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Elbow braces, supports and straps for performance and recovery

Why Bauerfeind?

Elbow braces, supports and straps by Bauerfeind provide stability, pain relief and comfort for the elbow and forearm. Whether you play tennis, golf or have other passions, Bauerfeind offers several lightweight, durable options to treat chronic elbow pain and swelling. All Bauerfeind braces and supports are made in Germany and come backed by a 60-day satisfaction guarantee and 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

EpiTrain Elbow Brace

$ 99.00


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EpiPoint Elbow Strap

$ 69.00


  • 5

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Sports Elbow Support

$ 74.99


  • 4.7

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Sports Elbow Strap

$ 54.99


  • 4.9

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Sports Compression Elbow Support

$ 39.99

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Sports Compression Sleeves Arm

$ 54.00


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Sports Compression Sleeve Arm Dirk Nowitzki

$ 29.00

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Compare our Elbow Braces

Shop Now! EpiTrain


Shop Now! EpiPoint


Shop Now! Sports Elbow Support


Shop Now! Sports Elbow Strap


Medical-Grade Compression: Stimulates Proprioception and Relieves Pain / Strain / Instability / Swelling
Anatomical Shape for a Perfect Fit
3D Active Knit Fabric: Soft, breathable and machine-washable
3D AirKnit Fabric: Even more lightweight, breathable and durable for Sports
Strap for Adjustable Compression
Contoured pads: Pressure distribution and pain relief
Tennis Elbow
Golfer's Elbow
Osteoarthritis (OA)
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How do elbow braces help treat elbow injuries?

Bauerfeind’s elbow braces, supports and straps provide stability, gentle massage and medical-grade compression to help support and heal the elbow from injury. The German-engineered technology of Bauerfeind braces maximizes proprioceptive feedback and the body’s natural regenerative systems to protect the elbow and speed recovery.

Can I use an FSA or HSA to pay for an elbow brace?

Bauerfeind elbow braces and supports are eligible for reimbursem*nt through most FSA (Flexible Spending Account), HSA (Healthcare Savings Account) and HRA (Health Reimbursem*nt Arrangement) plans. Please consult your specific plan administrator for more details.

Can I wash my elbow brace?

Because you should wear your elbow brace directly against your skin, it will inevitably come into contact with the sweat and grime from your body. For this reason, choosing a washable elbow brace is very important. All Bauerfeind elbow braces and supports are machine washable and easy to care for. In fact, Bauerfeind recommends regular washing to maintain the shape and compression of the knitted fabric.

How can I wash my elbow brace?

For products with Velcro straps, pads or inserts, remove them if possible, or fasten them securely at the place provided on the brace. Machine wash your brace in cold water using the gentle or delicate cycle. Wash separately using a laundry detergent with no additives (do not use fabric softener or Woolite). Lay your support flat and let it air-dry; do not put it in the dryer. Proper washing and drying helps your knit support maintain its elasticity and original fit. For more information, visit the Bauerfeind product care guide.

Can I wear my elbow brace at night?

Elbow braces and supports from Bauerfeind are also sometimes known as “active supports“ – i.e. they make it easier for those who wear them to move around. It’s actually this movement that enables the supports to have a positive effect on the body and the healing process. The massage function and the intermittent compression cannot be activated when you’re immobile, however. For this reason, wearing support at night is not effective. It’s better if you wear the elbow support during the day when you’re active and then let your elbow relax at night.

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Elbow Braces | Products | Bauerfeind (2024)
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