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Amidst all of the games about sorcery, barbarians, zombies, plants, and slithering snakes, many mobile gamers are enjoying a more traditional experience in 8 Ball Pool. Appamatix is here with 10 of the best secrets, tips and “hacks” that will help you to crank up your 8 Ball Pool experience. If you’re a fan of high stakes gaming, competition, and top-notch multiplayer experiences, you’re in the right place, and looking at the right game. Read on!

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Mobile gaming has been enjoying a proliferation of “old school” titles that take advantage of basic game mechanics that can be picked up and played quickly, and still, leave room for mastery. Honestly, it’s a relief! When we download mobile games, we’re not necessarily looking for the deep experience that you might find on a console, with a steep learning curve and hours of character development and…you know exactly what I’m talking about.

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Most of the time, it’s nice to have a game that you can pick up and play for a few rounds without being beholden to an hour of staring at your smartphone screen. 8 Ball Pool is a casual game that’s easy to approach but has plenty of room for people to improve their skills and compete for in-game rewards and leaderboard recognition.

On top of that, it has the potential to be extremely addictive! This isn’t necessarily a bad thing; it’s good to see simple app-store games with staying power, and it’s not like old-school games of a similar vein didn’t succeed based on their addicting qualities. It’s pool, after all! If it didn’t keep you hooked for “just one more game,” it would be doing something wrong. For players’ benefit, this also means that you’re always going to have plenty of people to play against!

The basic rules for a game of 8 Ball Pool aren’t known to everybody that’s just getting started with the game, so we’ll mix in some of our starters hints with those tips meant for more advanced players. Follow these to a T, and you’ll be pocketing shots left and right!

Watch the Timer

One of the pitfalls that new 8 Ball Pool players run into the most frequently is a foul; they let the timer tick down for their turn until, before they realize it, they’re out of time! This not only results in forfeiting your turn, it puts the cue ball in your opponent’s hand.

Being that both of these are exceptionally bad for you, it’s important to not rely too much on taking your time with each shot. Sure, it might feel like you’re being extra precise, or lining up some fantastic move, but the truth is, none of that’s going to amount to anything if the timer runs out. A much more sound strategy is to get your eyes used to the time-crunch, forcing them to find your shot as quickly as possible. Speed is key in 8 Ball Pool, and if you can’t keep up, that foul is going to see you punished.

(Video) How to ALWAYS Win 8 Ball Pool on GamePigeon! (iMessage Games)

Avoid the Obvious Fouls

We’re getting into some basic rules of pool, here, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. There are quite a few moves in 8 Ball Pool that will result in a foul and, as above, lead to your opponent having the ball in their hand. Since this should be avoided at all costs, keep the following things in mind every time that you’re playing. Don t let the pigeon kiss the cat game.

Accuracy is Key

Even though you shouldn’t take too much time planning your shots, it’s still important to be accurate. If you pot the opposite color any time except for when you’re breaking, it can put the cue ball in your opponent’s hand. If the cue ball hits your opponents color before your own, you’ll get the same effect.

Rail Contact

The game will register a foul if neither the cue ball nor a ball of any color makes contact with the rails on the table, too. This is one rule that always sneaks up on me (and being honest, my buddies and I forget about it all the time.) However, when you have a video game keeping track of the rules and your every move, nothing is going to slip by it.

Pay Attention to your Colors!

Which brings us to something that’s oh, so obvious, but bears mentioning anyway. Because so many players do actually forget whether they’re spots or stripes, I’ll say it once here with extra emphasis: don’t forget which color you’re playing! A couple of fouls due to forgetfulness is all that your opponent needs to win the entire game.

Advantage on the Break

When it’s your turn to break, you’re going to be at the highest point of advantage; higher than you’ll be at any other point in the game. Primarily, this is because you can line up the shot that determines how the rest of the game is going to be played, and also because you’ll be able to choose which ball color is yours for the remainder of the match.

Pay close attention to what you pocket (if anything) during the break, too. No matter which color it is, you’re going to get another turn, during which you’ll decide if you’re playing spots or stripes. Keep in mind that nothing that you pocket during the break is going to count towards your score, and also don’t forget that if you pocket the cue ball alone, it counts as a foul!

Respect the 8 Ball

Surprising nobody at all, you’ll need to have a certain amount of respect for the 8 ball during the remainder of any match, and not just because it’s the namesake of this game. After the break, mishandling the 8 ball is usually the source of most fouls that players both new and old earn for themselves.

