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Crazy Time could be briefly described as an elaborate form of Big Six. It adds random multipliers and four slices represent independent games the player will play if the initiating spin stops in the slice for that game. The whole thing is played by live dealers about once a minute, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, by the upbeat and energetic live dealers of Evolution Gaming.

According to, the return of the game is 96.08%.


Evolution, the maker of Crazy Time, is very protective of their game rules and don't disclose many details that one would need to do a proper math analysis of the game. Fortunatley, there is Tracksino, which tracks some statistics of the game. For elements of the game that can't be quantified I used historical data from Tracksino and tweaked it a bit to get the return of all bets close to 96.08%. That said, I do not claim all of the following rules are exact, but they are my best guess.

Base Game Rules

Sit back and pay attention, as the Crazy Time rules are rather involved. If you get confused, maybe watching my video on how to play Crazy Time will help.

  1. The base game is played on a vertical wheel with 54 stops. The player may bet on where the wheel will stop. The table below shows the available bets and the number of stops of each on the wheel.
  2. After betting is closed, the "Top Slot" will spin. The left of two reels will stop first on one of the eight bets. Then the right wheel will usually stop on a multiplier. If the wheel stops on the same bet chosen by the Top Slot, then the win for that bet shall be multiplied by the multplier on the right reel. If the right reel stops between multipliers, then no prize will be multiplied. For example, the game might pick Pachinko and 5X. This would mean that if the outcome of the spin lands on Pachinko, then the win from the Pachinko game will be multiplied by 5.
  3. All wins are on a "to one" basis. Bets on 1, 2, 5, and 10 pay those same odds. For example, a winning bet on 5 will pay 5 to 1.
  4. If the wheel stops on Coin Flip, Pachinko, Cash Hunt, or Crazy Time, then that game will be played. Any bets on that slice be eligible to play the game and pay according to its outcome and any Top Slot multiplier earned.
  5. The rules of each bonus game are indicated below.

Following are the basic rules of each bonus. I get into much more detail on them in the analysis sections below.

  • Cash Hunt: This is a simple bonus with 108 symbols with a win behind each one. The player may pick any symbol. At the end of the bonus the wins behind the symbols are revealed.
  • Coin Flip: Two wins are randomly assigned to both sides of a coin. One side will have a win from 2 to 5 and the other from 7 to 100. The coin is flipped, determining the player's win.
  • Pachinko: This is played on a Plinko board with 16 possibles wins or multipliers on the bottom. If the puck lands in a multiplier, then all the fixed wins are doubled and the puck dropped again. Eventually, the puck will land in a fixed win, which is what winning Pachinko bets will pay.
  • Crazy Time: This is both the name of the game itself as well as a particular bonus round. This bonus round is the most elaborate and takes the most time to play. It is played on a prize wheel with three stoppers, which the player may choose from. Where the prize wheel stops on the chosen stopper will be bonus win. There are also multipliers on the wheel, which will double or triple all fixed wins and the wheel will be re-spun.

Both the Pachinko and Crazy Time bonuses could, in theory, go on indefinitely with doubles and triples, resulting in enormous prizes. Although this rule will probably never have to be enforced, there is a maximum win of 20,000 for both games.

The following table shows the eight available bets on the Base Game wheel and the number of stops on each one.

Base Game Wheel

BetNumber Stops
Coin Flip4
Cash Hunt2
Crazy Time1

Cash Hunt Bonus Analysis

Crazy Time - Wizard of Odds (2)
Click on this image to go directly to my explanation of the Cash Hunt Bonus on YouTube.

As mentioned in the rules section, the Cash Hunt bonus is simply picking from one of 108 icons to reveal a win behind it. The table below shows just three prize distributions I have seen. Below are three prize boards I have seen.

Cash Hunt Prize Distribution

WinBoard 1Board 2Board 3

Board 2, with the 500 win and highest average win, does not seem to happen very often. I would estimate about 10% of the time. To get an overall average win, I took a weighted average consisting of 40% board, 10% board 2, and 50% board 3, for an mean Cash Hunt win of 19.47.

Coin Flip Bonus Rules

The following video starts at the beginning of my narration of a Coin Flip bonus. You can stop at 5:47.

Crazy Time - Wizard of Odds (3)

As mentioned in the rules above, the game picks two wins, a smaller and a larger one, assigns a win to each side of a coin and flips it.

The following table shows my best estimate of the probability of each win for the lower win. The lower right cell shows an average win of 3.265625.

Coin Flip -- Lower Win


The following table shows my best estimate of the probability of each win for the higher win. The lower right cell shows an average win of 15.296875.

Coin Flip -- Higher Win


The overall average win of the Coin Flip bonus is simple the average of the two average, of (3.265625+15.296875)/2 = 9.281250.

Pachinko Bonus Rules

Crazy Time - Wizard of Odds (4)
Click on this image to go directly to my explanation of the Pachinko Bonus on YouTube.

