DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Mod Apk v5.5.2 (Mod, Free) (2023)

1 DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK

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3 Features of DBZ Dokkan Battle Apk:

3.1 Cards:

3.2 Customization of Cards:

3.3 DBZ Heroes:

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DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK

Apk Name DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK
Package com.bandainamcogames.dbzdokkanww
Developer Bandai Namco Entertainment inc.
Size 35Mb
Mod Features Unlimited Power, Free
Android Requirement4.4
Last Updated Aug 31, 2022

DRAGON BALL Z Dokkan Battle Mod APK is an action-packed game, which is based on the famous animal series Dragon Ball Z. Here, you will be able to explore an anime-like world and get the chance to experience the impressive action sequence of all the characters of Dokkan Battle. In order to complete levels, you can take advantage of the character stat.

Furthermore, Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle tells a story about Super Saiyan Goku and his journey to find Dragon Balls. Become friend with other characters and fight against the invaders in the match-3 puzzles of DBZ Dokkan Battle. You have to arrange spherical Ki sphere with different colour in such a way that they are the same colour to attack, defend or increase power. Each character respond to Ki in a different way and has their own strengths and skills.

Download of Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle Mod:

If you are bored and want to play an interesting action and strategy game, but only finding terrible games then you should download Dokkan Battle Mod. It’s a very entertaining game based on the anime cartoon series Dragon Ball Z, that provide you with many amazing features. But, if you want to enjoy unlimited money and unlocked items than you should download the modded version of the game by following these steps:

  • You can download the original version from the Google Play Store.
  • But, to download the modded version, open any search engine or more preferably Google Chrome and type your game name, such as Dokkan Battle Hack, in the search box.
  • Many websites will provide you with the link to download the game and the details about the it. A link to download Dokkan Battle is also given here.
  • Choose any website and click on the given link to start the download.


The process of installation us very easy, but keep in mind that you should delete any previous or original version of the game before installing the modded version of Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. Many mobile does not allow the installation of the game because of security issue as it is downloaded from the unknown sources.

  • Go to your mobile settings and select the “security settings” option.
  • There enables the “ unknown sources” option.
  • Now go to your file manager and click on the download file option.
  • Press on installation options of the downloaded file.
  • Your game will be installed and ready to be played.

Features of DBZ Dokkan Battle Apk:

There are variety of amazing features provided to gamers in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle , in the original version but you can also download the modded version and enjoy variety of new features and unlimited money. You can download the modded version of Dokkan Battle Mod, from our website link is given below. Let’s have a look on all the amazing features provided to us.

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(Video) ✅ DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE v5.5.2 mod Apk


As it is already described in the beginning of this article, Dokkan Battle Hack is based on a famous anime series Dragon Ball Z. Also, it brings to the gamer the most famous characters like Son Goku. It is not like your typical fighting game as you participate in battles with up to 3 characters. You need to collect your characters in the form of cards which are split into rarity classification.

Customization of Cards:

Furthermore, in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle Mod Apk you can customize a card by crafting a duplicate card, in order to increase the rate and stats of the cards. The rarest of all the cards in Dokkan Battle is called SSR and the most common one are normal. The more rarest cards you got the more easy it will be to win as this game is a bit of a learning curve.

DBZ Heroes:

If you love the animated action series Dragon Ball Z, then you will be glad to know that in Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle, every character you love or hate in the series is here! Moreover, you can choose from a variety of classes including Androids, Saiyans, Humans and even Gods. Also, you can get character special that are an upgrade version of them.

Game Modes:

Aside from unique Hero and amazing Cards collection, you are also offered variety of game modes in DBZ Dokkan Battle. You can play in the story mode, where you will join Goku in his epic journey of collecting Dragon Balls to save the world. Or you can also play special events, that helps you earn extra awards and money.

Online Gameplay:

As, Dokkan Battle Mod is an online game which ultimately means that you can invite your friend and other players from all around the world to play with you, and you can compete against them. Dominate through the rankings with your card collection and push through your enemies.

Action Scenes:

Furthermore, the action scenes in Dokkan Battle Hack are fabulous. The amazing graphics and the drawing of the characters are stunning that no one will be able to take their eyes off the screen. As it is an action game, there will be many fighting scenes with an incredible show of powers and stream of lights.

Type Chart:

If you want to win in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, you have to familiarize yourself with the color sphere, as these are the keys to winning. You can’t just smash the button and get the victory like a typical game. Here every card is given equal chance against other cards to win. Here is the chart to help you have a better understanding of the game

  • PHY –Strong against INT, but weak against STR
  • INT –Strong against TEQ, but weak against PHY
  • TEQ –Strong against AGL, but weak against INT
  • AGL –Strong against STR, but weak against TEQ
  • STR– Strong against PHY, but weak against AGL

Dragon Balls:

Additionally, when you are able to collect all the seven Dragon Balls in Dokkan Battle, you will get amazing rewards. It depends on you what you choose as you can choose to increase your character slot to 10 or others. It is difficult to collect all the balls but in the modded version of the game, you already get them for free.

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Final Words:

A world of a popular anime series opens up in front of players and lets them experience the power of their favourite characters, DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE Mod Apk. Players will be able to see an anime-like world and impressive action sequences of the characters. If anyone loves the Dragon Ball anime series, then you will not be able to ignore Dokkan Battle, as it brings you battles against enemies with characters like Son Goku.

(Video) Download: DRAGON BALL Z DOKKAN BATTLE MOD APK v5.5.2 (One Hit, God Mode)

It can be said that besides the characters’ strength, the energy they collect is also an essential factor. If, in that case, they can’t collect Spheres of the same colour as themselves, then they will need to collect other types such as rainbow-coloured ones. It is the type that any character can pick up. With many other amazing features, the game is waiting for you to download . Like to download the Dokkan Battle Hack is given below.


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