Where does Monica lose a fingernail?

In a quiche

Who puts on their resume that they can drink a gallon of milk in under 10 seconds?


What movie does Rachel claim is her favorite?

Dangerous Laisons

Which one of the friends married a gay ice dancer?


What game show did Joey appear on?


What is the name of the white-haired barista?


Phoebe Buffay has a twin. What’s her name?


Where was Rachel’s first job?

Central Perk

How was Joey’s character written off on Days Of Our Lives?

He falls down an elevator shaft

Which character stole the comic book, Science Boy, from Ross?


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What is Rachel’s fear?


In the episode where they are all trying to win the lottery, why does Phoebe drop the bowl of lottery tickets?

A bird scared her

What is Joey’s fake name?

Ken Adams

Which character owns a pet monkey?


What was baby Emma’s first word?


What was the game Chandler made up so he could give money to Joey?


Which one of the friends does Joey live with and realize he’s falling in love with?


Who marries Chandler and Monica?


What is the name of Rachel’s hairless cat?”

Mrs. Whiskerson

Who does Chandler get stuck within the ATM vestibule?

Victoria’s Secret model Jill Goodacre

Which character gives birth to triplets?


According to Monica, how many erroneous zones does a woman have?


Why did Phoebe break up with Gary the cop?

Because he shot a bird

Who is Mr. Heckles?

Monica and Rachel’s downstairs neighbor

In which car the Phoebe Briefly live?

A Buick Lesabre

How many roses send to Emily by the Ross?


What was the job of Susie Moss?

Makeup artist

Which type of business has Emily’s Parents?

Interior Designing

What kind of stuffed animal does Joey sleep with?

A penguin

Phoebe dates a scientist named David, who ends up moving away to try and make a scientific discovery. Where does he move to?


The fridge in Joey’s apartment breaks…what does he do?

Eat all the food

Which character said the memorable line, “Pivot”?


At one point during the show, Joey has a girlfriend named Kathy. Which one of the friends falls in love with her by accident?


What is the name of the character who speaks first?


What are the sisters’ names of Joey?

Tina, Angela, Dina, Maria, Gina, Maria Theresa, Cookie and Veronica.

What is the biggest pet peeve of Monica?

Animals dressed as humans

Who said that ‘Sometimes I wish I was a lesbian.’?


At Ralph Lauren what is the name of an executive who interviews Rachel?


In the pilot episode what was the name to whom Rachel supposed to marry?


At Monica’s apartment to whom Rachel was talking to on phone?

Her Father

What was the name of the place where Rachel was going on her honeymoon?


What was the name of the person who helped the Ross to set up a new apartment?

Chandler and Joey

What was the name of Ross’ bald girlfriend?


What is in the locked closet of Monica?

A whole bunch of junk

Which character was delivered the final line of the episode?


The Ross monkey’s name was?


The pocking device of the giant was made of?


About which country the Chandler tell Janice where he’s moving to?


The Stuffed animal of Joey is known as?


How many sisters have the Joey?


Who steals the watch of Ross?


Who said that “On second thought, Gum would be perfection?”?


“They don’t know that we know they know we know” said by?


Who said that “You were my first kiss ever”?


What is the name of a Friends cast member who never hosted Live on Saturday night?

Matt LeBlanc

What day is Thursday according to Joey?


What is the name of a person who sings the theme song?

The Rembrandts

What is the middle name of Ross?


What is the name of a friend who has a tattoo?


What was the name of the person who said that ‘Could I be wearing any more clothes’?


What is the favorite drink of Dr. Green?

Scotch Neat

Who was not on the ‘List’ of Ross?

Isabella Rosellini

What is the name of a friend who has been kissed by all other friends?


To give the money of Joey what game the Chandler was made?


In the early show seasons what was the job of Chandler?

IT procurements manager

When Monica was getting stung by jellyfish who peed on her leg?


At Phoebe and Rachel’s apartment which thing became a cause of the fire?

Hair straightener of Rachel

What is Joey’s special?

Ordering two pizzas at the same time

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About which famous person was the Phoebe believes is her grandfather?

Albert Einstein

To thanksgiving which dessert Rachel tries to make?


What is the name of Dr. Drake Ramorey’s twin brother?