Following are more detailed rules for the Pachinko Bonus.

  1. The game is played on a pegged pachinko/plinko board with 16 slots at the bottom.
  2. Each slot at the bottom shall be associated with multiplier or a "Double."
  3. A disk is dropped from the top at a random position.
  4. If the disk lands in a fixed prize, then that shall be what the player wins.
  5. Wins are on a "to one" basis.
  6. If the disk lands in Double, then all fixed win prizes will be doubled and the disk re-dropped.
  7. The game may re-double an unlimited number of times.
  8. The maximum win is capped at 20,000 to 1.

The way I believe this game works is each of the 16 wins is independently drawn. That means that some games can have a much higher average win than others, once the board is drawn. The table below shows my best estimate of the weighting and probability of each of the 16 wins.

Pachinko Weighting Table


After a lot of math, before considering the doubles, I find the average win to be 16.62. After the effect of the doubles, I find it to be 17.64.

Crazy Times Bonus Analysis

Crazy Time - Wizard of Odds (5)
Click on this image to go directly to my explanation of the Crazy Time Bonus on YouTube.

Following are my detailed rules for the bonus.

  1. The Crazy Time Bonus features a 64-stop prize wheel.
  2. There are at least three different prize wheels the game may randomly choose from.
  3. The player picks from three stoppers on the wheel -- green, blue, and yellow.
  4. The player shall win whatever prize is at the color of his stopper when the wheel stops.
  5. If the wheel lands in "double" or "triple" at any stopper then the wheel shall be repsun with all prizes doubled or tripled for that color only. For example, if the blue stopper only lands in "double" then players picking green or yellow shall be paid according to where those stoppers landed, then prizes will be doubled, and the wheel re-spun to resolve the blue win only.
  6. Re-spins can trigger more re-spin, infinitely.
  7. The maximum win is 20,000.

The following table shows three wheels I have seen used in the Crazy Times Bonus. I believe there are many more. The concept is simple, the dealer spins the wheel and wherever it lands determines what the player wins. If the wheel lands in Double or Triple, then all fixed wins are doubled or tripled and the wheel re-spun. Re-spins can trigger more re-spins. The maximum win is 20,000.

The following table shows the possible prizes in the Crazy Times Bonus and how many appear on the three wheels I observed.

Crazy Time Bonus

WinWheel 1Wheel 2Wheel 3

The next table shows my analysis of the Crazy Time bonus using Wheel 1 above. The left column shows the final win, the middle the probability, and the right the contribution to the return. The lower right cell shows an average win of 36.066539.

Crazy Time Bonus Wheel #1

25 0.1250003.125000

The next table shows my analysis of the Crazy Time bonus using Wheel 2 above. The left column shows the final win, the middle the probability, and the right the contribution to the return. The lower right cell shows an average win of 36.874718.

Crazy Time Bonus Wheel #2


The next table shows my analysis of the Crazy Time bonus using Wheel 3 above. The left column shows the final win, the middle the probability, and the right the contribution to the return. The lower right cell shows an average win of 36.361278.

Crazy Time Bonus Wheel #3


To summarize, the return of wheel 1 is 36.066539, wheel 2 is 36.361278, and reel 3 is 36.361278. Taking the average of the three wheels, my estimate of the return from the Crazy Times bonus is 36.434179.

Top Slot Analysis

Our friends at Tracksino tracked the outcome of 76,175 Top Slot spins in their page Crazy Time Multipliers Revealed. The following table shows their results of the winning symbol. The second column quotes the Tracksino results exactly, which add up to 100.48%. The right column divides each probability by 1.0048, to get the probabilities to add up to 100%.

Top Slot Winning Symbol

SymbolTracksino OddsAdjusted Odds
Coin Flip14.06%13.99%
Cash Hunt12.34%12.28%
Crazy Time16.02%15.94%

The next table shows the Tracksino results for the multiplier. They refer to the multiplier reel stopping between symbols as a "miss," which is mathematically equivalent to a 1x multiplier. These probabilities add to 100%, so no adjustment was needed.

Top Slot Multiplier

SymbolTracksino Odds
Miss (1x)21.52%

The average multiplier, given these probabilities, counting a miss as a 1x muliplier, is 3.8155.

However, based on my own observations, the average multiplier for some symbols was significantly higher than others. This did not surprise me because if every symbol had a 3.8155 average multiplier, then some bets would pay significantly more than others. To be specific, if we assumed there symbol and multiplier were drawn indpendently, according to the probabilities above, the following would be the returns of the flat win bets:

  • $1 -- 92.22%
  • $2 -- 90.22%
  • $5 -- 98.57%
  • $10 -- 98.75%

Evolution, the company that makes Crazy Time, is too smart for that. To equalize the return of every bet, I had to assume the average multiplier was higher for bets like $2 and lower for bets like $10. Based on tweaking the data from Tracksino, to make sure the overall probabilities still matched for each symbol and multiplier, I created the following table which shows my best estimate for each combination of symbol and multiplier.

