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Upvc Replacement Window Handles

Upvc replacement window handles are an easy method to change the look of your windows without having to replace them entirely. There are a variety of different designs, shapes, and colors available. Choose one that best suits your window.


There are many kinds of window handles on the market. The most popular handle found in the UK is the espag handle. This type of window handle is usually used in aluminium, uPVC, timber and wood windows.

The espag window handle is very like the Venetian. The handle is constructed of an aluminum strip. Usually, the handle is attached to the front of the window with two screws or bolts.

There are a variety of espag handles that are available, depending on your personal preference. Some handles can be turned in just one direction by turning the crank. Some handles are left or right handed, allowing users to turn the handle clockwise or clockwise.

Espag window handle replacements made of upvc are available in a variety of colours. They also come with a variety of features including a key locking mechanism. You can find replacement uPVC handles from 15mm to 55mm. A replacement uPVC window handle will generally be finished in white.

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If you're looking to replace your window handles from espag it is recommended to select a top-quality product. A low-quality handle could break or the spindle pivoting region could be damaged.

You can also find an alternative uPVC handle that has magnetic spindles. These are designed to be easy to install. You can also buy a handle that is inline. Inline handles are more neat.

You can alter replacement uPVC handles to fit various window systems. They are generally measured at 43mm centers.


Cockspur upvc windows repair window handle are a well-loved choice. They are a great alternative to traditional lever handles and can be used with virtually any window. This kind of handle is usually found in uPVC windows that date back to the early days and are still regularly used in the present. The modern-day handle comes with an extended 20mm nosepiece, as well as an overlocking mechanism that locks to the transom bar cross member.

The modern cockspur handle is getting a lot of attention. Some firms even provide an old-fashioned handle that can be used on timber and upvc windows near me. One such handle is the Yale Securistyle Virage Cockspur Handle, which can be utilized on aluminium or wood windows. It is designed to be durable and has a the highest-quality deadlock mechanism for locking and a slender grip. You can also lock it with the key included.

Based on your personal preferences You may prefer the nimble finger of the nipper as well as the tactile feel of the handle. There are also a variety of cockspur upvc window handles available as well as Cotswold cockspurs that line up across 38 and 58mm positions. Many uPVC models have an adjustable lever that locks the transom and frame. These are often a more appropriate choice for windows that don't require to be maintained as frequently.

The Yale Securistyle Virage Cockspur matches both wood and aluminium windows beautifully and comes with a high-quality locking deadlock cylinder with a slim grip. a top-quality locking deadlock cylinder.


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UPVC replacement window handles are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and colors. There are various locking options available for some models, including the espagnolette lock. It is also important to consider the type of windows that you have when looking for a replacement handle. Consider the material of the window, as there are various kinds of wood, metal, and uPVC.

The cockspur handles are one of the most popular kinds of double glazed window handles. They are usually found on older UPVC windows, although they are more prevalent on older aluminum windows. The handles are fixed with three or four screws. They can also be fixed by bolts or screws.

Another type of double glazed window handle is the spade or blade handle. These handles are typically made of aluminium or uPVC and feature two-peg locking mechanisms that locks the window into place. This design is ideal for windows that have multiple point locking systems and windows that are set in frames made of wood.

Spaded or Bladed replacement window handles made of upvc are available in a variety of colours including white, Silver, Black and Bronze. Their sleek design and low profile appearance makes them suitable for a wide range of UPVC windows.

Other UPVC replacement window handles include the espag and tilt and turn handles. Tilt-and-turn window handles allow windows to be opened in the normal way, but they can be rotated outwards or inwards should you need to.

Tilt and turn

Tilt and turn windows are a great option for homeowners. They are simple to use and easy to operate, and also provide safe and healthy ventilation. The opening mechanism is quick and secure.

You can pick from a range of styles and materials like timber, aluminum, and uPVC. Wooden frames tend to decay with time, whereas aluminium and composite window frames need little maintenance. UPVC tilt and turn window frames are less expensive than aluminum or timber frames.

A tilt and turn window can be opened and closed in one move. They can also be adjusted for slow or high air flow. For instance, you could leave them open in the evening or during a hot summer. Adjusting the window takes about two to five seconds.

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One of the most important parts of the window is the handle. There are two screw heads on the top of the handle. You can make use of a measuring tape to measure the distance between the screw holes. It's usually 43mm from the center to the center.

If you decide to replace your window handles, make sure you choose a model that is a good match for the model you have. The same design will increase the reliability.