Striker Ramorey

Which song the Ross was singing when Emma starts to cry?

Baby got back

Which toy is always on the door of Joey and Chandler?

A Magna Doodle

What was the porn film of Ursula is called?

Buffay the vampire layer

Melanie works in which industry?

Fruit basket business

From which thing the Monica was allergic?

Cat Hair

From where the duck and chick come from?

First Joey buys a chick for Chandler and then Chandler buys a duck

What is the name of a friend who has only nine toes?


Where the boyfriend of Phoebe did move?


What thing was Monica Receives from her father?


In the Final season the Phoebe changed her name to?

Princess Consuela Bananahammock

Where was the official first date of Ross and Rachel?

The Planetarium

What is the favorite flower of Rachel?


Where Rachel, Monica, and Ross did attends their high school?

Lincoln High

What was the name of the twin children of Monica and Chandler?

Jack and Erica

For towels, Monica has how many categories?


What is the name of the youngest friend?


What name was Joey give to his recliner?


The show of Chandler’s dad is known as?

Viva Las Gaygas

What is the name of a person who speaks the last ever line in friends?


What was the name of Chip Matthews’s motorcycle?

The Chipper

In Ross Apartment what insect was in the painting?


What was the address of Phoebe’s apartment?

Morton St., Apartment 14

When was the birthday of Chandler Bing?

April 8, 1968

In which plays the Joey and Kate played the role of a star?

Boxing Day

Tell the name of Phoebe Ex who ate a calk?


What was the color of the coffee cup magnet of Monica?

Green, Blue, and Yellow

Which character was in most episodes?

Susan Bunch

What are the names of the animals that Chandler and Joey keep in their apartment?

The chick and the duck

What are the names of Monica and Chandler’s kids?

Jack and Erica

What was the name of the self-defense form Ross tries to teach Phoebe and Rachel?


What is the name of the paleontologist that both Ross and Joey date?


The Imaginary Friend of Joey is known as?


What is the name of the person who said that I’m Not Very Fond Of New York’?


What was the name of Laundry Detergent that Ross used just to impress the Rachel?


In the Central Perk what color of the couch was used?


What was the name of Phoebe’s twin sister?


What is the name of the pairing who never kissed on the show?

Chandler and Rachel

What was the number of Monica’s apartment?


What was the name of the bedtime penguin pal of Joey?


What was the middle name of Phoebe?

She doesn’t have any middle name

Which is the favorite food of Joey?


Who said that “Stupid British snack food”?


What was the name of the place where Chandler go to hide with cold feet?

His Office

What is the name of the person who said that ‘We could eat the wax? It’s organic’?


What tattoo was the Phoebe gets?

The world from far away

What was the name of a female paleontologist who was dated by both Joey and Ross?


What is the middle name of Chandler?


What was the thing from which the Ross was not allergic to?


What is the full name of Joey?

Joseph Francis Tribbiani

At which place the very first scene was taken place?

Central Park

Balderdash has been around from how many years?


Bezzerwizzer game name was taken from which language?


The famous sitcom “Friends” was first on aired on which date? do you remember the date?

September 22, 1994

The sitcom Friends was the first time on aired by which broadcast company?

NBC (National Broadcasting Company)

Do you remember the name of the main characters of the sitcom “Friends”?

There were 6 main characters and the names are Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer

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Between November and December 1993, what was the name of the sitcom “Friends”?

Insomnia Cafe

The show was filming in a famous studio in California. Do you know the name of that studio?

Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank

In which episode the Joey Explain “Moo Point”?

The One Where Chandler Doesn’t Like Dogs

With which name the Amy mistakenly keep calling the Emma?


How many years old board game is the Trivial Pursuit?

40 years old

Are there any versions of the Trivial Pursuit board game?


When Trivial Pursuit was released?


Which friendship game was won multiple awards?

Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers first released in which year?


Which game has sold copies of more than 2.5 million?

Smart Ass

The Smart Ass board game was released by which company?

University Games

Can you get Friends TV show trivia board game?


Which Australian trivia game is best to play with family as well as with friends?

OZ Quiz

Which game won the award for game of the year?

Wits End

Who was Monica’s first kiss?


Which one of Phoebe’s songs get turned into a music video?

‘Smelly Cat”

What is the name of the person they watch through their window?

