500 New Words With Meaning - English Grammar Here (2022)

61. Practice: Is about action and practice, which is easy to appley.
62. Beautiful: Perceived as pleasant in appearance.
63. Meet: To introduce themselves in the first meeting of two people.
64. Heavy: Means its weight is more than normal.
65. Difficult: Means not easy, made with trouble and difficulty.
66. Because: Used when describing the cause of an event or situation.
67. Help: Not being able to do one job alone and ask for support from someone else.
68. Member: Means joining a group or a team.
69. Prepare: To make use of something, to be used, to be applied.
70. Direction: Line followed by a person or object.
71. Bed: Articles used for sleeping.
72. Discover: It refers to things that are not learned about their existence, but which are learned later.
73. High: Which is the distance between the top and bottom.
74. President: Being at the head of a community, organization or group means managing.
75. Method: Procedure, way.
76. Student: The name given to people who g oto school anda re trained by teachers.
77. Before: First.
78. Distance: There is a certain distance between the two things.
79. History: Telling about the events that took place in the past by giving the date and place.
80. Begin: To take the first step for a job or an action.
81. Middle: The place that is equidistant between the two ends of something.
82. Home: The structure in which people live.
83. Doctor: Profession for treating people who are sick.
84. Problem: Trouble, issue.
85. Behind: Means not ahead.
86. Hope: It means hoping for a job.
87. Door: Is the item at the entrance of a building, room or house.
88. Milk: A white beverage made from cow, sheep or goat.
89. Produce: Reproduce.
90. Below: The part of something that is close to the ground.

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91. Draw: Drawing a line, painting a thing.
92. Hot: A substance is above its normal temperature.
93. Dress: Clothing made to wear.
94. Product: Refers to substance derived from soil, plants, animals etc.
95. Mind: Means the ability to think, absorb and understand.
96. Best: Qualitively the most admirable level.
97. Hour: A time period of sixty minutes, equal to twenty- four of a day’s duration.
98. Drive: Means driving vehicles such as cars.
99. Provide: To perform a job by preparing the necessary conditions.
100. Minute: Time value of one- sixty of the hour.
101. Between: Is the situation between two things.
102. Dry: Without water, moisture.
103. Summer: One of the four seasons, the hosttest.
104. Huge: Hover over something.
105. Miss: The desire to see something he/she likes or someone.
106. Big: Above avarage.
107. During: As long as it lasts.
108. Bird: A flying animal with wings and beak.
109. Hunting: Catching animals in the forest.
110. Arm: The section from the shoulder to the tip of the fingers.
111. Blood: Vital fluid.
112. Moment: A very brief period of time.
113. Board: Flat piece of wood or other hard material used for floors or buildings.
114. Ice: Frozen water.
115. Push: Exert force on somebody/ something to move them away.
116. Artist: Person who deals with fine arts.
117. Assistant: In an effort; the person who helps the person doing the work.
118. Each: Identified seperately.
119. Book: Written or printed pages glues together.
120. Money: Current exhange of coins.
121. Idea: A suggestion or thought.
122. Question: A sentence worded or expressed so as to elicit information.
123. Early: Happening or done before the expected time.
124. Both: Refer to two people or things.
125. Important: Great significance or value.
126. Earth: The planet which we live.
127. Box: A container with a flat base and sides.
128. Quickly: Rapidly, at a fast speed.
129. East: The direction on the right hand of people facing North.
130. Include: Contains as parts of a whole.
131. Bee: An animal that produces honey.
132. Benefit: Conveniently useful.
133. Berry: Fruits such as strawbeeries, cherries.
134. Wonderful: Very good, unique.
135. Boy: Male child.
136. Easy: Achieved without great effort.
137. Month: Each of the twelve named periods into year.
138. Branch: faculty, subject.
139. Quiet: Making little noise or no noise.
140. Swim: Propel the body through water using bodily movement.
141. Increase: Become or make greater in size or amount.
142. Eat: Put the food in the mouth and chew and swallow it.
143. Break: Seperate into pieces as a result.
144. Edge: The outside limit of an object, area or surface.
145. Information: Facts provided or learned about something.
146. Bright: Reflecting much light.
147. Rate: The speed at which something changes and happens
148. Moon: The natural satellite of the earth.
149. Race: Competition to see which is the fastest.
150. Morning: The period between the night and noon.
151. Effect: A resul tor consequences of an action.
152. With: Conjunction reporting affiliation.
153. Brother: A mano r boy in a relation to other sons and daughter of his parents.
154. Interest: Working on a subject means trying.
155. Egg: A white food from chickens.
156. Read: To learn the content of a written text and what it says.