The locking mechanism is an crucial component of a tilt-and-turn window. The handle has a small gearbox that is attached to it. These windows are designed to be extremely safe.

If you require a replacement handle, you should contact a specialist contractor. Replacement uPVC tilt and turn window handles have larger bases and generally have a square spindle of seven millimetres at the rear. This offers more durability and strength than a wooden or aluminum handle.


There are many designs and types of UPVC window handles. These handles can be used to repair damaged or damaged windows, and can also be a great option to improve your window openings. You can pick from a wide range of colors and designs to match your décor.

upvc windows near me is one of the materials that can offer a wide range of benefits such as being resistant to corrosion and energy efficient. It is used to construct doors and windows. This makes it a very popular option for Upvc windows And doors homeowners. It takes only about a minute to change the handles on your upvc window repairs near me windows and doors (enquiry) window windows.

Before replacing the handle, measure the distance between your window frame and the handle. This measurement is referred to as the step height. It is vital to ensure that the closure is secure. The typical step height is around 21 millimeters. It is essential to make sure that the handle you choose is the same height that the one you already have for the crank UPVC window frame handle.

The type of window you have will determine the type of handle you'll require. For example, if you have an open-air tilt and turn window you'll require an handle that is capable of handling the weight of the window. There are many types of double-glazed window handles available such as Espag, Venetian, and Cockspur.

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Espag handles are the most popular design of UPVC window handles. They have a mental spindle in the back. This allows the handle and frame to be securely attached to each other while also allowing for the ability to be operated in either direction.


If you are looking to replace your window handles made of upvc There are a range of different styles that you may want to look at. This includes tilt and turn handles, cockspur handles and espag handles. It is crucial to select the right type for your window.

Tilt and turn handles are one of the most commonly used handles on UPVC windows. These types of handles are generally found on high rise flats and patio doors. They are available in right-hand and left-hand versions. They are also available in a variety of colours and designs.

The Cockspur handle is a typical choice for older properties. The handles feature a longer nose and a longer blade. This allows the handles to be mounted on windows that are smaller. They are usually secured with three to four screws.

Another popular option is the espag handle. It is an angled handle that is more secure than its flat blade counterpart. The handles aren't as elegant as Venetian handles, but they are the same fine quality build quality.

Espag handles are a form of double glazed window handle. They have a mental spindle that is connected to the frame. The spindle is usually 7mm in diameter. However, it is possible to make it longer. This lets the handle be used with any UPVC espag locking window.

There are also uPVC window handles that can be mounted on aluminium windows. The espag hold has an open white aperture and is available in a variety of lockable designs.


Are there different qualities of uPVC windows? ›

A multi–chambered uPVC profile determines the strength of a uPVC window. This profile is fortified with galvanized steel. The profile should be extremely durable and resistant to flaking and cracks. Likewise, the windows should be double or triple glazed.

How long does uPVC windows last? ›

Typically lasting around 20 years, which can vary between 10-35 years depending on the quality and upkeep, if your uPVC windows were installed around 1999 it's likely that they could need replacing or at least repairing by now.

How do I know when my uPVC windows need replacing? ›

Is it time to replace my uPVC windows?
  1. Hinges are starting to fail – have excess play – window does not seal properly at hinge point, windows are generally hard to close.
  2. Windows are leaking sound or doing a poor job of keeping your house peaceful.
  3. Older locking mechanisms mean security is poor.
Jul 29, 2022

What is the difference between uPVC and normal windows? ›

Contrary to wooden windows, uPVC windows are weather resistant. They do not rot, warp or fade and once installed they will last you for decades. uPVC window frames are designed to stand extreme weather conditions.

What are the advantages of uPVC frames? ›

Here are 10 benefits of UPVC windows and doors for your home:
  • Customisable. Typically most UPVC windows, doors and external facias will come in white. ...
  • Security. ...
  • Insulation. ...
  • Low Maintenance. ...
  • Durability. ...
  • Ventilation. ...
  • Eco-Friendly. ...
  • Weather Resistant.
Mar 12, 2019

What are the disadvantages of uPVC? ›

Despite their robustness, uPVC windows and doors are prone to sagging and sashing due to their lightweight and also because they are structurally not as strong as aluminium windows. Too much heat can even result in the rupture of their frames.