Ugly Naked Guy

What is Phoebe Buffay’s birth mother’s name?


How many sisters does Joey Tribbiani have?


What’s inside the secret closet in Monica’s apartment?


What was the name of Joey’s imaginary best friend when he was a child?


Chandler Bing receives a magazine from TV Guide but it’s addressed to the wrong name. What’s the name?

“Miss Chanandler Bong”

Which one of the friends got mugged when they were younger?


What is Phoebe’s brother’s name?

Frank Jr.

What is Ross’s profession?


What is Joey’s agent’s name?


How many seasons of the show are there?


What instrument does Phoebe play?


What hangs on the back of the door in Monica’s apartment?

Yellow picture frame

What is Chandler Bing’s middle name?


What does Monica Geller do for a living?

She’s a chef

Which two characters were friends in high school?

Monica and Rachel

It’s the first episode and Rachel has run away from her wedding. What was the name of the man she was going to marry?


Which one of Joey’s sisters did Chandler hook up with?

Mary Angela

Joey doesn’t share….?


In the theme tune, how many claps are there?


Complete the quote “”______-seven, ______-seven, ______-seven . . . seven.”?

Four, Five and Six

“Girls tend not to like me” said by?


Who said that “You are over me? When you were under me?”


What is the name of the person who said: “Here come the meat sweats…”?


The memorable line “Pivot” was said by?


“Joey Doesn’t Share”?


Who said that “Just take off your shirt and tell us”?


“Who serves steak when there’s no place to sit” said by which character?


Who said, “Oh My Gawd”?


“Pick up the sock. Pick up the sockkkkk” said by which character?


What was the name of the Ross comic book that Phoebe stole?

Science Boy

What is the name of the magazine that was sent to ‘Miss Chanandler Bong?

TV Guide

What was the last name of Amanda?


On the wall of Joey’s bedroom which poster was hung?


Rachel spells which word wrong on her Resume?


Tell the name of Ursula’s fiancé?


What is the fake name of Joey?

Ken Adams

When the Wits End was released?

In 1995

How much rating the Matter of Fact board game has on Amazon?

4.1 star

Matter of Fact is invented by which company?

Game Development Group

Monica categorizes her towels….how many categories are there?


What body part does Phoebe find inside a can of soda?

A human thumb

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Monica dated one of her parents’ friends. What was his name?


What is Richard’s job?

Ophthalmologist, aka an eye doctor

What does Phoebe do for her brother Frank Jr. and his wife?

Have their baby.

Who sets up Phoebe and Mike?


What is the name of Ross’ first wife?


How many times has Ross been married?

3 times

What is Joey’s profession?


Who was Ross’ best friend in college?


What is the nickname Monica’s dad gives her?

Little Harmonica

Which friends ate cheesecake off the floor?

Chandler and Rachel

After Richard and Monica break up, what does Monica become obsessed with?

Making jam

In the episode where the gang goes to Barbados, Monica and Mike play a game of ping-pong. Who scores the winning point?


What is the phrase that Joey Tribbiani is famous for?

“How you doin’?”

Who peed on Monica when she got stung by a jellyfish?


Where did Ross and Rachel get married while drunk?


What was the name of the dancer Joey lived with?


Which famous fashion designer guest-starred during an episode?

Ralph Lauren

What was Rachel’s childhood dog’s name?


What sport do the friends play on Thanksgiving?


Who did Phoebe think her grandfather was?

Albert Einstein

Chandler falls asleep during a work meeting and accidentally agrees to move to which city/state?

Tulsa, OK

For a while, Ross owns a pet monkey named Marcel. What happened to him?

Ross gives him away to a zoo and Marcel then becomes a movie star

Which show do Chandler and Joey bond over when they first move in together?


Which one of the friends dates Rachel’s boss at Bloomingdales?


What color are the kitchen cabinets in Monica’s apartment?


What was the name of Rachel’s assistant at Ralph Lauren, who she ends updating?


Who plays Monica Geller?

Courteney Cox

The Friends co-creator Marta Kauffman said the studio audience wanted these two characters to fall in love. Who were they?

Monica and Joey

Whose real-life pregnancy was written into the show?

Lisa Kudrow

In the series finale, what do each of the characters do?