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157. Build: Integrate.
158. Island: It is called a piece of land surrounded by sea on all four sides.
159. End: Get through.
160. Burn: Fire something and make it burn.
161. Mother: Woman with a child.
162. Reason: Cause.
163. Enjoy: Indulge, take pleasure.
164. Join: Participate, attend, go in for.
165. But: But between two seperate sentences with contrast between the stated thoughts.
166. Enough: Sufficient, adequate.
167. Record: Register.
168. Mountain: It refers to the height with protruding, high and inclined slopes of the earth’s crust.
169. Teacher: Tutor for student.
170. Key: Tool for unlocking.
171. Buy: Getting something for Money.
172. Enter: Go into.
173. By: By way of.
174. Mouth: The lower and upper lip part of a cavity.
175. Kill: To end someone’s life.
176. Remember: Not forgetting something known.
177. Equal: On a par with each other.
178. Table: Square board supported by feet, with various jobs.
179. Call: Conversation by phone.
180. Evening: The hours when the day ends and the night starts.
181. Kind: The section that includes all individuals with common characteristics, where the sexes are seperated.
182. Move: Displacement event.
183. Repeat: To do or say once more.
184. Can: Be able to.
185. Every: One by one gives meaning.
186. King: Head of state.
187. Capital: Important cirt, the administrative center of the state.
188. Example: What is taken to be similar.
189. Resent: Getting angry with someone for a situation.
190. Name: A person, an animal, a plant, a place, an emotion and thought etc. the word that helps us recognize things.
191. Know: : Having learned something.
192. Car: A vehicle used to drive from place to place.
193. Except: Which is outside of something.
194. Carefully: Exactingly.
195. Exciting: Alive and emotionalistic.
196. Known: Common, celebrated, kenned.
197. Case: Asserted thought.
198. Exercise: It means training and practice.
199. Natural: In nature, related to nature.
200. Result: Another event caused by an event.
201. Lady: Ms.
202. Catch: Capture an escaping person or animal.
203. Experience: Knowledge and skills gained by a person.
204. Cause: One job leads to another job.
205. Lake: Small puddle.
206. Experiment: Scientific verification.
207. Necessary: Wherewithal, necessity.
208. Tall: Something is longer than normal.
209. Center: Middle of a certain place.
210. Rich: Not poor.
211. Explain: To give information about a subject.
212. Language: The way people communicate to Express their feelings and thoughts.
213. Century: The time lived in.
214. Need: Requirement and demand.
215. Eye: Organs of sight.
216. Certain: Able to firmly relied on to happen.
217. Face: The front part of the person’s head.
218. Large: Relatively great capacity or size.
219. Chance: Possibility of something happening.
220. Right: Morally good- true or correct as a fact.
221. Factory: Buildings where goods are manufactured.
222. Change: Make different.
223. Last: Remaining- continue for a specifired period of time.
224. Factors: Circumstance or fact that contributes to a result.
225. Never: At no time in the past or future.
226. Check: Examine something in order to determine its accuracy.
227. Fall: Act of falling or collapsing.
228. Chief: A leader of people.
229. Family: A group of one or two parents and their kids.
230. Room: Space that can be occupied.
231. New: Discovered recently.
232. Child: A young human being.
233. Later: Near future.
234. Famous: Known about by many people.
235. Night: The time from sunset to dawn.
236. Today: Before tomorrow, the day after yesterday.
237. Choose: Seperating the desired from many options.
238. Rose: A kind of flower with various colors.
239. Far: Requiring a long way to go.
240. Church: Holy place of christians.
241. Train: Give information to students.
242. Farm: It is a large land that is cultivated on.