What are common problems with uPVC windows? ›

Problems with uPVC windows

The most common issues with uPVC windows are rusting, letting in cold air and damaged hardware, including screws, locks and hinges. This occurs from wear and tear, and also when windows are left open for too long and become stiff to open and close.

How often should uPVC windows be cleaned? ›

You should try and clean your window frames regularly to keep them in great condition and prevent any damage occurring. We recommend to clean them around 4 times a year, depending on the condition they're in. The more times you clean your window frames the easier the task will be each time.

How do you adjust a window to seal better? ›

You can try adjusting the lock position for a better seal. Open up the window and locate the lock-adjustment head. Use an Allen wrench to turn the lock backward to increase the pressure it exerts on the window when it's locked, which will create a tighter seal. Thanks!

Why won't my UPVC window close? ›

Perhaps it is a bay, casement or awning style UPVC window that it difficult or stiff to close. This is due to the swelling of the UPVC frame caused by hot temperatures. In this case, your UPVC window is not broken and does not need replacing – the window will simply retract when the temperature has returned to normal.

Why is my UPVC window handle stiff to push down? ›

Generally this is caused by a stiff mechanism that simply requires some lubrication. As uPVC can be sensitive to some chemicals we would suggest the use of a silicon based lubrication as to avoid any damage to the exterior window. While WD-40 can be used it should be used sparingly and in a controlled manner.

Do uPVC windows have a winter setting? ›

The TikToker, Alijacy (opens in new tab), explained: “Just a little tip — if you have uPVC doors and they are a bit draughty, they have a summer and a winter setting. The little sliders have an elliptical mark. Twist it out and in and the seal is tighter."

Do uPVC windows need maintenance? ›

uPVC windows and uPVC doors have extremely low maintenance requirements. However, in order to protect your installation and achieve consistent performance it is necessary to fully understand the operation of the various products and the periodic attention necessary.

What is the best product to clean uPVC? ›

The following products are all suitable for the task:
  • De-Solv-It UPVC cleaner.
  • EverBuild PVCu solvent cleaner.
  • No-Nonsense uPVC cleaner.
  • Thompson's UPVC Restorer.
  • Vistal Hard Surface Cleaner.
May 15, 2018

What are uPVC windows filled with? ›

Argon is an inert gas and is quite nonreactive, which ensures the windows will stay effective for longer. In air, the oxygen can cause rust and corrosion in metal parts, meaning the windows become less efficient over the years.

Are uPVC windows the same as vinyl? ›

Although they are commonly referred to as PVC windows, most vinyl windows are in fact made from UPVC. UPVC is not as flexible, more weather and fire resistant, doesn't deteriorate, warp, or discolour as fast as regular PVC. It is also not as toxic or dangerous to the environment as plasticized vinyl.

Why is UPVC so popular? ›

UPVC windows and doors offer a range of benefits over traditional materials like wood and aluminum. They are energy-efficient, durable, secure, low maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly, and cost-effective. These factors definitely make them an excellent choice for modern construction projects.

Is UPVC waterproof? ›

uPVC windows are constructed with the highest precision to keep out water during the rain, storms and even cyclones and have been used many times in marine applications, where their quality is heavily tested. They are far more waterproof than other types of windows as they don't absorb moisture.

Why are UPVC windows good? ›

UPVC windows offer a range of benefits, including excellent durability and efficient performance, with little maintenance. This helps with keeping away the normal rotting or warping you would get with other building materials. In the end, it's one of the most durable and long-lasting materials you can choose.

What are 3 disadvantages of PVC? ›

PVC contains dangerous chemical additives including phthalates, lead, cadmium, and/or organotins, which can be toxic to your child's health. These toxic additives can leach out or evaporate into the air over time, posing unnecessary dangers to children.

What are the characteristics of UPVC? ›

UPVC has a resistivity of greater than 1014 Ohm. cm, and has good insulating properties. UPVC has a thermal conductivity of 0.13 W/m/0C,which is only a fraction of the thermal conductivity of steel. This enables fluids to be transported through uPVC pipes, maintaining a uniform fluid temperature.

What are the properties of UPVC? ›

Un-Plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride possesses many properties that make it a popular choice of material particularly within the construction industry. It has great properties including, strength, durability, resistance to fire and erosion and is also recyclable.

How can I improve my uPVC windows? ›

5 Ways to Make Your uPVC Windows More Thermally Efficient
  1. Install Curtains to Improve Efficiency.
  2. Replace the Weatherseal.
  3. Replace the Window Entirely.
  4. Put Window Film in Your Home.
  5. Secondary Glazing.
  6. Conclusion.