Put their keys on the counter

Who is the first person to profess his love to Rachel in the series finale? (Hint: Not Ross)


Who says the last line on the show?


Which two characters fight whether or not they were on a break?

Ross and Rachel

After Rachel gives birth and still in the hospital, she gets engaged to one of the friends—on accident. Who is the friend?


Rachel plans a birthday party for her daughter Emma. What was the cake supposed to be in the shape of?

A bunny rabbit

Which character had three nipples?


Who walks in on Monica and Chandler having sex at the hospital?

Monica’s dad

What is the name of the song that Ross sings to his daughter Emma to get her to stop crying?

“I Like Big Butts”

Which friend gets her identity stolen?


Which friend hates Thanksgiving and why?

Chandler because that was when his parents announced they were getting a divorce

At the end of the series, where is Rachel boarding a flight?


What does Phoebe tell Rachel to get off the plane?

There’s something wrong with the left phalange on the plane

In the series finale, Chandler and Monica move into a house in NJ. Who is their neighbor?


What are the real names of the actors who play friends?

Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry, David Schwimmer

Was the show originally titled?

Insomnia Cafe

Ben Stiller makes a guest appearance in one episode. Who does he date?


The white dog that’s in Joey and Chandler’s apartment originally belonged to a cast member… who?

Jennifer Aniston

What is the name of the band that sings the song of opening credits?

The Rembrandts

In Monica’s Apartment, what is the color of the Ottoman?


In the pilot episode which food was shared by the Ross And Rachel?

An Oreo

what was the number of Monica’s apartment?


Joey’s Cabbage Patch Kid is known as?

Alicia May Emory

‘Morning’s Here…’ What are the complete lyrics of this song?

Morning is here

What is the name of the only actor who never hosted an SNL’s episode?

Matt Leblanc

Which number of the season is only one without an episode of Thanksgiving?


What was the name of two British boys with whom Ross Plays Rugby?

Liam and Devon

What was originally Monica really want to call her kids?

Emma and Daniel

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What are some Friends trivia questions? ›

80+ 'Friends' Trivia Questions That Will Stump Even The Biggest...
  • What instrument does Phoebe play? ...
  • Which of Phoebe's songs gets turned into a music video? ...
  • Who is Phoebe's twin? ...
  • What is Phoebe's birth mother's name? ...
  • What is Phoebe's little brother's name? ...
  • What does Phoebe find in a can of pop?
1 Jun 2020

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  • How many Olympic rings are there? ...
  • What is the fastest aquatic animal? ...
  • Are worker bees male or female? ...
  • How many Earths can fit inside the sun?

What are the Friends trivia categories? ›

He divides the questions into four categories: Fears & Pet Peeves, Ancient History, Literature, and It's All Relative. Are you fan enough to beat Monica, Rachel, Joey, Chandler, and Ross at their own game?

Who has the last line in Friends? ›

Matthew Perry had the last line of dialogue in the series finale of Friends and that was at his request. In the last episode of the sitcom, which ran on NBC from 1994 to 2004 and centered on a group of friends living in New York City, Perry's Chandler Bing cracked a joke that closed out the show after 10 seasons.

What are 20 questions to ask friends? ›

Random Questions to Ask Your Friends About Their Interests
  • What's the best birthday party you've ever had?
  • Where is your favorite place you've ever visited?
  • How do you like to spend your free time?
  • What's one of your favorite bands?
  • What is the cutest animal you've ever seen in person?
  • How would you describe your style?

What is 21 questions the game? ›

21 Questions is a game for people to get to know each other better. It can be played either in a group or with just two people. If the game is being played in a group, a target volunteers or is selected. Then, the target is asked a total of 21 questions and must answer them honestly.

What's a cool random fact? ›

1 in 5,000 north Atlantic lobsters are born bright blue. There are 10 human body parts that are only 3 letters long (eye hip arm leg ear toe jaw rib lip gum). A skunk's smell can be detected by a human a mile away. The word "lethologica" describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want.

What is the game called 20 questions? ›

If you haven't played, 20Q is a game in which a player thinks of a person, place or thing, then another player asks up to 20 yes-or-no questions before trying to guess what the player is thinking of. In the electronic versions of the game, a computer asks the questions and guesses the answer, usually correctly.

