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The MP5, aka the Lachmann Sub in Modern Warfare 2, is one of the most iconic SMGs in the CoD franchise. From its days in CoD4, to its resurgence in MW 2019, this is a staple of the SMG role in the game. And, what’s better is after you unlock the MP5, you can run and gun, dominating your opponents easily. While the MP5 is plug-in and play, equipping yourself with the best MP5 loadout in MW2 will improve it. Here is what we think is the best MP5 Loadout in MW2 and why!

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Here is the best MP5 loadout in MW2, detailing the needed attachments and why they are good.

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Our Best MP5 Loadout in MW2

The best MP5 Loadout in MW2 is as follows:

  • Barrel: FTAC M-Sub 12“
  • Muzzle: Lockshot KT85 Compensator
  • Underbarrel: Lockgrip Precision-40 for hip fire focus, or VX Pineapple for recoil control.
  • No Stock
  • Fifth attachment preferential

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You want the first four options in the best MP5 loadout in MW2 for the following reasons. The FTAC M-SUB 12“ is the extended barrel, which adds extra kill pressure on more distant targets via its bullet velocity. This allows it to contend with the likes of the M4 and the M16, two of the more popular earlier game weapons during the beta. It significantly improves the TTK on distant enemies, so if you get the jump on someone at range earlier than they do, then this barrel gives you an advantage. You’ll find this SMG can kill in five rounds to even the futhest away enemies. It is roughly a second with well placed shots and its rate of fire.

Moreso, the Lockshot KT85 Compensator makes your aiming more accurate by controlling recoil. The Compensator is ideal for landing those distant shots and keeping your sights on your enemy whenever you need to ADS. It’s a perfect combination for the FTAC M-SUB attachment too, making this a suitable attachment for medium to long range engagements.

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As for the Front Grip, the Lockgrip Precision-40 vastly improves your hip fire spray. This makes it even more accurate for those point-blank and fast-movement moments in-game. If you’re a controller player, that aim assists and Lockgrip combo will easily melt your opponent. it is also ideal to offset the weakness of the weaker hip fire control from the FTAC barrel! However, if you’d rather have the better range recoil control, the VX Pineapple is the go-to. Depending on the game mode and map, it is worth swapping them around to adapt for the moment.

Lastly, the no-stock option makes your playstyle much faster at the cost of some stability. That’s absolutely fine, as it means you can easily get up close to people when needed, and embrace that run-and-gun playstyle alongside the Lockgrip Precision-40.

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Lachmann Sub: The Loadout You SHOULD be Using in MW2Here is the best Lachmann Sub (MP5) loadout and class setup we have used for some decent short and medium-range firefights.

As for the fifth option, we recommend something a bit more personal to your taste. You can either run a Mini Red Dot Sight if you don’t like the iron sights on the gun. It is also ideal as you are taking two attachments to enhance your ranged TTK, too, so a decent sight is always handy. Perhaps you prefer the run-and-gun and want to use the TCG-10 Rear Grip for that extra mobility at the cost of stability. Or perhaps you are confident with your ability and would like a 50-round Drum for those extended killchains? The fifth option should help to reflect your personal playstyle, while still giving you the core of the best MP5 loadout in MW2.

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Best MP5 Loadout Class setup

Outside of the best MP5 Loadout attachments in MW2, you also want the best class to go with the MP5. The answer to this is fairly simple. You want tools that help you to get around the map, either through speed or stealth Moreso, you want the tools that help you set up kills incredibly easily.
Here are the options we recommend for the best MP5 class setup in MW2.

  • Secondary - X13 auto pistol
  • Tactical - Flash Grenade
  • Lethal - Semtex
  • Field Upgrade - Dead Silence or Portable Radar

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X-13 is a pocket MP5, with worse TTK at range and CQB. However, if you have tagged your opponent, these rapid-fire hits will work wonders when you need them.

Meanwhile, the Flash Grenade is a great tool for flashing a site you either need to take or an area you know enemies are at. This will allow you to get in there and grab free kills. Or blind enemies covering long angles that will get you killed.

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As for the Lethal, Semtex is a sticky grenade, that has a quick detonation on it. This is good for throwing onto sights and getting that quick hit off when needed. It can also kill or nearly kill an opponent close by, allowing you to jump around the corner, and whack a bullet or two bullet into them for a clean kill(s).

Finally, the Dead Silence or Portable Radar are solid options for your Field Upgrades. Dead silence allows that players to make little noise as they sprint around the map when activated. It offers players better opportunities to flank and startle their enemies to create advantages. When used alongside your bonus and ultimate perk, the only real counter is another player’s eyes and game sense. Alternatively, if you’re playing a more objective game mode, the Portable Radar is handy for tracking non-Ghost players to grab reactive kills.

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Best MP5 perks in MW2

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Here is a quick look at the best MP5 perks in MW2 for most maps and game modes available.

Now it’s time for the perks. The following perks are the best MP5 perks in MW2, and are genuine the go-to for most other SMG users in the game. These are because of the survivability, and the effectiveness of going fast and silent, which are necessary for SMGs in any CoD game.

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  • Base Perk 1 - Double Time
  • Base Perk 2 - Battle Hardened
  • Bonus Perk - Cold Blooded
  • Ultimate Perk - Ghost

Double Time doubles the duration of Tactical Sprint and increases crouch movement by 30%. It’s good for getting around the map as any SMG should, alongside making the crouch walk more effective.

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Battle Hardened reduces the effects of enemy flash, stun, EMP, Gas and shock effects on your Operator. Since most players will run flash and shock-related tacticals to counter SMG runners like yourself, Battle Hardened as great value in this perk list.

Cold Blooded makes you untargetable by AI targeting Systems, and thermal optics. One of the easiest ways to shut donw a SMG runner and gunner is by spotting them or taking them out with a killstreak. Cold Blooded largely puts a stop to that, and aids your ability to keep up that pressure.

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Lastly, for the Ultimate Perk, we have Ghost. Getting Ghost is key because it makes you undetectable to UAV, Portable Radars and Heartbeat Sensors. It’s the final piece of the puzzle you need to reduce as much visible detection against you as possible, which is going to help a class based on momentum. Therefore, these are the best MP5 perks in MW2, and help create the best MP5 Loadout in MW2, at least in our opinion

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