Can mold grow on uPVC windows? ›

Mould growth can affect both wooden windows as well as uPVC. The windows can suffer damage due to mould over time.

Are uPVC windows heat resistant? ›

Fire tests have shown that uPVC is naturally flame retardant and will not cause, support or encourage the development of fire. This means that when you install uPVC windows in your homes or office, you can rest assured that your uPVC windows will not accelerate the spread of flames in the event of a fire mishap.

How long do seals last on uPVC windows? ›

Window seals have an expected lifespan of 10 – 20 years, so they do last quite a while. Once a window seal is broken however, double glazing can become completely ineffective. There are several reasons window seals can fail, including: Shrinkage from cold weather – 'solar pumping'.

How do I get my uPVC white again? ›

How Can I Get My uPVC White Again?
  1. Mix 1 cup vinegar to 4 cups hot water.
  2. Use a spritzer bottle to spray on the uPVC.
  3. Leave this for 10 minutes.
  4. Use a clean dry cloth to wipe down.

Can you use bleach on uPVC? ›

Bleach should never be used on uPVC window frames, as it'll discolour them. Unless you'd like your pristine white frames to turn an unsightly shade of brown, avoid it. Even small doses will cause a chemical reaction with the glossy surface of the plastic, creating a dull matt effect that can never be undone.

What can you lubricate windows with to make them open and close easier? ›

Use wax to lubricate the window tracks. Slide the window up and down or back and forth a few times to allow the wax to work into and spread along the tracks.

What causes a window seal to fail? ›

Extreme Temperatures – Extended exposure to extremely hot or cold conditions or sudden temperature changes can cause certain types of window seals to shirk, sag or crack. Poor Maintenance – Your window company should provide maintenance instructions for each of your windows.

How do you fix a dropped uPVC window? ›

The first thing to do is carefully remove the glass from the uPVC window. Next, close the sash and ensure that it is lined up with the frame. Re-install the glass into the sash and pack it all the way round the frame so that there is no movement at all between the glass and the sash.

How do you open a uPVC window that won't open? ›

How to Fix a Stuck uPVC Window Gasket?
  1. Using a debit card or a very blunt flat knife, slide it very gently between the frame and the sash to separate the two.
  2. Slowly open the window, but don't force it as that can tear the gasket and cause a draught in your window.
  3. Leave the window open for a while before closing again.

Why can't I open my uPVC window? ›

4 Common Reasons Why Your uPVC Window Won't Open

The gasket is stuck to the frame. There's a build-up of dust and grit on the hinges. The spindle inside your handle is worn down and is not turning the lock mechanism. The lock is broken.

Why is my UPVC window not closing on the hinge side? ›

Answer: Your window needs new hinges. The interlocking part on the hinge is worn down and not closing the window against the seal. Be sure to change both hinges and not just the faulty one because if you don't, your sash will not run smoothly and will only cause your hinges to fail again.

Why is my window hard to roll up? ›

There are a multitude of reasons why your car window might not roll up, including: The fuses are blown, preventing the electrical controls handling the window from working. The child safety lock is engaged by accident. The window switch is functioning correctly, but the window motor has malfunctioned.

How do you adjust friction hinges on UPVC windows? ›

To adjust you can take a small bladed screwdriver and turn the screw by half a turn clockwise. The same adjustment should be made equally to each pair of hinges. If this adjustment is insufficient then carry on turning the screw in half turn increments until the desired amount of friction is achieved.

Why do my new UPVC windows get condensation on the outside? ›

Condensation on the outside of your double glazed windows occurs when the air outside is warmer than the temperature of your double glazing. Outside condensation means your windows are not allowing any heat transfer, so, if you have some condensation on the outside of your windows – relax!

Why do UPVC windows steam up on the outside? ›

External window condensation

Condensation on the outside of your windows is normal, and is actually an indicator that your double glazing is highly energy efficient, keeping the warm air in your home and preventing the temperature dropping to the same conditions that are causing condensation to occur outside.

Why do new UPVC windows have vents? ›

These vents are designed to help prevent or minimise problems associated with poor ventilation, such as condensation. Additionally, they help remove stale air from the property, which is very helpful if there are any odours lingering in your home.

What is the lifespan of uPVC? ›

Typically lasting around 20 years, which can vary between 10-35 years depending on the quality and upkeep, if your uPVC windows were installed around 1999 it's likely that they could need replacing or at least repairing by now.