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243. Circle: Spherical.
244. Rule: Law to obey.
245. No: Refuse.
246. Farmer: Who earns their living by cultivating the land.
247. Laugh: Action taken as a result of happiness.
248. City: Town, place.
249. Fast: Quickly.
250. Class: Room in which the lesson is taught.
251. Run: Walk fast.
252. Nose: An organ on our face that helps us smell.
253. Law: Compulsory rules.
254. Father: A man had a child.
255. Clean: Not dirty.
256. Fear: Worry.
257. Learn: Obtain information.
258. Noun: Name.
259. Climb: Go to a high place.
260. Same: Things that resemble the features.
261. Feel: Sense.
262. Close: Shut down, turn off.
263. Fight: Take a part in a violent struggle.
264. Say: Utter words to convey information.
265. Object: Material can be seen or touch.
266. Cloth: Woven or felted fabric made from cotton or similar things.
267. Finally: After a long time.
268. Leave: Go away from.
269. Cloud: A visible mass of condensed watery vapour floating.
270. School: An institution for educating children.
271. Travel: Go from one place to another.
272. Find: Discover by chance or unexpectedly.
273. Observe: Notice something and register it as being significant.
274. Cold: Low temperature.
275. Fine: High quality good.
276. Come: Move towards near to the speaker.
277. Second: Coming after the first in time or order sixtieth of a minute of time.
278. Left: West side of people facing North.
279. Finger: Parts attached to the hands.
280. Common: Occuring or done often prevalent.
281. Fire: Ingite.
282. Company: Place of work.
283. Send: Convey something to someone.
284. First: Leading from others in terms of time, order and place.
285. Less: Missing than usual.
286. Ocean: The water larger than sea.
287. Compare: To reveal similar or different aspects of people or objects.
288. Floor: Ground.
289. Complete: To remove the deficiency and bring it to the whole state.
290. Flower: The colored part of a plant carries its reproductive organs.
291. Letter: Written paper for communication.
292. Sentence: Statement.
293. Often: It means that it is constantly ongoing.
294. Consonant: Not vowel letters in the alphabet.
295. Fly: A feature that belongs to birds and an inanimate being.
296. Contain: Include.
297. Follow: Go in a certain direction.
298. Shape: Form, manner.
299. Old: Not young.
300. Continue: Keep a situation going.
301. Level: Degree, grade.
302. Triangle: Geometric shape formed by three line segments.
303. Food: Things that enable us to feed to survive.
304. Control: To check.
305. Shoes: The clothes we wear on our feet when going out.
306. Force: Strength as an attribute of physical action.
307. Open: Allowing Access throught empty space not closed.
308. Cook: Prepare food.
309. Forest: A large area covered with trees.
310. Copy: A thing made to be similar.
311. Form: Visible shape of something.
312. Lie: Being in a resting position intentionally false statement.
313. Silent: Not making any sound.
314. Page: Paper in a book.
315. Corner: A place where two sides meet.
316. Free: Not under the control.
317. Paint: Covering the surface of something.
318. Sister: A woman or girl in relation to toher daughters or sons of her parents.
319. Correct: In accordance with fact or truth.
320. Fresh: Recently made.
321. Cost: Require the payment before it can be done.
322. Life: The time from birth to death.
323. Paper: Material that is for writing or drawing.
324. Friend: A person with whom one has a bond of mutual affection.
325. Cotton: A white plant in a cocoon.
326. Fruit: Edible part of the trees.
327. Could: The third version of the word can.
328. Light: Not dark.
329. Full: Complete, whole, overall.
330. Part: It means that things leaves a whole.
331. Country: Place under the sovereignty of a state.
332. Fun: Spend a joyful and pleasant time.
333. True: Not lie, right and correct.
334. Sit: Not standing, staying in the place where it settled.
335. Course: Training place on various subjects.
336. Like: Good and beautiful things.
337. Game: Is fun for people to have a good time.
338. Create: To create something new by making use of the mind.
339. Garden: Where there are various flowers and plants.
340. Cry: Shed tears.
341. List: A number of connected items or names written.
342. Sleep: Natural resting state.
343. Past: Gone by in time.
344. Girl: Female child.
345. Crowd: Large number of people gathered together.

