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  • TheClash Festis over along with theWorld FinalsofClash of Clans. During the fest, a lot of items like upgrades and skins were added to the game. Recently, Supercell announced the Clash of ClansHammer Jam 2022 event. The developers are offering 50% off on all Home Village building and upgrade costs along with introducing theHammer Jam Packin the Store.A trailer was also released on social media handles along with the announcement. In the trailer, it can be seen that various characters from the game are trying to wake up the builder from sleep as all of them are excited and hyped to get to work. Clash of Clans on PCHammer Jam event 2022 is back to Clash of Clans in all its gloryThe Hammer Jam event has been held since 2018. One of the most popular events in Clash of Clans because of the low-cost upgrades. Players get to upgrade buildings using the in-game currency by half. One of the biggest advantages is the reduced time for constructing and finishing upgrades. The whole event becomes a festival in itself as millions of players from around the world try to buy the in-game upgrades and items.Hammer Jam Packs to be available for a limited timeThe developers have added a total of five Hammer Jam Packs to the game in 2022. All these packs will be available for about four days. There are three 5X value packs, one 6X value pack, and one 9X value pack.The 5X value pack which costs $22 has20000000 Gold,20000000 Elixir,1 Book of Buildingthat allows players to finish any building upgrade timer, and2 Builder Potionswhich allows the builders to work 10 times faster for an hour.Image via SupercellThere is another 5X value pack which costs$11and upon purchase will give players200000 Dark Elixir, and 1 Book of Everything to instantly finish any upgrade timer. The third 5X value pack is cheaper than the other two and costs$5.This pack consists of1 Rune of Goldwhich will completely fill yourGold Storageand2 Resource Potionwhich will boost your resource collector efficiency for a day.The 6X value pack costs$3and will give players5 Builder Potionsto boost their builders 10 times for an hour. final pack which is the 9X value pack costs$1and will give you3 Research Potionwhich will make your Laboratories 24 times faster for an hour and3 Training Potionwhich will increase the efficiency ofBarracks, Spell Factories, Workshop and Hero regenerationfor one hour.All in all these The Hammer Jam Packs are quite economical and are filled with items that are essential for your base. So, hurry up and purchase according to your needs before time runs out.The Hammer Jam could announce the arrival of a major updateThe Hammer Jam event has become something of a tradition ever since it was introduced in the year 2018. The event typically precedes the release of a major update. The Hammer Jam event is highly popular among Clash of Clans players as itlowers the costrequired toupgrade buildings by half. But the bigger question is, what sort of update will follow Clash of Clans Hammer Jam 2022 this time? Hall updateis arguably the biggest regular update for Clash of Clans and there is mounting speculation as to whether it could follow the Hammer Jam event. Meanwhile, Supercell has already started announcing upcoming changes that will arrive with the October 2022 update. Whether the update would introduce a new hero into the game is doubtful but fans remain hopeful that big things are on the way.Download Clash of Clans on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • Tower of Fantasy announces the Vera Orienteering event for 2.0 update

    Tower of Fantasyhas recently announced the release of a new event, namedVera Orienteeringevent for their upcoming2.0 update. Let’s dive into details to find out more about the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy.Download Tower of Fantasy on PCVeera Orienteering event gives a quick look at VeraPlayers must complete the main storyEcological Station Intrudersto unlock the rewards page during the event. The event will run from the time after the update to 12 October 2022 at 03:00 (UTC +0). Wanderers have to participate in request missions and event gameplays to obtain rewards. different set of missions and gameplay will be unlocked at every phase. Completion will be rewarded withProof of contributionand warp energy cells. Proof of contribution can be exchanged for rewards in the journey store. Warp energy cells can also be exchanged with proof of contribution, which will contribute to server warp energy cell progress.The progress will have milestones and upon reaching the goal, rewards can be claimed. The different phases of the event will be unlocked accordingly. The contents of each phase will be updated. The contents of the journey store will also be updated with new items. Wanderers will have the opportunity to buy items from the previous phase. There is no limit on how much proof of contribution and warp energy cells can wanderers obtain daily.Image via Level InfiniteHowever, there is a limitation on how much server warp energy cell progress can be made in each phase. But, submitting warp energy cells will still grant proof of contribution. So, there is really a scope to progress a bit far when you have technically reached the limit. In phase 2, even the forced decipher option will bring rewards. Wanderers need to reach level 50 to redeem the energy crystal dust.Veera Orienteering event will be divided into three challengesThe upcoming Tower of Fantasy event will be divided into the following challenges:Entrusted Investigation Start time:After the update. Available gameplay:Defeat hyenas in the overworld and open password chests. Various amounts of warp energy cells can be obtained on the basis of the rarity of password chests and hyenas. Request missions will also be available at the same time. Maximum limit of server warp energy progress at this phase:20% Core rewards: Chat bubble: set off again Red nucleus Energy crystal dust Special voucher ( As server progress reward )Cleaning agreement Start time:01 October 2022 at 03:00 (UTC +6) Available gameplay:Defeat world boss, Lady Lucia, and Sobek, to open the dropped chests and obtain warp energy cells. Keep in mind that forced deciphering is also allowed. Request missions will also be available at the same time for this phase. Maximum limit of server warp energy progress at this phase:55% Core rewards: Avatar frame: Gaze Mirroria Red nucleus Energy crystal dust Dark Crystal (As server progress reward) Contract Start time:07 October 2022 at 03:00 (UTC +6) Available gameplay:Complete the event instances and obtain the warp energy cells. The amount of warp energy cells will vary on the basis of a different set of difficulties. However, wanderers can attempt the challenge multiple times. Request missions will also be available at the same time for this phase. Maximum limit of server warp energy progress at this phase:100% Core rewards: Title: Vera navigator SSR relic: Spacetime rift Red nucleus Energy crystal dust Dark Crystal (As server progress reward)That’s all about the upcoming Vera Orienteering event for update 2.0 in Tower of Fantasy.Download Tower of Fantasy on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • Genshin ImpactVersion 3.1 Updateis just around the corner, andHoYoversehas announced the events that will be featured in the first half of the patch. These events include two-anniversary special rewards, two major events taking place inMondstadtandInazuma, as well as an update to theSpiral Abyss rewards.We will now look at these events in greater depth.Pre-installation function for Version 3.1 is now available, players can download resources in advance to be able to play the 3.1 Update, from the moment it goes live.Server maintenance for 3.1 will begin on 28/09/2022 at 06:00 (UTC+8) and is estimated to take 5 hours. After that, players can access the contents of 3.1.Download Genshin Impact on PCGenshin Impact 3.1 Update brings anniversary special in-game mail rewardsIt has been two years since the global launch of Genshin Impact, and HoYoverse is rewarding the players via in-game mail.Between 28/09/2022 and 01/10/2022, travelers will find not one, but two rewards waiting for them, in the in-game inbox each day. Over the course of these four days, 400 primogems will be delivered each day for a total of 1600 primogems. This is equal to 10 wishes.Image via HoYoverseOut of the other rewards, two of them are new gadgets.Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Deviceis a pet just like the mini-series that was obtainable from theLost Richeseventand its reruns. This new pet is in the form of Cloud Retainer, the gossip-loving Adeptus mentor ofGanyuandShenhe. The other gadget isJumpy Dumpty Party Popper, where it functions like a regular party popper when used. The rewards will be available in the inbox until the end of the Version 3.1 Update, so don’t forget to claim them! The eligibility isAdventurer Rank 2and above.Genshin Impact 3.1 Update brings anniversary special daily login eventTo commemorate the2nd anniversaryof Genshin Impact, travellers will receive a total of10x Intertwined Fates and other rewards, by logging in for 7 days. Please note that they will be required to log in for a *total* of 7 days, not back-to-back 7 days. It will not be a problem if they miss one or two days in the middle.The duration of this event is14/10/2022 to 31/10/2022and the eligibility isAdventure Rank 5and above.Image via HoYoverse“Of Ballads and Brews” EventOf Ballad and Brews event will reward Primogems, Hero’s Wits, weapon ascension materials, Mora, and a Crown of Insight is used to level character talents upto 10. The final reward for completing the entire event is a new event-exclusive polearm,Missive Windspear, and its refinement materials.Image via HoYoverseThe duration of this event is 29/09/2022 to 17/10/2022. The eligibility of this event is Adventure Rank 21 and above, complete Archon quest prologue act III and story quest Lupus Minor act I (Razor’s story quest).Hyakunin Ikki event is back with Genshin Impact 3.1 updateThe team-switching combat eventHyakunin Ikkiis making a return. The event was first featured in theVersion 2.1 Updateand had a rerun in the Version 2.5 Update. Rewards for completing this event include Primogems, talent level-up materials, and weapon ascension materials.The duration of this event is 10/10/2022 to 24/10/2022.The eligibility for this event is Adventure Rank 30 and above, and the complete Ritou Escape Plan, the third part of Archon quest chapter II act I.Get free Collei from the Spiral AbyssFrom the very beginning,Xianglingwas given away for free, as a reward for completing Spiral Abyss floor 3 chamber 3.Colleiis now being given for free from the Spiral Abyss and it isCollei. HoYoverse has given away at least one character from every element for free. Since Dendro is a playable element that was released in the 3.0 Update, Collei was given for free as a reward for theGraven Innocence event.However, that event was exclusive to 3.0 and is no longer available. Travelers who started playing recently do not need to worry, as there is now another way of obtaining a free copy of Collei, and it is by completing Spiral Abyss Floor 4 Chamber 3.Image via HoYoversePlease note that you can only obtain Collei this way just once, Travellers who have been playing for a while and have already completed Spiral Abyss 4-3, and obtained Collei from the Graven Innocence event will not be eligible. This event will be permanently available even after version 3.1. The eligibility for this event is Adventure Rank 20 and above.Download Genshin Impact on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • Free Fire OB36 ‘Booyah Day’ Update Patch Notes: New weapons, Character changes, and more

    Free Firehas been correcting a lot of issues and adding new characters, game types, and firearms to keep the battle royaleinteresting and balanced. To make the game more balanced and enjoyable,Garenahas added new characters and tweaked a few weapons. The detailed patch notes for theFree Fire OB36 Updateor the Booyah Date Update are available below.Download Garena Free Fire on PCFree Fire OB36 Update New Character: TatsuyaShirou‘s younger brother, Tatsuya, is just 16 years old. Soon after his father passed away, his mother became unwell, leaving the two of them orphans. The two brothers were however not very close. Tatsuya has always been a quiet, submissive child.Like everything else, that also changed as a result of the family scandals. The youngster was becoming more and more alone, which made him withdrawn and irritated and encouraged the violent coexistence of neighborhood gangs. Tatsuya didn’t even show up for the funeral after their mother passed away.Image via FreeFireManiaA few months later, the brotherly connection between Shiro and Tatsuya crumbled and became bitter. That’s because Shiro went to pick up Tatsuya to take him home from the hospital after he nearly got expelled from school due to a brawl. The brothers got into a heated debate on both sides.As per Tatsuya’s ability, she dashes forward at a rapid speed for0.2/0.2/0.2/0.3/0.3/0.3 seconds. Sprint reload time:175/160/150/140/130/120 seconds. It can be stacked for 2 consecutive uses, with a 5-second cooldown between uses.Free Fire OB36 Update: Character Balance Changes and UpdatesDimitriDimitri is designed to improve teammates’ survivability skills while engaging in matches. The character now provides more health recovery for the team. You can probably argue that it carried the entire team even when it was taken down. Creates a healing zone 3.5 meters in diameter. Inside, the user and allies recover3 HP/s → 5 HP/s. When knocked down, users and allies can self-heal to get back up. Duration 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 seconds. Waiting time 85,80,75,70,65,60 seconds.D-GoodIn this update, Garena has improved the character accuracy andmovement speedofD-Good. When shooting while moving, movement speed increases by 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 % → 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30%, accuracy increases by 20, 23, 27, 32, 38 , 45% → 35, 38, 42, 47, 53, 60%.NairiIn this update, Garena has increased the durability of gel walls. There are many ways to counter a gel wall. But of course,Nairiwill not allow his ice to be easily destroyed! Once deployed, Steel Gel recovers 20, 22, 24, 26, 28, 30% → 40, 42, 44, 46, 48, 50% of current durability every 1 second. Increased 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35% damage when usingAssault Rifleson gel walls.MiguelIn this update, Garena has increased EP (Energy Points) on the drop. As you all know, Garena has reworkedMiguel‘s ability in the previous update. However, we noticed that the skill’s competitive advantage is still not enough for consecutive fights. So in this update, we’ve increased the skill user’s EP gain to balance things out. Also, you can earn 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 → 100, 120, 