Top Slot Reel Pairings

Multiplier$1$2$5$10PachinkoCoin FlipCash HuntCrazy TimeTotal

Overall Game Analysis

After all that, we are finally ready to calculate the return of each bet. We can definite that return as a * (1 + b * (c * (d-1) + 1)), where:

  • a = Probability of winning
  • b = Average base win (before Top Slot)
  • c = Probability Top Slot multiplier
  • d = Average Top Slot multiplier

That said, the following table brings it allow together to get the overall return of each bet.

Overall Game Analysis

Coin Flip0.0740749.2812500.1165573.4861760.960799
Cash Hunt0.03703719.4657410.1229333.2870860.960692
Crazy Time0.01851936.4341790.1595943.4834790.960644

At this point, please reread my disclaimer where I say that I had to do some hand-waving adjustments to get the return of each bet close to 96.08%. I'm sure this is not exactly how the game was designed, but I think it is pretty close. If somebody hired me to reverse engineer it, this is how I would do it.

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Written by:Michael Shackleford

Crazy Time - Wizard of Odds (2024)


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Offering live entertainment with added advanced RNG gameplay, Crazy Time offers a one-of-a-kind player experience, and with multipliers up to 25,000x the fun hits a new high!

Who is the owner of crazy Time? ›

[PR] Evolution Gaming, leading provider of Live Casino solutions, has today launched its latest exclusive game, Crazy Time.

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How does betway crazy Time work? ›

Open the red door and enter a virtual world filled with a massive virtual money wheel. Each player selects their flapper – green, blue or yellow – before the game starts. The presenter starts the wheel and, when it comes to a stop, you win whatever multiplier the flapper lands on.

How do you play crazy time stake? ›

How to Play Crazy Time and Gameplay Features
  1. Players have 15 seconds to place bets for the round.
  2. Players bet on bonus games or bet multipliers for the round.
  3. Once all bets are in, a slot machine above the wheel randomly assigns a multiplier to either a bonus game or a wheel multiplier.

What website can I play crazy time? ›

Live Crazy Time, play it online at PokerStars Casino.

How do you find crazy time on Hollywoodbets? ›

Crazy Time also features a number of multipliers and four different bonus games! To play, place a bet on the segment you think the wheel will stop at. You can select the number segments: 1, 2, 5 and 10 or one of the four bonus games – Cash Unt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

When was crazy Time released? ›

Crazy Time Live is a live game show that was released by Evolution Gaming in July 2020. The framework and mechanics build on the developer's earlier Dream Catcher but Evolution has upped the ante with the addition of multipliers and the following 4 bonus rounds: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

Who is the owner of Evolution Gaming? ›

Jens von Bahr is founder and CEO of Evolution Gaming since 2006. Joel Citron was elected to the Evolution board ahead of the company's IPO in 2015. He is also CEO of Tenth Avenue Holdings and has broad experience from various management positions in investment and operating companies in Europe and the US.

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Do you win real money on crazy Time? ›

Crazy Time is the latest live dealer game from Evolution Gaming that is reportedly the costliest casino game ever made. It is a big money wheel, where you can win real money prizes.

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Crazy Time is the most rewarding bonus game. It's played on a new and virtual wheel made up of 64 segments and 3 flappers on the top. Before the round starts, each player must select between a green, blue, or yellow flapper. The new wheel only hosts multipliers, doubles, and triples.

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Evolution Gaming was founded in 2006 and is headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden. Evo develops, produces, markets, and licenses fully integrated online casino solutions for gaming operators around the globe.

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Is Evolution Gaming publicly traded? ›

The shares of Evolution AB (publ) were originally listed on Nasdaq First North Premier on 20 March 2015. On 7 June 2017, the shares started trading on the main market of Nasdaq Stockholm.

How do I contact Evolution Gaming? ›

Let's Talk
  1. Enquiries.
  2. Investor Relations.
  3. Careers.

Is Evolution gaming available in Canada? ›

In Canada, life will be tough for those who continue to serve the grey market, as they won't have access to Evolution's games. Or that of other suppliers serving the regulated industry. And, operators want to do business with Evolution, based on the company's industry reputation.

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Live Crazy Time, play it online at PokerStars Casino.

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Do you win real money on crazy Time? ›

Crazy Time is the latest live dealer game from Evolution Gaming that is reportedly the costliest casino game ever made. It is a big money wheel, where you can win real money prizes.

When was crazy Time released? ›

Crazy Time Live is a live game show that was released by Evolution Gaming in July 2020. The framework and mechanics build on the developer's earlier Dream Catcher but Evolution has upped the ante with the addition of multipliers and the following 4 bonus rounds: Cash Hunt, Pachinko, Coin Flip and Crazy Time.

Is Monopoly an American game? ›

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Does betway have monopoly? ›

Play Monopoly Live

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