If you pot the 8 ball before all of the balls of your color? That’s a foul. If you pot the cue ball and the 8 ball together? Foul. If you pot any color before the 8 ball in a single shot? Foul.

You can see where I’m going, here. Don’t be afraid of the 8 ball, but work around it as you plan your shots throughout the game.

(Video) UPDATED: How To CHEAT in Gamepigeon Pool To WIN EVERY TIME!!!

Calling Pockets

Once you start playing 8 Ball Pool at higher difficulties, you’ll run into tiers where you have to start calling your pockets before each shot, in order to increase your score off of them. Because of this, it can be a useful habit to get into once you have the basic rules of the game under your belt.

Starting out, you’ll probably only be required to call the pocket before you pot the 8 ball. At much higher difficulties, you’re going to need to call every shot.

Several Shots Ahead

While you should never run out the timer (I know, I repeat myself), you should also try to begin seeing each frame several shots ahead of where you are. Don’t just react to where the balls are on the table during a given turn, and don’t just shoot wildly in the hopes of disrupting the current state of the table (unless you have to.) How to delete the game pigeon app.

Instead, assume that the cue ball is the only thing that’s going to move over the next several shots. Where do you need the cue ball to be, in order to pot the most of your own color? In this way, the game of pool is a lot like chess. An experienced player will take their time learning the lay of each shot, but a master will know the lay several shots ahead of the current turn.

Spin, Spin, Spin

That little cue ball in the corner of the screen? It’s there for a reason. If you want to disrupt your opponent, make a tricky shot, or otherwise display (or practice) some finesse, tap that cue ball, rotate it according to the little red indicator that shows up, and then shoot.

It’ll apply a trajectory spin to the cue ball and keep it from moving in a predictable, straight line. If you make your shot (which should always be the goal) then you can use spin to set yourself for shots that wouldn’t otherwise have been possible.

8 Ball Pool Hack Download

Play Offline!

While 8 Ball Pool is primarily enjoyed as an online, multiplayer game, you can still practice when you don’t have an active internet connection! Take advantage of this time to brush up on the basics, or try out some of the most advanced techniques or habits we’ve already talked about.

If you’re like me, an offline practice session can almost be a form of relaxation since it’s removed from the pressured, competitive realm of online multiplayer.

(Video) SECRET break in Game Pigeon 8 ball pool, NO MODS!!

Try Playing on Miniclip.com

Of course, it’s plentifully handy to be able to play 8 Ball Pool when you’re on the go, but it originated on the Flash game website, Miniclip. You can play the full game there, still, and it’s just as free as it is on Android and iOS. On top of that, 8 Ball Pool was meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse before it ever touched a smartphone screen, so if those touch controls and small screens are throwing you off, give it a whirl from the comfort of your laptop or desktop.

There you have it, Appamatix readers! 10 of the best tips, tricks, and secrets for 8 Ball Pool (sorry, no “hacks” for online multiplayer games!) If you have any questions about this addictive little gem of a game, let us hear them in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article on Facebook and Twitter!

8 Ball is a massively entertaining multiplayer iMessage game from the GamePigeon app that lets you shoot pool with players all over the globe.

The game has a cash and coin-based reward system that lets you upgrade and buy new pool cues, play at higher-stakes tables and other cosmetic items. In this guide, we round up various 8 ball pool cheats and tricks for the discerning player to play better and earn more cash and coins.

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Login every day

The game features a ‘Spin and Win’ mini-game that allows you to buy spins that give you the chance to earn cash, coins or rare mystery boxes that allow you to build cues piece by piece.

8 ball pool refreshes daily to give you a free spin on the ‘Spin and Win’ lever so even if you can’t play a full round, opening the app daily is an easy way to gain some precious currency and items.

Choose your table

The game initially starts out with several tables available to play, each with increasingly larger entry fees. Entry fees increase accordingly with the winning pots at every table so playing at advanced tables gives you the opportunity to net a higher amount of in-game currency.

However, it is generally advisable to stick to the Downtown London Pub table until you master the game basics, grow your pot and gain confidence before moving on to Sydney. Practice and hone your skills before moving on to the higher-stakes tables.

(Video) Gamepigeon 8 Ball Pool HACK/CHEAT How to break harder

Use English

English is the practice of putting a spin onto the cue ball after lining up a shot. For example, if the cue ball is hit with a right English so it spins counter-clockwise, when it hits the object ball, a clockwise spin is transferred onto the object ball causing it to be thrown in the direction opposite the spin of the cue ball.