140, 160, 180, 200 EP when knocking down an opponent.ShirouWhen the user is hit by the enemy within 80 → 100 meters, the attacker is marked for 6 seconds (marking visible to the user only). First damage on marked enemies has 50, 58, 67, 77, 88, and 100% armor penetration bonus. Wait time: 25, 24, 22, 19, 15, 10 seconds.New Map in Free Fire OB36 updateNeXTerrais now available inRanked and Casual Squad Contra modes.After the launch of NeXTerra in Battle Royale mode, everyone was waiting for more gaming experiences on the new map. With NeXTerra’s new zones and unique map interactions, battles in Contra Squad mode will be much more challenging! Following are the available zones in this map: University Mangrove Deca Gallery Museum Planetary Old City Little farmIn this update, the carousel and mobile platform on the second level of the Little Farm have been activated. It is now possible to have a more diverse gaming experience at Fazendinha. Be careful with the head! The carousel and mobile platform at Fazendinha have been activated.New Throwable: Icebreaker GrenadeGel Walls can be major obstacles on your path to victory. In this update, Garena is introducing the Icebreaker! Use it to destroy your opponents’ walls. After exploding, the grenade will create a circular field from the target, inflicting 150 damageto the Gel Wallswithin that field for 12 seconds. While the grenade is active, Walls of Gel within the corrosive area take double damage when attacked by weapons.New AccessoriesIf you always get the feeling that you run out of ammo very quickly, it’s probably because you don’t have a cartridge in your gun. Attachments are essential for upgrading your weapons, so don’t spend all your credit on Ultimate Chips. In this update, there will be specific attachments for different weapons. Shotgun Stock: In addition to having the same accuracy upgrade as a level 3 stock, this accessory reduces reload speed by 0.2 seconds and weapon change speed by 0.1 seconds. Shotgun Butt: In addition to having the accuracy improvement equal to a level 3 grip, this accessory increases fire rate by 7% and aim speed by 10%. Sniper Rifle Stock: In addition to having the accuracy improvement equal to a level 3 stock, this accessory increases fire rate by 7% and aim speed by 10%.New Weapon: Treatment Laser WeaponImage via FreeFireManiaIf you want to be the teammate everyone appreciates, here’s your chance! In addition to the Treatment Rifle and Treatment Pistol, we created the Treatment Laser Gun that heals allies quickly at medium range. Heal per shot: 10. Fire rate: 0.12. Range: 20m.Free Fire OB36 Update: Improvements and OptimizationsWeapon Upgrade SystemUpgradeable weapons are now available inContra Squadmode. To make Counter Squad even more interesting, Garena is bringing upgradeable weapons to 4v4 mode. There are now more weapon options for later rounds where you can buy a secondary weapon or invest all your CS Tokens to upgrade your primary weapons is now possible to useCS Tokensto upgrade weapons in theCS Shop. Available weapons: MP5-I / MP5-II / MP5-III FAMAS-I / FAMAS-II / FAMAS-III M60-I / M60-II / M60-III M4A1-I / M4A1-II / M4A1-III SCAR-I / SCAR-II / SCAR-IIITeam Skill Combination ViewViewing skill information is crucial for a Contra Squad battle. That’s why we’ve made it possible to view skills in multiple locations so you can see which skills are equipped on allies. This information is now available in the lobby with your team, on theCS Battle Cards, and on the leaderboard.This means you and your team can communicate and strategize right from the lobby. Even if your team is made up of strangers, you can still adjust your battle tactics according to your allies’ abilities to increase your Booyah odds! The combination of all skills will be available in the team lobby, on Battle Cards, and on the leaderboardContra Squad’s winning streakHave you had a winning streak and want everyone to know? Now, you can show off to your allies. It is possible to use a win streak animation when Booyahing. A win streak badge will be awarded for every 3 win streak. CS win streak animation when Booyahing. The winning streak will now be shown in several places: Team lobby Match result Score in-gameAdjustment to the Turn Point MechanismIn this update, pillars within the return points will come into existence. They will show the progress of the return and serve as protection against attacks by opponents. Enjoy being remembered as a hero who revived three allies even though he had little health left! Return points will now havepillarsthat will glow to indicate the return progress. The location of the return pointswill be fixedrather than random. The number of return points increased from8 to 12 in Bermuda, Alpine, Kalahari, and Purgatory. Return points are now shown immediately on the minimap at the start of matches.Other Adjustments in Battle Royale Mode New Features:Icebreaker, Laser Treatment Gun, Rifle Grip, Shotgun Butt, and Shield Gun(New Earth only). Removed Features: Vest Thickener, SMG Nozzle, and Dual Cartridge. New Vending Machine items:Icebreaker, Rifle Grip, and Shield Gun (New Earth only). New reward in Resource Quests:Gel Gun.Weapon Skins Expiration ProgressEarn permanent weapon skinsPlayers have all been through the sad moment of saying goodbye to a limited weapon skin. Now’s your chance to have your favorite weapon skin permanently! In the Expiration system, it is possible to accumulate Expiration progress for a weapon skin by collecting limited versions of it. When the progress reaches 100%, the skin will be obtained by your account permanently, even if it has expired. View the weapon skin list and Expiration progress in the Gallery. Battle for your favorite skin!Game Experience OptimizationsAdjusted ranks and matchmaking. Garena is always working to improve the gameplay experience, including tighter match quests, win streak special effects, point protection, enhancing teamwork contribution, convenient display of information, and more intuitive in-game navigation.Patent Protection Card Battle Royale and Contra Squad now have matching rank protection cards. The new patent protection card will be valid for a certain period of time and will be used automatically during ranked matches. The new patent protection card will be used restricted to the valid patent, season, and availability. Old patent protection cards will be converted, in the same amount, into new cards. It is possible to collect patent protection cards upon reaching the designated patent.Team Patent Restrictions Have you ever had a Bronze player on your team despite being in aMastergame? This could be because an ally of yours had a Bronze player on their team when looking for a match. To avoid this kind of situation, we’ve added rank restrictions on teams that aren’t complete, so players who don’t meet acceptable standards won’t be able to play ranked matches with you. This restriction does not apply to teams that are complete when fetching matches. Of course, you can always play in casual mode with your friends!Valuing Contribution to Teamwork In ranked BR and CS modes, lifting, healing, and reviving allies all count towards the final score. The score details will be shown on the match results page.Team Bonus and Partnership StorePoints for those who love helping newbies and veterans alike. As of this update, rookies and returning players will receive a Team Bonus, and its privileges can be shared with allies. During the process, you can also earn Partnership Tokens, which can be exchanged