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346. Glass: Drinking containers.
347. Current: Belonging to the present time.
348. Pay: Giving Money that is due for work done.
349. Listen: Giving attention to the sound.
350. Gold: Chemical element and precious metal.
351. Smile: Forming into pleased.
352. Cut: Make an opening or wound with a sharp tool.
353. Good: Fine.
354. Picture: A painting or drawing.
355. Little: Small size or amount.
356. Dance: Move rhythmically to music.
357. Government: People with the authority to govern a country or state.
358. Live: Remain alive- survive.
359. Place: Current location.
360. Sometimes: Now and then.
361. Try: Testing an object or thought.
362. Understand: Comprehend.
363. Use: To benefit for a certain purpose.
364. Verb: Predicate.
365. Village: Small settlement.
366. Visit: Go seeing a place or a person.
367. Wait: Give some time.
368. Want: To request something from someone.
369. War: Armed action initiated by two opposing views.
370. Week: Called the period of seven days.
371. Year: Is the time when the earth turns around a round of the sun.
372. Yard: Garden.
373. Yes: Is the word of approval gşven in response to questions.
374. Team: Group.
375. Term: Word with a special meaning on a topic.
376. Street: Big road where small roads meet in the city.
377. Store: Great shops.
378. Ring: Sound.
379. Region: Piece of land with boundaries specified.
380. Plant: Growing a plant.
381. Northern: Name given to the inhabitants of the North.
382. Melody: Pleasant sound.
383. Industry: Industrial.
384. Hear: Sensing sounds with the senses tool.
385. Football: A game played on the field with two teams and a ball.
386. Bite: Squeezing a substance between the teeth.
387. Burn: To ignite.
388. Cast: Shep and spill.
389. Choke: Stay stuffy for any reason.
390. Damage: Do evil.
391. Emergency: What needs to be done without losing time.
392. Illness: Disorder that occurs in the structure and functioning of the organism.
393. Panic: Strong fear about a subject.
394. Shock: Experiencing an astonishing event.
395. Stroke: Paralysis.
396. Wound: Wounding with a weapon or similar tool.
397. Accept: Acknowledge.
398. Address: Where someone will be found when called.
399. Advantage: Positive aspects of a situation or event.
400. Advice: Counsel, warning.
401. Agenda: Highlight of the day.
402. Apply: Validating a situation in something as it is.
403. Approve: Accepting a job as appropriate.
404. Birthday: The day the person was born.
405. Calculate: To make the account.
406. College: Name given to some school.
407. Competition: Race between people doing the same job.
408. Date: Number indicating the day of an event.
409. Decrease: Reduce.
410. Description: Imagery and portrayal.
411. Disadvantage: Expresses the negative sides of a situation.
412. Discount: Sale on the price of a good.
413. Education: Training in schools or elsewhere.
414. Employee: People working and producing in certain institutions.
415. Equipment: Tools needed for a business or organization.
416. Experience: To gain skills about a job.
417. Feedback: Back indication, provide feedback.
418. Gender: Seperation of reproductive individuals as male and female.
419. Goal: The desired result in something.
420. Growth: Human develop in the period from birth to death.
421. Height: Weighning more than normal in the scale.
422. Husband: A man married a woman.
423. Knowledge: Things learned or taught about a topic.
424. Limit: The last limit that something can reach in terms of quantity.
425. Manage: The administer.
426. Married: The marriage of a woman and a man with a ceremony.
427. Message: Information to be conveyed.
428. Mistake: Wrong or unintentional .
429. Option: To get the most attractive to us among one or more things.
430. Physical: Generally related to nature, organism.
431. Profit: Money earned by shopping affairs.
432. Promise: Say it will do it for sure.
433. Refund: To give back the return of a received property.
434. Repair: Fix something that is corrupt and outdated and make it work.
435. Report: Article containing thoughts and determinations about a subject.
436. Responsibility: The task that someone takes on, has to do.
437. Risk: To continue to the end despite the possible bad consequences of a job.
438. Salary: Fee for a job done.
439. Single: Who are not married yet.
440. Skill: To ability.
441. Success: Means a job overcome.
442. Suggest: To recommend an opinion, wishing to be accepted.
443. Target: Goal.
444. Transport: It means that transfer.
445. Wife: It is called a woman that a man marries.
446. Abolish: Cancel, repeal or abrogate.
447. Absurd: It is called nonsense.