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This tip is handy when lining up tricky shots such as when the ball you want to sink is dangerously close to the pocket or when you want to set up your cue ball for a follow-up shot. Tap on the cue ball button on the top right corner of the screen then from here, choose the spot you want to contact the cue ball.

Time your Shots

8 Ball Pool Hacked Game

When it’s your turn to shoot, a little green square envelops your avatar and starts counting down your time. You therefore need to line up and take your shots quicker. A handy trick is to tap and drag the pool table surface in front of the tip of the cue as this will move the cue faster.

You can then make precise adjustments afterwards by tapping and dragging from the cue’s handle, all the while keeping an eye on that timer.

Extend your aiming lines

This is a simple cheat that is very effective, all you need is a small piece of paper such as a post-tit note with a straight edge. Before you upgrade the basic cue, once you line up a shot, very short lines appear to show you in what direction the object ball will roll.

Place the straight edge between the aiming line and the pocket you wish to sink the object ball into to have a better idea if your aim is accurate. And remember, keep an eye on that clock.

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Upgrade your Cues

Use the few coins you initially earn and buy better cues and gain an advantage. Upgraded cues have slight advantages that allow you to shoot with more power, improve your cue ball control, extend your aiming lines and increase the time you have to shoot. Better cues are available to purchase as you progress through the game, some with really great benefits.

(Video) Hitting the 8 Ball on Game Pigeon iMessage in on the break.

For the GamePigeon 8 Ball beginner or a player just seeking to gain a leg-up on your competition, hopefully these 8 Ball Pool Cheats, tips and tricks will come in handy as you stack up your coins, improve your game, and become an 8 Ball Pool champ.

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How do you win 8 ball every time in Gamepigeon? ›

So the way that you win eight ball pool is basically to score the most amount of shots in a row.

How can I win 8 Ball Pool every time? ›

If you're just starting out with 8 Ball Pool, we've rounded up some basic tips for beginners to help you play better and earn more coins and cash right off the bat... er, cue!
  1. Choose your tables wisely. ...
  2. Open the app every day. ...
  3. Buy a better cue. ...
  4. Use a little English. ...
  5. Shoot faster. ...
  6. Extend your aim.
30 Apr 2016

Are there hackers in 8 Ball Pool? ›

Hackers are people who exploit the 8 Ball Pool system. As such, they can make players who pull a shot automatically lose the game, or get themselves cues, currency, etc. for free. It's quite simple to learn how to simply pin the joke on the hacking opposition, by subjecting them to their own causes.

How do you spin with the pigeon in 8 Ball Pool? ›

And you want to adjust a position of the cue ball by using spin. You can use either right or left

How do I hit the ball in 8 ball on iPhone? ›

How to Play 8 Ball Pool Game in iMessage iPhone 13 Pro Max

Do you hit the 8 ball last? ›

You don't pocket the 8-ball until the end of the game. When you have pocketed all your balls, you take aim at the 8-ball. The first player to pocket all his or her balls and then pocket the 8-ball is the winner.

How do you get billion coins on 8 Ball Pool? ›

The best way to earn more Coins is to win consecutively and play matches for higher Earning reward. Play a Million coin match and you will reach that 1 billion very quick. You can use that billion coins to buy new sticks. Can I get 8 Ball Pool coins?

What is the highest level on 8 Ball Pool? ›

It says the highest level you can get is 999 but just scrolling down the leaderboards, the highest level I've ever seen is 500-something.

Which is the best cue in 8 Ball Pool? ›

Archangel cue is often considered as the best cue in the game. The cue has 9 Force point, 9 Aim, 8 Spin, 8 Time as stats. The cue is very rare to drop from the legendary boxes and unlocking it is quite difficult.

How do I delete my 8 Ball Pool ban? ›

Submit an Appeal to Customer Support

If you believe that your 8 Ball Pool account shouldn't have been banned, you'll need to appeal the ban on your 8 Ball Pool Account. Go to Miniclip customer support. Choose the game, 8 Ball Pool, and fill in the rest of the requested information.

How do you level up fast in 8 Ball Pool? ›

As you can see, playing tournaments will give you a higher amount of XP and will let you level up faster, even if you lose them you will get more XP compared to regular matches – and if you manage to win them you will get even 20% more XP than playing a regular match.