for rare items in the Partnership Shop. Call your rookie and veteran friends to play now Team up with rookies and returning players to increase yourBondprogress and earn more character shards. New store: Partnership Store. Spend your Partner Tokens on amazing rewards.Weapon Balance AdjustmentsIn addition to the common weapon upgrades, we also adjusted the damage dealt by headshots. Have you ever been shot down without even finding where the opponent was attacking from? In this update, the chances of reacting in an ambush are increased by giving you time to place Walls of Gel and letting your allies protect you while you heal.Shotgun Settings MAG-7: Mouthpiece gap closed. Maximum headshot damage distance: 7m → 5 meters. SPAS12: Mouthpiece space closed. Maximum headshot damage distance: 8m → 5 meters. Minimum headshot damage distance: 13m → 12 meters. M1887:Handle and stock spaces available. Maximum headshot damage distance: 7m → 5 meters. M1014: Maximum headshot damage distance: 5m → 4 meters.Adjustment on submachine guns (except VSS) Maximum headshot damage distance: 12m → 8m.Rifle Adjustments Maximum headshot damage distance: 30m → 25m.Assault rifle balance adjustments Maximum headshot damage distance: 35m. Minimum headshot damage distance: 60m. Minimal headshot damage factor 5.5 → 4.Adjustments to the following weapons PLASMA: Fire rate: +12% PARAFAL: Fire rate: +10% FAMAS-II/FAMAS-III: Armor Penetration: +5% VSS-II/VSS-III: Fire rate: -5% M24: Damage: +10% Anti-Matter Launcher: Damage to Gel Walls 100 → 640. Gel Gun: It is now a reloadable weapon. SCAR: It is now an upgradeable weapon.SCAR → SCAR-I: Increased damage dealt and rate of fire.SCAR-I → SCAR-II: Increased damage dealt and rate of fire.SCAR-II → SCAR-III: Increased damage dealt and accuracy.Adjustments to the following armatures Helmet Lvl. 2: 2% increase in damage reduction. Helmet Lvl. 3: 1% increase in damage reduction.New Default HUD in Free Fire OB36 UpdateBased on player feedback, Garena has added a new set of HUDs, containing buttons for throwables, Gel Walls, quick messages, and markers on the side of the screen. Commonly used function buttons are bigger for easier control during matches! New HUD available in custom HUD interface.Training islandThe former Rolê is now an independent Rolê Island. The new Training Island will now only be used for training. The former Rolê is now an independent territory, called Ilha do Rolê, which can be found on the mode selection page. Garena has built a soccer field on Ilha do Rolê, where you can show off your sports skills as soon as the field opens! Players can enter Ilha do Rolê from the bottom of the mode selection page.Other adjustments When collected, armor accessories will automatically be replaced with higher-level versions. A downed player can choose to stand or duck after being lifted. InBattle Royalemode, players can choose to donate life upon being knocked down. Quick messages can be used while watching. After being knocked down, you can see your kill data and opponents’ damage stats. Added audio balance function, which can be used to adjust the volume of voice messages and sound effects without affecting the overall game volume. Quest progress on the match results page now includes veteran quests. New popup window when leveling up. Newdaily check-inpage. Adjust the position of the replay function button for better visual distribution. Adjustment of auto-download content in DownloadCenter. Older resources will no longer be automatically downloaded. Immediate response tocomplaints when reporting a player.Besides this, there are a lot more balance changes and improvements introduced with the OB36 update in Free Fire.Download Garena Free Fire on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • The free-to-play hybrid tower defense, real-timestrategy, androle-playinggamePath to Nowhereis now up for pre-registration and will be available globally on iOS and Android later this year after first debuting in China, where it immediately shot to the top of the rankings. Players recruit, deploy, and command an ever-expanding rogues gallery of sinners with superpowers who are looking for a chance at atonement for their sins in this anime-stylized dark futuristic world.Download Path to Nowhere on PCRecruit, Deploy and Command an ever-expanding rogues gallery of Superpower-infused SinnersIn Path to Nowhere, players take control of theMinos Bureau of Crisis Control (MBCC)and are tasked with leading humankind’s defense against Mania, a physical mutation of humans that starts as a mental illness. The MBCC employs the strength of Sinners to deal with numerous disasters in addition to apprehending and subduing dangerous Sinners.Different tactical roles and battlefield matchups are made possible by the variety of Sinner classes in Path to Nowhere, allowing players to enjoy devising the most intricate plans. The secretive assassinBai Yi‘s lightning-fast swordsmanship will be a fantastic alternative for gamers that prioritize swift kills in combat. Bai Yi’s ultimate skill,Instant Kill, allows her to instantly kill scores of foes. On the defensive, Sinner Hella possesses healing and regeneration abilities that allow her to recover from severe wounds that would have ended the conflict for many others.Path to Nowhere is now up for pre-registration (Image via AISNO Games)In Path to Nowhere, timing is crucial, and players must carefully plan their strategies for the best outcomes due to the delicate balance of several genre influences, includingtower defense, real-time strategy, and RPG.Each Sinner enters battle with their own unique anime design, abilities, personalities, and backstories, all of which may be further explored in the game modeInterrogation. After obtaining additional characters, artwork can be unlocked and viewed, exhibiting Path to Nowhere’s dark and gritty art direction in greater depth. Here are the key features of this game: Recruit, upgrade, and deploy a variety of Sinners for amazing combos that match your play style as elements of gacha, strategy, RPG, and tower defense combine Deep strategy gameplay across the main story campaign, with the experience enhanced through multiple game modes and features Put on your detective hat and delve deeper into the secrets of this dark future world and the Sinners under your command in the ‘Interrogation’ mode Stunning anime-style art direction and multiple dubbing options including English, Japanese and Korean for an impressive audio-visual experience this year, Path to Nowhere will be accessible on Androiddevices. Pre-registration for Path to Nowhere is currently available, and those who sign up soon will be eligible for a number of luxury rewards. At the game’s launch, all of the awards that were unlocked during this phase will be accessible.Download Path to Nowhere on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • T3 Arena September 2022 update brings a new character, career overview, and more