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448. Accident: Bad event causing loss of life or property.
449. Ache: Bad situation felt after a coup.
450. Bicycle: Two wheeled vehicle powered by the rear Wheel.
451. Boast: It is a state of seeing itself because of a prominent feature.
452. Delay: To transfer a job later.
453. Delicious: Good taste of a food.
454. Dentist: The doctor we go to fort he health of our teeth.
455. Depress: Not feeling well due to a bad event.
456. Stress: Anxiety about a troubled situation.
457. Exclaim: Shouting loud in the face of a terrible or surprising situation.
458. Exhibition: Show, introduce.
459. Explore: Trying to learn the unknown or hidden aspects of something.
460. Extra: Addition.
461. Fable: Fairy tale.
462. Fake: Something that is made by analogy with the original of something, is not real.
463. Relation: The link between multiple things.
464. Relax: Feeling relieved.
465. Rent: Giving one property to someone else for a certain price.
466. Request: Want something politely.
467. Role: The task that falls on a person at work.
468. Sleepy: Couldn’t get sleep stil.
469. Smell: Smell perceived by the nose, one of our five sense organs.
470. Snore: Making strange noises while breathing during sleep.
471. Social: Communal, societal.
472. Soft: Not solid and hard things.
473. Task: The action expected of a person himself.
474. Taste: To perceive the taste of what we eat with mouth, one of five sense organs.
475. Teacher: The person who teaches student to school.
476. Teenager: Not yet married, young.
477. Telephone: A communication tool.
478. Television: Device where sounds and images are detected.
479. Tend: The tendency to love, to do or to want something.
480. Thin: Slender, fine.
481. Think: Building mental abilities.
482. Tired: Being sluggish due to a certain or activity.
483. Toy: Tools for children to play.
484. Traffic: All pedestrians and vehicles on the roads.
485. Treatment: There are several ways to cure a disease.
486. Trust: Do not doubt someone.
487. Ugly: Not beautiful.
488. Umbrella: Tool used to protect from rain and sun.
489. Unemployment: Inability to find a job tol ive on.
490. Unhealthy: Not in good health.
491. Vacation: Short break to work or school.
492. Voyage: The name given to round trips between countries or cities.
493. Waiter: In some business serving customers.
494. Wall: The partition that seperates the interior parts of the buildings.
495. Wallet: An accessory in which things like Money and identity are placed.
496. Win: Ensuring a positive and good result.
497. Young: Who is out of childhood.
498. Yesterday: The day before today.
499. Write: Putting thoughts on paper wtih letters.
500. World: The earth we live in.

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What are the 500 most used words in English? ›

A list of the 500 most used words
  • gold.
  • possible.
  • plane.
  • age.
  • dry.
  • wonder.
  • laugh.
  • thousand. ago.

What are 10 new words with meaning? ›

  • 10 new English words for 2021. Read Time. ...
  • Adulting. Definition: The action of becoming or acting like an adult. ...
  • Awe walk. Definition: Taking a walk outside and making an effort to look at the things around you. ...
  • Contactless. Definition: not having to physically touch or interact with people. ...
  • Doomscrolling. ...
  • PPE. ...
  • Quarenteen. ...
  • Thirsty.

What is the meaning of 500 words? ›

Answer: 500 words is 1 page single spaced or 2 pages double spaced.