How do you play 8 Ball Pool like a pro? ›

8 Ball Pool: Tips and Tricks
  1. Opening the app every day. Log in daily to play at least a few shots. ...
  2. Familiarize With the Rules. ...
  3. Take That Break! ...
  4. Know the Power of Cues. ...
  5. Buy Better Cues. ...
  6. Know which table to Choose. ...
  7. Power your shot accordingly. ...
  8. Time Your Shot.
26 Nov 2021

What is the red dot on game Pigeon pool? ›

After that, tap on the cue ball to change the hitting position of the cue on the ball which is signified by a red dot. This enables you to have more control of your cue ball once you have hit it. To dismiss, tap anywhere on the screen. Then, locate the 'cue stick' icon present on the left section of the pool board.

What does cue spin do? ›

Applying spin gives you more control of the cue ball after it has struck the object ball thus allowing you to control the final position ready to play your next shot. It can also be used to get you out of tricky situations if you are “snookered” and cannot strike the object ball directly.

Can I move the cue ball in pool? ›

Moving the White Ball

As per the 8 ball pool rules, the white ball can be moved freely anywhere on the table (behind the headstring) during the break shot. After playing the break shot, the players cannot move the cue ball at their convenience, except in some instances.

How do you win a tank in GamePigeon? ›

When it gets to your turn 'set the angle and power' to drop bombs on your enemy's Tanks. Finally, tap 'Fire' once you set the angle and power. To win Tanks on iMessage will depend on your reaction speed within the gameplay. You are also required to anticipate moves from other players.

How do you hit the ball in pool? ›

How to Hit a Pool Ball - YouTube

How do you play pigeon games on iPhone? ›


What is an illegal break in 8-ball pool? ›

If the breaker does not pocket a ball and fails to drive at least 4 balls to one or more rails, it is an illegal break. In the case of an illegal break, the opponent can either accept the table as is and play from there; choose to re-rack and break; or re-rack and have the breaker go again.

Are jump shots legal in 8-ball? ›

9.7 Jump Shots

It is legal to cause the cue ball to leave the surface of the table by elevating the butt of the cue and, with a downward stroke, forcing the cue ball to rise off the playing surface. For the shot to be legal only the cue tip may touch the cue ball—the shot must not be “scooped” by the ferrule or shaft.

Can the cue ball hit the 8-ball twice? ›

What is a Double Hit in Billiards and Pool? - YouTube

Can u gift cash in 8 ball pool? ›

Gifting will allow you to send an amount of free coins to every single one of your Facebook friends once per day. These coins are not taken from your current total – they are completely free for you and your friends. The amount you send is randomly generated, so some friends may get luckier than others!

Who is the best player in 8 Ball Pool mobile game? ›

Alok Kumar wins 8-ball pool crown.

Who is the best 8 ball player in the world? ›

1. Willie Mosconi. An all-time champion of the sport, Willie Mosconi's name was among the first to be introduced in the American Hall of Fame for Billiards Congress. In 1954, Mosconi achieved the highest run of sinking 526 balls one after the other, thus setting a world record for the game.

Who is the owner of 8 Ball Pool? ›


How do you get a Galaxy cue? ›

Old 8 Ball Pool data

The Galaxy Cue is a cue in 8 Ball Pool which is obtainable at level 26, costs 750 pool cash to purchase and 1875 pool coins to recharge. It is one of the best cues in the game statistic-wise.

How do you make a black hole cue? ›

The Black Hole Cue is a cue in 8 Ball Pool which is obtainable at level 52, costs 4200000 pool coins to purchase (it costs 6000000 pool coins on mobile devices) and 420000 pool coins to recharge.

What is the best tip for a pool cue? ›

Phenolic tips

They're made of carbon fiber and are as durable as a pool cue. This type of tip is frequently used for breaking. Phenolic tips transmit the most energy when touched and require the least amount of maintenance.

How do I reset my Miniclip account? ›

How To Reset Your Miniclip Password - YouTube

Why can't 8 Ball Pool connect? ›

Always make sure you have the latest official version downloaded from the store. Try swapping from Wi-Fi to your mobile data connection, or vice versa. Restart your router to make sure it hasn't become overburden with data.

How do I change my email address on Miniclip? ›

You can change your email by following these steps:
  1. Go to https://me.miniclip.com/ and login using your credentials. ...
  2. Once you are logged in click on the "Change email"
  3. Enter your new email.
  4. Confirm by hitting the "CHANGE" button. ...
  5. Click on "Confirm email".