    The September 2022update for the hero shooterT3 Arenais now accessible on iOS and Android. Fort, a newMythic character, acareer summary, new skins, and other quality-of-life enhancements are all included in the update.As guns automatically aim and fire regardless of the modes or characters players select, T3 Arena ismore welcoming for gamers who are new to shooters. T3 Arena provides a fantastic pick-up-and-play experience for everyone with brief three-minute fights.Download T3 Arena on PCT3 Arena introduces a new character in the latest updateFortis the first Mythic tank/control hybrid character to enter the T3 Arena. Each shot he fires at adversaries with his antimatter rockets sticks to them and explodes shortly after. Fort is endowed with a variety of skills, including theAntimatter Barrier, which allows him to attack adversaries while projecting a shield in front of him. September 2022 update brings a career overview to T3 ArenaA brand-new MVP system and career overviews are also part of the most recent update, which provides players with detailed statistics on their past match histories and their development over time. New chat elements are also being introduced, giving the game a new social component. A few already-existing characters, notably Johnny Jet and Labula, will also see balance adjustments in the update.Image via XD Inc.T3 Arena and the September 2022 update are available now on Android. To play with like-minded fans, players can join theDiscordserver. For more details onT3 Arena, follow the game onYouTube,Twitter,Facebook, andInstagram.Download T3 Arena on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • 8.0.6 release note:What's fixed:1. Optimized memory efficiency and less memory footprint.2. Fixed the problem cannot recording in HyperV mode.3. Fixed the problem that cannot enable the high frame rate of 120HZ with some games.For Android 9:1. Added camera function.2. Optimized set-up time of emulator.3. Fixed the problem cannot soft reboot.Download link: More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • Guns of Glory celebrates its 5th anniversary with Treasure Island Adventure

    Guns of Glory, an epic free-to-play mobilestrategygame, is celebrating its 5th anniversary on Android and iOS devices with a number of exclusive in-game events, player rewards, and the debut of theTwilight League. Guns of Glory was created by leading mobile game developer and publisherFunPlusand its KingsGroup studio.“We’re impressed and grateful for the great performance of Guns of Glory over the past five years, as well as its growing community,”said Chris Petrovic, Chief Business Officer at FunPlus.“We’re close to celebrating our 100M downloads milestone, which reinforces the commitment of our KingsGroup studio to keep delivering an incredible gaming experience within one of the greatest franchises in the mobile strategy genre”Download Guns of Glory on PCGuns of Glory will be hosting the Treasure Island Adventure event from September 19thFrom September 19th through October 16th, the MMO strategy game will conduct the Treasure Island Adventure event to celebrate five incredible years. The event will feature a number of themed activities, including: Pirate Super Lotto– Throughout the event, players have the chance to obtain Lucky Orbs, each containing a unique Lucky Number. When the Lucky Draw begins, random Lucky Numbers and winners will be drawn for varying prize levels, culminating in the draw of a single Lucky Star Jackpot winner in the final round at the end of the event. Treasure Hunt Competition– Players can obtain Lost Treasures by participating in the Treasure Hunt event or by purchasing packs. Lost Treasures can then be submitted to the event page to increase one’s event level and overall points, earning valuable stage rewards. Surprise Crab Chest– With all the crabs on Treasure Island shaped like treasure chests, players can try their best to catch a Crab Chest for a chance to score awesome rewards.Image via FunPlusPlayers can examine and share their in-game accomplishments on the Memories tab during the anniversary celebration to reflect on their five years of Guns of Glory experiences. Players can also choose to share their wonderful accomplishments on social media, and they can get bonus points by sharing images with a Guns of Glory theme.About the Twilight League Championship TournamentThe Twilight League Championship Tournament, a brand-new event for the game, is also introduced as part of the Guns of Glory anniversary celebrations. The Twilight League is built on and develops upon the well-known Darklands event, offering fiercer competition and even more extraordinary rewards.The Twilight League will assemble the most formidable player Alliances within each fight region for a major256-team competition, starting with theQualifier Stage. Alliances have been divided into32 Battle Zones, and afterthree rounds of Group Matchplay, the top teams from each zone advance to theKnockout Matches, where the Battle Zone winners are decided. top Allianceswill compete in three rounds ofGroup Matches to earn a spot in the Knockout Match bracketafter the Battle Zone winners proceed to theChampionship Stage. Over hundreds of the world’s top Guns of Glory players, the winning Alliance that flourished during the bracket stage will have the honor of being declared Champion.Download Guns of Glory on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • With the onset of theMobile LegendsPatch 1.7.20 Update, the developers are entering into theRanked Season 26in the Official Server. The Patch Update is yet to go live in the Original Server, but that does not stop the update from being up on theAdvanced Server. Hero Adjustments, New events,and Battlefield Adjustments will be discussed in this Patch Update. Let us break down the Patch 1.7.20 Update in Mobile Legends in detail.Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PCMobile Legends Patch 1.7.20 Update: Hero AdjustmentsLesley (Adjusted)Image via MOONTON GamesLesley’s Passive effect has been made more solid, to balance her performance throughout the game. Some damage to some of her skills has also been changed.Passive (~) New Effect: Lethal Shot crits now deal True Damage. Base Crit Damage: Reduced to140% Each Point of Fixed Physical Penetration: 0.5% Percentage Physical Penetration Converted >>0.5% Crit Chance Converted Damage: 120% Physical Attack >>110% Physical AttackSkill 1 (~)Extra Physical Attack:75-200 >> 85-110Joy (Adjusted)Joy’s perfect rhythm bonus has been boosted and reduced the damage dealt when she messed up the rhythm.Skill 2 (↓) Damage: 230-355 + 80% Magic Power >> 180-280 + 60% Magic Power Perfect Rhythm Damage Bonus: 60% >> 100%Ultimate (↑)New Effect:Casting her Ultimate after a Skill 2 cast with the perfect rhythm grants Joy 40% Magic Lifesteal.Fredrinn (Buffed)The casting experience of some skills has been optimized.Skill 1 (↑)The cast backswing time has been slightly reduced.Skill 2 (↑)An issue was fixed, where the dash would end as he hit an enemy behind him. This will make the skill a more reliable escape tool.Ultimate (↑)The cast backswing time has been greatly reduced.Natalia (Buffed)The developers wanted to retain Natalia’s feature that revealed her to nearby enemies. Therefore, it was buffed, instead of removing it altogether.Passive (↑)New Effect:Natalia cannot be targeted by lock-on skills or Basic Attacks when seen by an enemy.Wanwan (Nerfed)The developers have reduced her Passive from 4 to 3 stacks to give Wanwan more chances to use her Ultimate. They want to retain this change, while still giving the enemy a greater chance to counter her. Wanwan will now need to choose her targets more carefully, instead of just farming stacks in the front row and locking on to squishier targets farther back.Ultimate (↓)Her Ultimate can no longer be used on any target after breaking an enemy’s weaknesses but must be used on that target.Bruno (Buffed)The developers have made Bruno somewhat easier to play and optimized how he catches the ball.Skill 1 (↑)Bruno now gains 30% extra Movement Speed for 0.5 seconds, when his Powerball hits an enemy.Julian (Nerfed)Passive (↓)Cooldown: 9.5-6s >>10-6.5sBadang (Nerfed)Image via MOONTON GamesSkill 1 (↓)Recharge Time: 10-7s >>11-8sMoskov (Nerfed)Ultimate (↓)Cooldown: 45-35s >>55-45sMasha (Buffed)Attributes (↑)HP Growth: 135 >>145Yin (Buffed)Skill 1 (↑)Cooldown: 11-8s >>10-7sJawhead (Buffedd)Skill 1 (↑)Damage: 125-250 + 28% Physical Attack >>135-260 + 30% Physical AttackPharsa (Nerfed)The developers have reverted the damage change on Pharsa’s Ultimate while retaining the other changes.Skill 3 (↓)Damage: 750-900 >>720-870Alice (Nerfed)Ultimate (↓)Per cent Damage Dealt to Non-hero Units Based on Max HP: Capped at 600Download Mobile Legends: Bang Bang on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • Punishing Gray Raven Imprisoned Sight update brings a new story, events, and more