What was the code word on Friends? ›

Chandler: We don't have a code word. Joey: We don't? We really should. From now on, 'Bert' will be our code word for danger.

Who is the most likeable character in Friends? ›

Ahead of the reunion special of the beloved '90s TV show Friends, YouGov asked Americans who their favorite character from the show is. America's favorite friend is none other than Rachel Greene. Among US adults who have seen the show, Jennifer Aniston's character tops the list, with 20%.

What is Chandler's middle name? ›

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Chandler Muriel Bing is a fictional character from the NBC sitcom Friends, portrayed by actor Matthew Perry.

Who is the strongest in Friends? ›

Of course, as good as it is for Monica that she pretty much commands the room, the influence Rachel has cannot go without appreciation, with so many factors coming into play to make her the most powerful member of the main six.

Who spoke the first word in Friends? ›

Monica says the first line on the entire series.

The first scene of "Friends" shows Monica (Courteney Cox) talking to her friends in Central Perk coffeehouse.

What are 5 random questions? ›

Random questions to ask your friends
  • What song was or do you want to be the your first dance at your wedding?
  • What song would make the best theme music for you?
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  • What is the weirdest food combination you enjoy?
  • What is the stupidest thing you ever did on a dare?
3 Jun 2022

How well do you know your BFF questions? ›

You learn a little more about your platonic soulmate.
  • What am I most afraid of?
  • Where can you always find me?
  • What's been my greatest accomplishment?
  • And my biggest disappointment?
  • Where would we go if we could go on any vacation?
  • Describe my perfect day.
  • Who would I invite to my fantasy dinner party?
  • When did we meet?
8 Jun 2018

What are juicy 21 questions? ›

21 Questions List
  • What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  • If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would you choose and why?
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • What's one of the most fun childhood memories you have?
5 May 2021

What is the 10 question game? ›

A student draws a card out and keeps it hidden from the class. The class then takes turns at asking yes/no questions to discover the type of litter on the card. For example, “Is it made from paper?”, “Do you drink out of it?”, etc. If the answer is “yes” then the student who asked the question has another turn.

What are the best questions for 20 Questions? ›

  • Have You Ever Dine And Dashed At A Restaurant? ...
  • Would You Rather Have Endless Money Or Endless Love? ...
  • Have You Ever Been In A Car Crash — And It Was Your Fault? ...
  • If You Could Star In A Movie, What Movie Would It Be? ...
  • What Is Your Most Frequently Used Emoji? ...
  • What Was The Last Thing You Stole Or Shoplifted?
17 Oct 2017

What is 21 Truth or dare? ›

As a group, players take turns counting one, two, or three numbers in sequence from 1 to 21. The player that has to say “21,” loses the round and has to tell a truth, complete a dare, or answer a situational question. The numbers you say are entirely your choice—there are not any set patterns that you must follow.

What questions make a girl blush? ›

11 romantic and flirty first date questions to ask your crush
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? ...
  • What's your perfect day? ...
  • What's your favorite romantic movie? ...
  • What's the quickest way to your heart? ...
  • Do you get butterflies when you fall in love? ...
  • What's your favorite romantic story?
7 Oct 2022

What is the game 20 Questions texting? ›

1. 20 Questions. To play the 20 questions texting game, one player must pick something from their imagination; it could be an object, place, or even an obscure celebrity. Then your friend will try to guess the object you chose in 20 "Yes or No" Questions or less.

What is a fact about cake? ›

The National cake day is celebrated on November 26th. The word 'cake' originated from the Middle English 'kake'. It is also related to some English word called pastry and tart. In middle ages, the word cake once equated to a hard-baked (both sides) round of bread which was flat.

What are 5 amazing facts? ›

5 amazing science facts that will blow your mind
  • A teaspoonful of neutron star. ...
  • Metals that explode when in contact with water. ...
  • Hawaii is moving closer to Alaska by 7.5cm every year. ...
  • Sunflowers are known as hyperaccumulators. ...
  • A cockroach can live for up to one week without its head.
15 Nov 2021

What are 10 amazing facts? ›

Interesting Unknown Facts
  • Hot water will turn into ice faster than cold water. ...
  • The Mona Lisa has no eyebrows. ...
  • The strongest muscle in the body is the tongue. ...
  • Ants take rest for around 8 Minutes in 12-hour period. ...
  • "I Am" is the shortest complete sentence in the English language. ...
  • Coca-Cola was originally green.