How can I get more coins in 8 Ball Pool Mobile? ›


How do I increase my VIP Club in 8 Ball Pool? ›

8 Ball Pool Community Update #6 - VIP CLUB INFO - YouTube

What does XP mean in 8 Ball Pool? ›

Player Experience Team. Follow. You earn XP (Experience points) for every match you play both 1 on 1 and Tournaments, when you upgrade cues and each time you donate gifts in the club. You earn more XP if you win a match or tournament, your XP does not decrease if you lose.

What is a golden break pool? ›

The break consists of hitting the 1-ball, with the attempt to pocket any ball. If the nine-ball is successfully potted, the player automatically wins the rack. This is sometimes known as a golden break .

How do you break the 8-ball? ›

Billiards Tutorial: How to Break 8 Ball in Pool - YouTube

How do you win at pool? ›

How To Hit Pool Shots That Will Win The Game - YouTube

How do you win a tank in GamePigeon? ›

When it gets to your turn 'set the angle and power' to drop bombs on your enemy's Tanks. Finally, tap 'Fire' once you set the angle and power. To win Tanks on iMessage will depend on your reaction speed within the gameplay. You are also required to anticipate moves from other players.

What is the goal of 8 Ball? ›

The goal of Eight-Ball pool is to pocket all of one type of object ball, either solids or stripes, and then the eight ball. Once the break is complete, the table is "open" and whoever pockets an object ball first is assigned that type of ball, solids or stripes, for the rest of the game.

How do you beat the battleship on GamePigeon? ›

How to win at Battleship almost every time! - YouTube

What does it mean when it says choose a pocket for your next shot? ›

That means you have to choose the pocket where you're shooting before taking your shot. If a ball goes into a pocket, but it isn't the called pocket, that would be the definition of slop.

How do you play sea battle on pigeon? ›

How to play Sea Battle on GamePigeon – Top Tips. The aim of the game with Sea Battle is to attack and sink the ships of the other players or attack them with canons. To win this game you will need to use strategy and logic to attack the enemy ships and sink them whilst simultaneously avoiding having your own ships sunk ...

Can you hit 8-ball first? ›

When the table is open it is legal to hit any solid or stripe or the 8-ball first in the process of pocketing the called stripe or solid. However, when the table is open and the 8-ball is the first ball contacted, no stripe or solid may be scored in favor of the shooter.

Why is it called pool? ›

The tables were installed in houses where bets or pools on horses were made. The idea was to give the gamblers something to do between races. Gradually the houses took on the name of 'Pool Rooms', which was an unsavory designation in those times. There are many varieties of billiards played all over the world.

How can I lose my 8 ball pool? ›

Pocketing the 8 ball

If the player knocks the 8 ball off the table, the player loses the game. If the player pockets the 8 ball and commits a foul or pockets it into another pocket than the one designated, the player loses the game.

How do you win every battleship? ›

Tips to win Battleship
  1. Don't place your ships touching each other. An opponent who scores a hit on your grid will likely circle that point looking for the rest of the ship. ...
  2. Place asymmetrical. The human mind seeks patterns. ...
  3. Place a ship on the edge of the board. ...
  4. Be unpredictable.

What are the 5 ships in Battleship? ›

As readers may recall, the game play is simple: Each player arranges five ships—an aircraft carrier, battleship, cruiser, submarine, and destroyer—on a ten-by-ten grid of squares and attempts to “sink” his opponent's ships by calling out the squares where he believes his enemy's ships are hiding.

Is there strategy to Battleship? ›

Place a ship on the edge of the board: Many opponents will fire most of their shots towards the middle of the board, so having at least one ship on an edge may give you an advantage. Do not place all your ships on the edge, or your opponent may guess the pattern of what you are doing.

What is an illegal break in pool? ›

If the breaker does not pocket a ball and fails to drive at least 4 balls to one or more rails, it is an illegal break. In the case of an illegal break, the opponent can either accept the table as is and play from there; choose to re-rack and break; or re-rack and have the breaker go again.

Do u lose if u scratch on the break? ›

7. SCRATCH ON A LEGAL BREAK. If a player scratches on a legal break shot, (1) all balls pocketed remain pocketed (exception, the 8-ball: see rule 9), (2) it is a foul, (3) the table is open.

Is scratching off the break a loss? ›

You lose the game if you: a. foul or scratch when pocketing the 8-ball (except on the break). NOTE – in some leagues and tournaments, a scratch or foul in a failed attempt to pocket the 8-ball also results in a loss.


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