    Punishing: Gray Raven, an anime-styleactiongame, is getting a new chapter with the Imprisoned Sight update from Kuro Game. The most recent chapter introduces the Eden Festival, a new S-rank construct, a difficult new monster, new coatings, and weaponry.Punishing: Gray Raven, which boasts furious combo-chaining combat, combines style and action with ease. Release a graceful barrage of sweeping sword attacks, deflect enemy assaults with parries and dodges to cause bullet time effects to land extra attacks. Online co-op for up to three players also allows for tag-teaming between players.Download Punishing: Gray Raven on PCMeet the new S-rank construct and enjoy exciting events in the Punishing Gray Raven Imprisoned Sightupdate will encounterChrome: Glory, the newest S-rank construct, in Imprisoned Sight. Glory is a tough opponent on the battlefield because she is the Strike Hawk Squad captain. Players will be guided through Glory’s interlude as they learn about the character’s many facets and get to know other characters along the way, adding to the game’s rich, continuing visual novel-style story.Beginning on September 30, 2022, players will be able to access the new gameplay elementBlind Simulationin addition to the difficulties they will face in the new chapter, including the menacing new bossHive Mother. The Mycenaean Protocol will be used by players to enhance particular characters so they can face harder challenges. addition to Glory’s entrance, players can take part in theEden Festival. Players can vote for their favorite characters from three groups of 24 characters that will be divided up during the festival. Players who take part in the Eden Festival have the opportunity to win prizes like a coating picksupply pack, aLevi-gun weapon coating,decor items, and more.Download Punishing: Gray Raven on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • The open-worldadventureRPGGenshin ImpactVersion 3.1 updatewill go live onSeptember 28thas announced by worldwide interactive entertainment brandHoYoverse, titled“King Deshret and the Three Magi”. The stories and adventures from Sumeru will continue here when The Nation of Wisdom shortly introduces a wide desert region. Nilou, Cyno, and Candace, three neighbourhood residents, will also get to be playable characters! While this is going on, under the starry fall skies of Mondstadt, Weinlesefest is prepared to delight players with additional tales, occasions, mini-games, and riches.Download Genshin Impact on PCPowered by unknown technologies, two mechanical monstrosities will debut as new Boss EnemiesThe hard desert of Sumeru, in contrast to the tropical jungle, has a stark, perilous beauty. The magnificent Mausoleum of King Deshret can be found in the middle of the desert, along with dungeons filled with puzzles, mechanisms, and robotic guardians that are powered by the vanished god’s and his civilization’s earlier inventions.Aaru Village, the largest village of the desert people and a haven for exiled intellectuals and a mine of knowledge, is located in the desert. Sumeru’s Archon Quest keeps developing as players explore the desert region and other factions, including two Fatui Harbingers named Il Dottore and Scaramouche, arise.Image via HoYoverseTwo mechanical monstrosities will make their appearance as new Boss Enemies, powered by unidentified technologies. The leader of the mechanics manning the King Deshret Mausoleum, the Algorithm of Semi-Intransient Matrix of Overseer Network, is capable of turning invisible when engaged in combat. Players will be tested in the rainforest by Aeonblight Drake, another brand-new boss enemy, who has unique attack patterns.Three Sumeru characters will be available to be recruited as reliable allies in Genshin Impact version 3.1 updateThree Sumeru characters will be made accessible in the meanwhile for players to enlist in their teams as dependable allies. Nilou will join as a five-star Hydro playable character after making her stage debut as a dancer, mixing her graceful dance techniques with swordsmanship. The dependable General Mahamatra Cyno is a five-star Electro polearm user and is prepared for battle. He also enjoys the upcoming Trading Card Game Genius Invokation, which will be included in Version 3.3. Guardian of the Desertfolk and Aaru Village will be Candace, a half-blood descendant of King Deshret.She will be a four-star character in the Event Wishes with Cyno and Venti’s rerun during Version 3.1, equipped with a polearm and Hydro Vision. The second half of the update will feature a repeat of Nilou and Albedo. The second half of the update will feature a repeat of Nilou and Albedo.Image via HoYoverseThe annual Weinlesefest will be held in Mondstadt, far from the desert, and will be an opportunity to brew and drink the year’s best wine with the Anemo Archon. In Mondstadt, players will have the chance to catch up with old friends and assist Razor in learning more about his history.A significant one-day seasonal event as well as four different mini-games are included in Weinlesefest. By earning Festive Fever through mini-games, players can redeem a variety of prizes, including a new four-star weapon called Missive Windspear and its unique refinement materials.More challenges and rewards will also be available in this updateYou can expect more difficulties and benefits with Version 3.1. Participants in the “Wind Chaser” competition will be required to control the wind’s energy within a unique Domain. In a different activity called “Star-Sojourn,” Seeker’s you’ll assist a little girl in achieving her goal of finding the Future Stars.In the Spiral Abyss, if you successfully complete Floor 4, Chamber 3, you will be rewarded with the chance to free recruit Collei. In addition, the daily login event is returned, offering the chance to win Intertwined Fate 10 and other prizes. You will receive a total of 1,600 Primogems, 4 Fragile Resin, plus the special items “Jumpy Dumpty Party Popper” and “Cloud Retainer’s Damasked Device” via in-game mail. 3.1 will introduce a few new features to further improve player experience, such as dynamic terrain deformation, a method to more accurately recreate the genuine trails on the sand. The DualSense Controller will continue to receive greater support in the interim, enabling vibration feedback when characters use Elemental Burst.Download Genshin Impact on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • Arknights Guide the Head event brings new operators, rewards and more

