All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (2023)

All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (1)

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Do you know if your birthday is the same as one of the Sk8 The Infinity Characters? Get READY! For the Best Sk8 The Infinity Characters and their birthdays!

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Table of Content


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All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (2)

Langa Hasegawa

Birthday: February 8

Langa Hasegawa is a calm and polite person. He is half Japanese and half Canadian. He shifted from Canada to Okinawa after the unfortunate death of his father. Okinawa is the place where her mother grew up.

At first Langa had no experience in skating, but then he met Rekiand learned how to skate.

Langa learned to skate really fast. This was possible because he is an expert in snowboarding and he has been snowboarding since he was a kid.

Langa joined S which was an underground skating organization and because of his performance he got the name Snow from the S participants

All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (3)

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Birthday: February 22

Miya Chinen is a young and talented skater. He is just 12 but he can beat people twice his age in skating.

Miya was the kind of person who loved skating with his friend but he was way more talented than his friends. Miya won a lot of competition and gained a lot of name and fame but with popularity comes hatred. His friends started hating him and Miyas Best friend, Takashi, said that heroes cant team up with slimes. From that day, Miya became so full of himself that he claimed that no one is better than him.

Miya was sad and hurt at the same time because all of his friends left him.

All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (4)

Kaoru (Cherry Blossom)

Birthday: March 27

Kaoru Saurayashiki is a professional CALLIGRAPHER and he is really famous in S. In S, people know him as CHERRY BLOSSOM. He is really famous among girls because of his looks.

Kaoru is a calm and collected person who knows how to handle every situation calmly.

He is a gentleman who treats everyone equally and with respect even in S. But people who are close to him see him as competition like his oldest friend and rival, Kojiro Nanjo. They both fight a lot and they both are legends in S but besides this, they help each other when its needed.

Kaoru doesnt like to be known as CHERRY BLOSSOM. He doesnt want his profession to mix with his hobby.

And he gets really angry when someone calls him cherry outside S.

Cherry is a person who loves to help his friends and he relies on them too.


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All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (5)

Ainosuke Shindo (Adam)

Birthday: May 1

Ainosuke Shindo aka ADAM is the king of S and the ultra legend in S history.

A cold skater who shows no mercy on his opponent, he uses some really deadly moves on his opponent to knock them out.

Adam once used his deadly move on Cherry even though Cherry and Adam were used to be buddies in their college days.

Adam had a rough childhood and everyone was rough on him in order to polish him. He was also punished by his aunt and his aunt was also controlling him. Every decision of his life was taken by his aunt.

In S, Adam was feared by everyone but outside the S, he was a polite and a loved politician who was loved by the public.


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All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (6)

Kojiro Nanjo (Joe)

Birthday: July 7

Kojiro Nanj is a charming person who attracts many girls with his charm.

Joe is a playboy who loves flirting with many girls at the same time.

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He has a masculine body and is a pro level skater as well he has a really massive name in S. Everyone in S knows him and girls are pretty crazy for him.

Besides being a playboy, Joe is a good friend and helper. Joe and Cherry are good friends even though they fight a lot and call each other with funny names which can be very annoying. When Adam knocked out Cherry, Joe was the one who carried him and took him to the hospital and also took care of him there.

All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (7)

Joe is the kind of person who helps his friends in every situation. He also helped Reki whenever he was in trouble and whenever he was lost in his thoughts Joe always cleared his mind and played a role of father for him.

Outside S Joe owns a restaurant and his restaurant is also a place where Cherry and Joe hangout and talk about stuff. And now, not just Cherry, but Riki, Langa, Miya and Shadow hangout there too.


All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (8)

Reki Kiyan

Birthday: Augut 8

Reki kyan a free bird who is free to do anything. He is reckless and he doesnt care about anything but skating. Reki is a middle school student. He is really passionate towards skating. He is not just into skating, but also makes skateboards from scratch and creates his own version of skateboards.

The Skateboard which he and Langa use are created by him.

Reki was the one who introduced skating to Langa and also taught him.

Langa admired Reki and the two of them became good friends.

Reki was a carefree person and a true friend Reki helped Miya in overcoming his fear. He was able to tell that Miya was not happy with the fortune and fame he got from skating. Reki became friends with Miya and introduced him to Langa.


All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (9)

Hiromi Higa (Shadow)

Birthday: September 14

Hiromi Higa is a rude skater and a self-proclaimed hero in S. In the first episode Shadow did a battle with Reki where he was about to lose but then he used his cheap tricks on Reki and won the race.

Shadow was a kind of person who doesnt like to play fair game. He also tries to use his cheap tricks on his opponents.

But he shows this kind of behaviour only in the tournaments. In real life outside S, Shadow is a positive person who works in a flower shop and is really polite and nice to customers. He always keeps a good and happy vibe in the flower shop. He always obeys his female boss and is willing to do everything for her.

Later, Shadow became friends with Riki, Langa, Cherry, Miya and Joe.

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All Sk8 The Infinity Characters' Birthdays (OFFICAL) (10)

Tadashi Kikuchi (Snake)

Birthday: November 22

Tadashi Kiuchi is the secretary of Adam

Snake was the one who introduced skating to Adam. Snake and Adam used to be good friends in their childhood. But when Adams father burned his skate and Tadashi didnt say anything, he got disappointed. The reason why Tadashi could not stand up for Adam was because he did not have any right to do so since he was just a servant. From that day, Adam stopped being friends with Tadashi.

Adam was always ready to put blame for anything on Snake and as a servant and secretary he was ready to take all the blame.

Snake was a polite person who always hoped best for Adam and always obeyed him.

Snake was never shown in S but one day he did and impressed everyone. He didnt show his face but Adam knew it was him because Adam was familiarwith his skating style. After all, Adam learned from him. This made Adam pretty angry at him and asked him to step back from S, but Snake refused.


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