Get to Know You Bingo – The 50 Most Exciting Questions + Free Template (2023)

Get to Know You Bingo – The 50 Most Exciting Questions + Free Template (1)Learn more exciting things about someone you know in 30 seconds than in the previous 5 years – it’s possible! Get-to-know-you bingo is a brilliant icebreaker game for parties, meetings and get-togethers where most people barely know each other. These 50 ingenious questions are guaranteed to get people talking. And if it has to go fast, just download the template and get started right away.

Everyone knows bingo. Each player gets a piece of paper with numbers, one after the other numbers are drawn and ticked and whoever has a row of ticks first shouts “Bingo” and wins. Get to know you Bingo, on the other hand, is an interactive social game that gets people to talk to each other about interesting topics they would never have talked about otherwise. You don’t have to make small talk, but get right into interesting and personal topics and quickly learn exciting things, characteristics and traits in conversation. In this way, you quickly come across amazing similarities and the same views and characteristics, which make you want to talk further and get to know each other better and on which you can even build a friendship.

As a real icebreaker game for parties, the fun stands and falls with the questions on the bingo slips. These should never be boring and should arouse curiosity and leave room for discussion without snubbing or being awkward. The 50 questions in this article are a good mix of funny and possibly controversial questions, designed to provide laughs (depending on what the answers are) and make people curious to talk further.

On the materials list you’ll also find a get-to-know-you bingo template with questions and a downloadable blank template to fill in yourself!

Looking for more get-to-know-you games? Break the ice at parties with this fun get-to-know-you game! 🙂

Material List

  • Get to know you bingo template with questions to download or blank template
  • Pens
  • Perhaps prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place

How to Play Get To Know You Bingo?

Get to know you Bingo is a super icebreaker game for parties, meetings or get-togethers with at least 20 people. Everyone gets a bingo card with 25 squares of questions to fill in. The first person to fill in a row vertically, horizontally or diagonally shouts “Bingo” and is the winner. The game continues until 3 people have shouted bingo and are ranked 1-3. Alternatively, you can play it until everyone has filled in a row on their bingo card. The winner’s, 2nd and 3rd place slips go into the scoring and it is checked that each name is also only there once.

Each field must be filled in with the answer and the name of the person who gave it. Only one field per person may be filled in.

If you want, you can reward the winner and 2nd and 3rd place with small funny prizes as an incentive to do your best.


  • Fill in only one field per person
  • write the answer and the name of the person in the field
  • The first person to fill in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally is the winner and shouts “Bingo”.

Make Your Own Get to Know You Bingo Card

The fun of a get-to-know-you bingo stands and falls with good questions. If you don’t want to use our template or a template from the internet, you can easily make your own get-to-know-you bingo cards.

Print out our blank template and write a different question in each square. At the top of the sheet, write briefly how the game works. Look through our questions to see which ones you like and want to use for your bingo card!

Scan your personalised Get to Know Bingo card and send it online (if you like) to everyone who comes to the party. This way, even shy people can get ready to play! Print out a copy for everyone and hand it out.

The 50 Most Exciting Questions for Get-To-Know-You Bingo for Adults

Find a person who…

  1. … Is related to a famous person
  2. … earns more than €80,000 a year
  3. … experienced a funny Tinder date story
  4. … has already been on a blind date
  5. … can’t live without his smartphone
  6. … has been to at least 3 countries this year
  7. … is willing to make a bet
  8. … does something you have always wanted to do
  9. … likes cats more than dogs
  10. … is reading a book
  11. … is not on facebook
  12. … is already an aunt or uncle
  13. … does not have a car
  14. … saves money
  15. … does sport regularly
  16. … has already lived in another country
  17. … is good at mathematics
  18. … knows at least 7 film quotes
  19. … loves their job
  20. … likes to buy second hand
  21. … spends money on their CO2-compensation
  22. … have already been to an illegal rave
  23. … knows where their T-shirt was produced
  24. … has a pet
  25. … whose first name has 3 vowels
  26. … likes to gamble on a smartphone
  27. … can sing well
  28. … can dance well
  29. … has already been at the police station
  30. … speaks at least 3 foreign languages
  31. … still remembers his last parking ticket
  32. … has already been to hospital once this year
  33. … knew what he/she wanted to be when he/she was a child
  34. … has a tattoo
  35. … has a secret vice
  36. … inherited a lot of money
  37. … wears something homemade
  38. … can imitate Donald Duck
  39. … can draw well
  40. … has a really crazy hobby
  41. … has already won a competition
  42. … writes or has written a diary
  43. … is a Libra
  44. … has mastered a musical instrument
  45. … plays / has played in a band
  46. … likes to play board games
  47. … has dyed hair
  48. … knows all the verses of at least 5 songs by heart
  49. … has been to a demo in the last 2 years
  50. … knows how to do the sun salutation

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