    The new Side Story event Guide Ahead forArknights, a tactical mobilerole-playing game, has been unveiled. As the son of Sankta and Sarkaz, a little girl by the name of Cecelia who lives in Laterano’s outskirts was immediately drawn into the web of suspicion. Three new operators, three new clothes, a new themed furniture set, rewards, and more are all included in the update.Download Arknights on PCAbout the Guide Ahead event in ArknightsThe Sankta and Sarkaz have been at war for thousands of years in Laterano, a theocratic nation governed by the Pope. The narrative occurs at the Laterano Summit of Nations. A girl named Cecelia is discovered to be a unique Sankta born from a Sarkaz father during a delicate period when leaders of numerous powers are congregating in the same spot.Due of Cecelia’s unique individuality, various forces compete for her and clash over their own ideologies and stances. The Guide Ahead event runs from September 16 at 10:00 until September 30 at 3:59 (UTC-7) and the Road to the Shrine second part opens on September 23 at 16:00.5 Star Specialist Enforcer is a reward for participating in the event. In order to receive awards such as Enforcer’s Token, Laterano Notarial Hall Lounge Furniture (Pieces), LMD, Furniture Parts, Battle Records, Headhunting Permits, Elite Materials, etc. in Lateranian Desserts, doctors must complete Notarial Tasks and clear event levels.New Operators will be coming in the Arknights Guide Ahead eventImage via Yostar GamesFiammetta – 6 Star SniperAs an artilleryman, Fiammetta has a huge attack range. She fires a burning bullet, and it can explode, damaging foes nearby the blast tiles and the burning marks it leaves behind. She will continuously pelt enemies with her third skill when it’s active at her maximum range. Operators with continuous healing talents could help her well and keep her Attack boost because the tremendous damage capability costs her life.Kazemaru – 5 Star SpecialistKazemaru is a keeper of dolls. In the event that she takes lethal harm, she switches to a Substitute rather than withdrawing. She can either call a Substitute on a nearby melee tile or forfeit her HP to significantly improve her next assault.Enforcer – 5 Star SpecialistEnforcer is an easy-to-use and cost-free Push Stroker. If the target collides with High Ground, he can push it in the direction of the strike and stun it. In order to group the adversaries together, he can use his second skill to instantly stun everyone within a set range and force them all back.New Arrivals in the Store will take place during this eventThe store currently carries new EPOQUE Series outfits for Saileach, Mulberry, and Tuye, including Appreciate Fragrance, Plant Crude Drug, and Cultivate Vegetation. In addition, two costumes from the Raythean Striker Series, Striker-Skyline for Schwarz and Striker-Overload for Liskarm, will once more be available for purchase.Download Arknights on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • A brand-new Sakura Empire significant event called “Violet Tempest, Blooming Lycoris” is being launched inAzur Lane, a Naval Shooting mobile game released by Yostar. This incident unveils Musashi, a battleship from the Yamato class. She extends a chess game invitation at the beginning of the narrative. There will also be four new shipgirls, numerous new outfits, gear skins with Academy themes, and numerous incentives.Download Azur Lane on PCThe New Sakura Empire Event will bring new Outfits and Characters in Azur LaneThe new event, which will include a Rapid Training Campaign, will go live from September 15 until October 5th. Players can log in throughout this campaign to get 20 wisdom cubes and skill books. Additionally, if they use their skill books in the tactical class each day, players can complete 10 classes right away. Players under level 80 will also gain twice as much commander and ship experience from sorties. When clearing the difficult stages during the event, a 3 x Core Data bonus is additionally available.Image via YostarAdditionally, a brand-new “Special Login Campaign” is currently running. During the campaign duration, players can log in to earn a variety of goodies. A repeat event: The Port Eating Contest is back. To obtain Yuudachi’s refit item “Eau de Barbecue,” players must complete the minigame and gather 7 icons. By completing event stages with Jintsuu, Suzutsuki, Kongou, or Kawakaze, players can additionally obtain the limited edition photo frame “Violet Lightning Storm”.The Sakura Empire gains five new characters, including Musashi, an Ultra Rare ship. The Wakatsuki and Sakawa are two Super Rare ships. Additionally, Haguro and Miyuki, two Elite ships, are present. A rate increase from the restricted construction is enjoyed by Musashi, Sakawa, and Haguro. The USS Juneau and HMS Shropshire have New Retrofit now. is a battleship of the Yamato class with the ability to unleash her unique barrage and significantly raise her critical rate. With equipment from the Sakura Empire, her initial skill might boost her critical damage and firepower. Her unique ability, “Musashi’s Guardianship,” might status all other Main Fleet ships such that they are no longer vulnerable to ramming damage and make Musashi the target of priority strikes from the opposition.The new outfit series is live featuring various shipgirls in Azur LaneManjuu Academy Festival is the newly inserted furniture set in this event. For this beautiful occasion, the shipgirls are decked out in maid attire. A new gear skin box called “Academy Festival” and various resource supply packs are also on sale.Image via YostarSeveral shipgirls are featured in the new outfit series, which is live. Also available is Sakawa – The Colors of Love, a gorgeous L2D outfit. During the event, players that log in will receive two rental outfit coupons that may be used to rent the following outfits: Musashi’s Violet Moonglow, Sakawa’s The Colors of Love (L2D), and Wakatsuki’s Slapdash Blue Sparrow.Download Azur Lane on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • PUBG Mobile version 2.2 update brings a new Map, Modes, and more

    In theVersion 2.2 UpdateforPUBG Mobile, players will be able to battle across fresh terrain in an updated Erangel, explore the tropics with the new mapNusa(revealed earlier this month), enjoy the thrilling themed game modeGear Front Mode,and unlock and use a number of new cosmetics as part ofCycle 3 Season 8 and Royale Pass Month 15.Download PUBG MOBILE on PCPUBG Mobile version 2.2 brings an all-new map NusaA brand-new map is available for gamers to enjoy, explore, and engage in combat with version 2.2.Nusais a brand-new tourism island measuring1 x 1 kmin the tropics. Players will drop in and find themselves engaged in thrilling conflicts right away because of the abundance of supplies! Due to the small size of the map and the speed at which matches are finished compared to larger maps like Erangel or Livik, the gameplay will be frantic and thrilling. island of Nusa is home to several breathtaking landscapes and panoramas in addition to gunfights. While getting ready for their next gunfight, players can take a few moments to admire the scenery. Additionally, Nusa will debut the brand-newSuper Recallmechanism, which enables players to reenter a game if any of their teammates are still alive. Solo players will continually respawn.Image via KraftonA variety of new transportation options are included in the updated map, fromzip linesthat are dispersed throughout it to an elevator in the multi-storyTelepak Town Apartment. New weaponry will also be available in Nusa in the form of theNS2000 ShotgunandTactical Crossbow. Additionally, the new Quad, a nimble 2-seater vehicle with exceptional stability, is