Do all uPVC windows have drainage holes? ›

Every uPVC door and window will have drainage holes in the frame if the drainage holes become blocked, your door and window will appear to leak. You might think your uPVC is leaking if you see this: Water coming from the bottom of the door. Water on the window sill from the frame.

How messy is replacing uPVC windows? ›

If you are considering replacing your home windows, you may be wondering how much mess it will cause. The simple answer is yes; it can be a messy job. There will be dust that is likely to spread around your home during installation.

Is white vinegar good for cleaning UPVC windows? ›

Cleaning the glass on uPVC windows:

Step 1: Using a mixture of 1 part distilled white vinegar and 1-part warm water, lightly dip the old newspaper into the vinegar cleaning solution. Step 2: Wipe the glass panes in a circular motion, taking extra care to remove any smears and dirty spots.

What is the cleaning hack for UPVC windows? ›

Simply create a solution of one part vinegar and four parts water, and spray it onto your uPVC. After around 10 minutes of contact time, wipe it away with a micro-fibre cloth to leave a glossy finish that will sparkle.

Can you use magic eraser on UPVC? ›

x2 Flash Bio Degradable Non Chemical Based Pads, Simply Add Water And Apply To The Effected Area, Stubborn Marks Will Disappear Without Damaging the Upvc Of Your Frames And Doors, Pads Are Natural And So Will Break Down With Use, Several Applications May Be Required For Larger Or Heavily Soiled Areas.

How can you tell the quality of uPVC? ›

When choosing uPVC windows, check the types of uPVC profiles, steel reinforcements used in the profile, etc. to make an informed choice. Good-quality uPVC windows should come with galvanised steel reinforcements and a multi-point locking system and should be of premium quality.

What are the disadvantages of uPVC windows? ›

Structural Integrity. Despite their robustness, uPVC windows and doors are prone to sagging and sashing due to their lightweight and also because they are structurally not as strong as aluminium windows. Too much heat can even result in the rupture of their frames.

What is the best uPVC windows rate? ›

SM Fabrications
Minimum price per sqftMaximum price per sqft
₹ 380₹ 600

Why are uPVC windows good? ›

UPVC windows offer a range of benefits, including excellent durability and efficient performance, with little maintenance. This helps with keeping away the normal rotting or warping you would get with other building materials. In the end, it's one of the most durable and long-lasting materials you can choose.

How strong is uPVC windows? ›

Since uPVC doors are extremely difficult to break, your home will be fully protected. The Polyvinyl Chloride in uPVC doors and windows is known for its durability, and it will not deteriorate over time. It is resistant to corrosion and discolouration, two drawbacks that can occur with other materials.

Why are uPVC windows so popular? ›

1. Energy Efficient: UPVC windows and doors are so popular because of their excellent thermal insulation properties that they have. They are great at keeping the heat inside during the winter and outside during the summer.

Which brand uPVC is best? ›

Best uPVC Manufacturers in India

What is better than uPVC? ›

Aluminium windows are coated with anodic oxidation which makes them more durable than uPVC counterparts. This is because aluminium has a greater density and is not as likely to scratch, peel, or chip its outer surface.

Does uPVC look cheap? ›

“They look cheap!”

This is simply not true. In actual fact, uPVC windows and doors can look however homeowners want them to.

Is uPVC worth it? ›

Known for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and energy-saving benefits, it's clear to see why they have become such a popular option. Modern uPVC windows are highly energy-efficient, meaning that the energy used to heat your home during the winter months won't escape through your windows.

Is uPVC waterproof? ›

uPVC windows are constructed with the highest precision to keep out water during the rain, storms and even cyclones and have been used many times in marine applications, where their quality is heavily tested. They are far more waterproof than other types of windows as they don't absorb moisture.

Is uPVC windows soundproof? ›

uPVC windows and doors are not only durable, but are also quite strong. Soundproof, fireproof, cost-effective, and waterproof are all features of these uPVC windows and doors.

Is uPVC more expensive? ›

In general, and depending on quality, UPVC is less expensive than wood. Prices for windows can vary based on features and product quality, however UPVC is often less expensive.

Which window is most expensive to replace? ›

Wood Frame

This window frame type tends to be the most expensive. The entire structure is wood. But while the interior wood can be painted or stained, the exterior is covered in aluminum or vinyl. Those surfaces protect the outside wood from the elements, and prevent rotting and insect infestation.


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