What are the 50 new words? ›

50 New English words with Meaning
  • Awedde – it means to overcome anger.
  • Awel – any of various types of hook or hook instrument.
  • Awesomesauce – extremely good.
  • Bagel – Something that is transitive.
  • Buzzy – Something that generates excitement.
  • Bridge burning – The action or process of burning bridges.
26 Dec 2019

What are the top 1000 English words? ›

Here's the List of the 1000 Most Common English Words
  • be – “Will you be my friend?”
  • and – “You and I will always be friends.”
  • of – “Today is the first of November.”
  • a – “I saw a bear today.”
  • in – “She is in her room.”
  • to – “Let's go to the park.”
  • have – “I have a few questions.”
  • too – “I like her too.”

What are the 100 common words in English? ›

The 100 most common words in English
1. the21. at41. there
2. of22. be42. use
3. and23. this43. an
4. a24. have44. each
5. to25. from45. which
15 more rows

What are the 30 new words? ›

30 New Words in English with Meaning to Use in Everyday Communication
New Words to UseMeanings
Acquiesceaccept something reluctantly but without protest
Alignplace or arrange things in a straight line
Amendmake minor changes in a text in order to make it fairer
Annihilatedestroy utterly
26 more rows

What are the 20 difficult words? ›

20 Most Difficult Words to Pronounce in the English Language
  • Colonel.
  • Worcestershire.
  • Mischievous.
  • Draught.
  • Quinoa.
  • Onomatopoeia.
  • Scissors.
  • Anemone.
10 Apr 2019

What are the 5 hard words? ›

7 most difficult English words that will let you forget what you wanted to say
  • Rural. ...
  • Sixth. ...
  • Sesquipedalian. ...
  • Phenomenon. ...
  • Onomatopoeia. ...
  • Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious. ...
  • Worcestershire.

What is around 300 words? ›

300 words is 0.6 pages single-spaced or 1.2 pages double-spaced. Documents that typically contain 300 words are high school and college essays, short blog posts, and news articles. It will take approximately 1 minutes to read 300 words.

What is the newest word in the English language 2022? ›

Our Favorite Merriam-Webster Dictionary Additions for 2022
  • Because (conjunction) ...
  • TBH (abbreviation) ...
  • Fluffernutter (n) ...
  • Amirite (interjection) ...
  • Copypasta (n) ...
  • Deplatform (v) ...
  • Whataboutism (n) ...
  • FTW (abbreviation)
22 Mar 2022

What are the 20 vocabulary words? ›

Full list of words from this list:
  • erbium. a trivalent metallic element of the rare earth group. ...
  • nanometer. a metric unit of length equal to one billionth of a meter. ...
  • transdermal. through the unbroken skin. ...
  • yttrium. ...
  • hypodermic needle. ...
  • wavelength. ...
  • epidermal. ...
  • tensile strength.

How can I learn 5 new words? ›

6 Tips for Learning New Words
  • Read, read, and read. The more you read -- especially novels, but also magazines and newspapers -- the more words you'll learn. ...
  • Keep a dictionary and thesaurus handy. ...
  • Build your own dictionary. ...
  • Learn a word a day. ...
  • Play some games. ...
  • Engage in conversations.

What is the most used word 2022? ›

Instead, here are the five most popular words and phrases of 2022.
  • Metaverse. A popular word thanks to the blockchain technology explosion in 2021, people are more curious than ever about the metaverse. ...
  • Non-binary. ...
  • UBI. ...
  • Supply Chain Crisis. ...
  • NFT.
17 Feb 2022

What is the most used word 2021? ›

'Vax' is Oxford English Dictionary's word of the year. After analyzing 14.5 billion words used in daily news coverage in 2021, Oxford Languages' lexicographers have chosen “vax” as word of the year.

What is the most used word ever? ›

'The' tops the league tables of most frequently used words in English, accounting for 5% of every 100 words used. “'The' really is miles above everything else,” says Jonathan Culpeper, professor of linguistics at Lancaster University.

What are the most frequently used words in English? ›

100 most common words
WordParts of speechOEC rank
75 more rows


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