available for use by players.PUBG Mobile version 2.2 introduces changes in the existing mapsThere are changes to an old favourite along with a new map. A number of adjustments to Erangel will also be made in the PUBG Mobile Version 2.2 Update. To begin with, the Hospital and Mylta Power structures have been upgraded to simplify battle and supply-hunting.Erangel is getting two additional ports, one south of the Sosnovka Military Base and one southwest of the Farm. The Ferry Pier will also receive aesthetic improvements. Along with this, Erangel will now have a newrainbow weather effect, aFlash Shopthat will emerge at random,gas stationswhere players can refill their cars, abicycle storage area, and newTargeted Supply Crates, which come in three different varieties: medical, token, and military supply.The version 2.2 update will also be adding a new game modeThe newGear Front Modewill also be included in the upcoming Version 2.2 Update for PUBG Mobile. Players will engage in combat in Erangel, Livik, and Nusa using a variety of new skills that will speed up gunfights, make it easier to move across the map, and result in more frequent opponent engagements. Obtaining the next play zone, tracing foes, or finding advanced supplies will be much simpler with the help of skills likePlayzone Analysis,Trace, andSupply Scan. Players will have more choices for navigating the area by using Vehicle Air Drops, and if skillfully applied, abilities likeGliding DollandHealing Smokewill alter the nature of gunfights.In the shop, players can also buy a Vehicle Radar Scan, which will expedite the process of finding vehicles. Stalber now has Cable Cars, making it simpler for people who prefer to walk around the neighborhood to get about. Strange Town, a new region, has also been included. This new area contains hot air balloons that players can employ for a quick escape close to Stalber and the western coast.Cycle 3 Season 8 and Royale Pass Month 15 to launch on September 20th 2022With a new set of Legendary items, modifications to Ace Tier, including titles and sub-tiers, and enhancements to the Tier Badge display and the Badge page, PUBG Mobile’s Version 2.2 Update launches Cycle 3 Season 8 on September 20.As part of Royale Pass Month 15: Razzle Dazzle, which begins on September 20th and includes upgraded RP Favorites Crates and new social bonuses for RP players, new material will also be released for users. Improvements to the RP notification system and a mechanism that recognizes teammates when they appear in the in-game Airplane Ranking are among the other upgrades.Version 2.2 brings new features and characters to PUBG MobileThe Version 2.2 Update has some fantastic features for PUBG Mobile players that adore customization. Keep an eye out for the release of two new, create-and-use buddies for the game. For gamers that like to move quickly, a unique sports automobile that they may design and modify will be made available soon, allowing them to cruise the battlefield in flair. Finally, during the update, two new characters—Survival Expert RileyandTech Mercenary Sophia—as well as theSpectral SwanandCosmic Inquisitor Setwill be made available.PUBG Mobile set to join the Level Infinite family with the latest updateWith the game joining the Level Infinite family, the version 2.2 update also heralds change for the title. A global game company calledLevel Infiniteis committed to providing audiences all around the world with high-quality and entertaining interactive entertainment experiences, regardless of where and how they choose to play. Mobile will also use the new branding image of Lightspeed Studios, which developed the game withKrafton. When they launch the game, players will now see the logos for Level Infinite and Lightspeed Studios. The dedication of PUBG Mobile to its users has not altered. Additionally, the game has received a number of aesthetic upgrades, UI updates, and other enhancements.Download PUBG MOBILE on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

  • The recently-launchedgachatitle,Tower of Fantasywill undergo itsmajorversion1.5 updateon the15th of September, 2022.Published byLevel Infinite, players have shown an immense amount of love and appreciation towards the game in the last month, and developers have been quick to announce the new 1.5 update and the upcoming2.0 update, as well. With the newArtificial Island Systemup for the players to experience, wanderers will also be able to work on their own Home System and more.Download Tower of Fantasy on PCTower of Fantasy Version 1.5 Update: New ContentArtificial Island new map and Gameplay:This new Artificial Island zone is the main focus of the update, bringing a vast new area for players to explore, gather materials, and fight new enemies. Various areas like Ring Arena, Puddled Lake, and Rusty Iron Camp areas are being introduced. System:The Home System is a feature where players can set up their own home base within the Artificial Island. Through materials, they can upgrade the buildings on the island, transforming them into their very own home base!A new8-player cooperative “Raid” Gameplayis being introduced.“Claudia”and limited “Claudia Matrix”: A new limited-time banner of Claudia will release at the start of the Version 1.5 Update.Aida CafeLimited-time event:This is a new cooking event from the 14th of September, 2022. Players will be seen brewing some delicious dishes and food. There will be some rewards like SSR relic shards, and red nucleus for all the players.Bygone Phantasm” event:“Sequential Phantasm” is available after unlocking the “Battlefield of Champions”.Weapon switching and enhancements are disabled in the “Bygone Phantasm” event.Five different types of “stage” buff in the “Bygone Phantasm” event.New changes The maximum accumulated days of offline rewards are revised to 9 days. The display of new and idle servers with”New” and “Recommended” signs is optimized. The introduction tab of the “shield axe” in the “Survival Guide” is added.Tower of Fantasy Version 1.5 Update patch notes: Bug Fixes An issue was fixed where noEndurance (END)is required, where the“Spiral Drive“ skillis used with the “Thunderblades“ weapon and damage abnormality. The damage description of the spiral-down effect of the “Thunderblades” is also added. The icon display issue where multiple matrix effects can be activated when switching “Molten Shield V2” (axe mode) to other weapons is fixed. An issue is fixed, where there is a “stun” abnormality of the “Pummeler” and “Venus” weapon. An issue is fixed where there is a “dodge” abnormality for some of the “Balmung” weapon. The problem of abnormal interface display is caused by network lag, when extracting “Simulacrum” weapons during the ordering. The cooldown period time between speeches in the chat channel is improved. The setting button invalid issue after restarting is fixed. The button invalid issue for the Line channel on mobiles is fixed. A series of localization problems such as translation or abnormal display of interface text is fixed. “Type V Armor” is replaced with “Alternate Destiny” in the “SSR Relic one-out-of-four box” selections.Compensation Rewards Maintenance compensation:Dark Crystal x300 Bug fix compensation: Dark Crystal x300 Client update compensation:Dark Crystal x200Players who have registered by the 16th of September, 2022 at 00:00 UTC and reached Lv. 6.Download Tower of Fantasy on PCDiscover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube VK

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