Is 21 questions a good game? ›

If you're looking for a great way to break the ice with new co-workers or a new boo you want to get to know better, the 21 Questions Game is a perfect place to start! All 21 of these questions are made to start memorable conversations and get to know each other a little bit more.

What is the 5 minute game? ›

5-Minute Dungeon is a chaotic, co-operative, real-time card game in which players have only five minutes to escape the randomized dungeon. Communication and teamwork are critical to survival because there's no time to form a carefully considered plan — and no predicting what dangers lie ahead.

Is it called 20 or 21 questions? ›

Twenty questions is a spoken parlor game, which encourages deductive reasoning and creativity. It originated in the United States and was played widely in the 19th century. It escalated in popularity during the late 1940s, when it became the format for a successful weekly radio quiz program.

What did mac and cheese stand for in Friends? ›

Plot Summary (3)

He has the part of science fiction hero Mac Machiavelli, the crime-fighting partner of a cool robot, C.H.E.E.S.E., which stands for Computerised Humanoid Electronically Enhanced Secret Enforcer.

What did cheese stand for in Friends? ›

Computerized Humanoid Electronically Enhanced Secret Enforcer.

What do the dots represent in Friends? ›

The colorful dots in the Friends logo

The dots actually represent the main characters in the tv show. There are six dots for six friends. If you pay attention at the beginning of the opening theme, you will notice that each character holds an umbrella and they correspond to the color of the dots.

Who is the least loved character in Friends? ›

So Ross received both the most Worst Friend votes and the fewest Best Friend votes, and so on.]

Who is the most loved female character in Friends? ›

Phoebe. Phoebe is one of the greatest characters in the show, and someone who would be a fantastic romantic partner, as Mike finds out. While her personality is certainly eccentric, that only means she is a lot of fun to be with, as Phoebe always has a positive outlook on life, no matter the situation.

Who is the coolest character in Friends? ›

Chandler is arguably most people's favorite character in Friends.

What is Phoebe's full name? ›

The characters' full names are: Rachel Karen Green (Jennifer Aniston ), Phoebe Buffay (Lisa Kudrow ) (in Friends: The One Where They All Turn Thirty (2001), she says she never knew her middle name because she had never seen her birth certificate and her twin sister, Ursula, sold it to a Swedish runaway), Joseph Francis ...

What is Monica's full name? ›

Monica Elizabeth Geller-Bing

What is Phoebe's last name? ›

Phoebe Buffay is one of the six main characters from the American sitcom, Friends. She is created by David Crane and Marta Kauffman and portrayed by actress Lisa Kudrow. In the series' universe, Phoebe was born on February 16 and is the daughter of Frank and Lily Buffay.

Who is better Monica or Rachel? ›

Monica is a better friend than Rachel because she can pull herself together a lot more often, even if she's having a tough time at work or in her love life. She doesn't drive everyone crazy by feeling sorry for herself.

Who is Ross best friend? ›

Since college, Ross' best friend has been Chandler Bing. In college, they were in a band called Way/No Way, and Ross blamed Chandler when he was caught smoking marijuana. They become brothers-in-law after Chandler married Monica.

Who is the oldest character in Friends? ›

Phoebe is the oldest of the bunch, making her 29 at the beginning of the series.

What hangs on Monica's purple door? ›

One among them was a yellow peephole frame that was hanging on the purple door of Monica Geller and Rachel Green's Manhatten apartment. Many FRIENDS fans would be surprised to know that the quirky frame around Monica's apartment peephole was originally from a mirror purchased for the set.

What is the least watched Friends episode? ›

The NBC sitcom "Friends" lasted for 10 seasons and 236 episodes. According to reviewers on IMDb, the lowest-rated episode is "The One With the Invitation," a Ross and Rachel clip show.

What was Ben's first word in Friends? ›

In "The One Where Old Yeller Dies", Ben says his first word which is "Hi". Ben's age is meant to be six in "The One Where Joey Dates Rachel", but it was said he was seven.

What is a true best friend quote? ›

A good friend is like a four-leaf clover: hard to find and lucky to have.” “There is nothing I would not do for those who are really my friends.” "True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable." "Friendship is the hardest thing in the world to explain.

What is Monica's catchphrase? ›

liz. morrow Monica's catchphrase is “I'm built for this” but when I think of Monica, the energy she puts into the world, the phrase...

What is a best friend caption? ›

Short Best Friend Captions For Instagram
  • Friends 'till the end.
  • A true friend is one soul in two bodies.
  • Your vibe attracts your tribe.
  • Friends don't let friends do silly things alone.
  • I'll even send you the photos I look bad in.
  • Besides chocolate, you're my favorite.
  • Love is beautiful, friendship is better.
10 Jan 2022

What are some good easy trivia questions? ›

Trivia Question: How many legs does a spider have? Trivia Question: What is the name of the toy cowboy in Toy Story? Trivia Question: What is the color of an emerald? Trivia Question: What is something you hit with a hammer?

Who is the best friend challenge questions? ›

100 Challenging Best Friend Questions for You
  • What is your best friend's favorite color?
  • What was your best friend's most embarrassing moment?
  • Is your best friend allergic to anything?
  • Is your best friend a dog or cat person?
  • Which sports is your best friend's favorite?
  • Does your best friend have any special talents?
12 Apr 2021

What is a powerful question? ›

Powerful questions are open ended and empower the person responding to choose the direction they take. They create possibilities and encourage discovery, deeper understanding, and new insights. They are curious and non-judgmental as they seek to further learning and connection.

What are some deep questions? ›

200 Deep Questions To Ask If You Really Want To Get To Know Someone
  • What's your philosophy in life?
  • What's the one thing you would like to change about yourself?
  • Are you religious or spiritual?
  • Do you consider yourself an introvert or an extrovert? ...
  • Which parent are you closer to and why?

What are some good this or that questions? ›

This or that questions for adults
  • Vacation or staycation?
  • Netflix or Hulu?
  • Night or morning?
  • Rich and famous or rich and unknown?
  • Passenger or driver?
  • Art museum or history museum?
  • Car or bike?
  • Train or airplane?
26 Sept 2022

What are the 21 questions? ›

21 Questions List
  • What's the weirdest dream you've ever had?
  • If you could travel to any year in a time machine, what year would you choose and why?
  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
  • What's one of the most fun childhood memories you have?
5 May 2021

Who is a perfect friend? ›

A close friend is honest and speaks from the heart with good intentions. They tell you what you need to hear in a way that you can hear rather than gossip behind your back. A quality friend is trustworthy, not only are your secrets safe with them, but so are your vulnerability, fear, and weirdness.

What are the 3 most important things in a friendship? ›

So, how can one recognize a true friendship? In my opinion, there are three crucial pillars of true friendship: acceptance, trust, and support. This is applicable to any setting: casual and professional.

What is an interesting trivia? ›

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up into the sky. The "sixth sick sheik's sixth sheep's sick" is believed to be the toughest tongue twister in the English language. If you sneeze too hard, you could fracture a rib. Wearing headphones for just an hour could increase the bacteria in your ear by 700 times.

What is a good trivia? ›

General trivia questions and answers
  • Who, in 1903, was the first woman to win a Nobel Prize? ...
  • What year did the Berlin wall fall? ...
  • What is the more popular name for the portrait officially titled “La Gioconda,” painted in 1503? ...
  • What element does the chemical symbol Au stand for?
21 Apr 2022

What are the juicy questions? ›

Juicier Questions
  • How many people have you kissed?
  • Do you ever think about me?
  • What have you done sexually with someone else?
  • What attracts you to people?
  • What are your thoughts on sex?
  • Are you a virgin?
  • Do you think you're a good kisser?
  • What turns you on?
28 Jul 2022

What are the three types of friends 5 points? ›

According to Aristotle, he classifies friendship into three different types: Friendships of utility. Friendships of pleasure. Friendships of the good.

Who is most likely to questions adults? ›

Who is...
  • Most likely to date two guys at once?
  • Most likely to sleep with someone on the first date?
  • Most likely to forget the name of a person they hooked up with?
  • Most likely to have a one night stand?
  • Most likely to get caught hooking up with someone in public?
  • Most likely to fall asleep during sex?


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