Grab this ice cream maker while it's discounted in Walmart's sale | Digital Trends (2024)

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ByAlbert Bassili

Grab this ice cream maker while it's discounted in Walmart's sale | Digital Trends (1)

With summer pretty much here, there are very few things that can be more refreshing than ice makers, and if you’re looking to pick up one of the best ice cream makers to help cool you down, you’re in luck. That’s because the Ninja CREAMi has a great deal going for it right now in the Walmart Deals sales event, and even better than that, it actually does a lot more than just ice cream. You can grab it for just $169, rather than the usual $199 it goes for, so you get a solid $30 off the regular price.

Why you should buy the Ninja CREAMi

The Ninja CREAMi is a pretty interesting device, given that it does a lot more functions than just making ice cream. For example, it can make milkshakes, sorbets, and even light ice cream for those who don’t enjoy the heavy creaminess of regular ice cream. Of course, there is a little preparation that needs to go into it, as the first step of any of these is freezing what you want made in the freezer overnight. But that’s a simple process, and you get a couple of containers you can use, so you can have them going simultaneously or one after the other. Once that’s done, you just stick it in the Ninja CREAMi and choose whatever option you want, and it preps it for you, and that usually involves blending and churning whatever you put in the container.

Of course, one of the big benefits of the Ninja CREAMi is that you have a lot more control over what goes into your ice cream or milkshakes, so if you have specific allergies or dietary restrictions, you can actually enjoy a frozen treat without having to worry about what’s inside. It’s also worth noting that both the containers come with lids, so if you don’t finish the whole 16 ounces of whatever you have, you can stick it back in the freezer to keep it good for a few more days. You can even make in bulk if you want. We’ll also say that the “ReMix” feature is great for those who feel the first cycle hasn’t mixed the ingredients inside quite enough, so it’s great for fine-tuning.

Overall, the Ninja CREAMi is an excellent ice cream maker with a lot of versatility, and the deal from Walmart bringing it down to $169 makes it a deal worth considering. You can also check out some of these other great Ninja Foodi deals for other great appliances.

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Walmart cut the price of this propane grill from $480 to $200

Grab this ice cream maker while it's discounted in Walmart's sale | Digital Trends (2)

With summer well on its way, the weather has become nice enough that you're probably considering some outdoor activities like grilling. Luckily, there are a lot of great grill deals in the lead-up to summer, so it's a perfect opportunity to pick one up if you don't have one or want to upgrade to something a little bit nicer. For example, the Seizeen Propane Grill usually goes for $480, but Walmart has discounted it down to just $200, saving you $280 in the process.

Why you should buy the Seizeen 4-Burner Propane Grill
Some of the best outdoor grills are the ones that give you a lot of capacity, and the Seizeen propane grill does just that with a 23x13-inch grilling area and a slightly smaller 23x4-inch heating area, so you have a couple of ways you can cook your food. Also, as the name suggests, this is a 4-burner propane grill and can handle a whopping 8550 BTU of heat, of which you lose very little given that the griddle plate is just 0.8mm, so you don't have to waste a bunch of heat warming up it up. Lighting up is pretty easy, given that it comes with an electronic igniter, so no playing around with matches and potentially getting burned.

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Get up to $1,600 off a French door refrigerator in LG’s 4th of July sale

Grab this ice cream maker while it's discounted in Walmart's sale | Digital Trends (3)

If you're setting up a new house or just upgrading your old kitchen, then you may be looking for some great smart refrigerators, and with so many great refrigerator brands on the market, it can be hard to pick something great. Luckily, LG has a lot of great options, and it's holding an early with huge discounts across the board of up to 45%. That said, there are a couple of great standouts, and in particular, LG's 30 cubic foot smart french door refrigerator, which usually goes for $3,999 but has been massively knocked down to $2,499, which constitutes a whopping $1,500 discount.

Why you should buy the LG 30 cubic foot Smart French Door Refrigerator
As you might expect for a refrigerator with 30 cubic feet of storage, there's a massive amount of space in LG's fridge to fit your stuff, although that's not the most interesting feature. In fact, it's the middle drawer that can act as both a fridge and a freezer at essentially the flick of a switch. As such, it's great for people who are constantly either running out of fridge or freezer space or have a hard time planning for the stuff that's going to be in there, so you get a little bit of extra leeway with that.

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Walmart dropped the price of this charcoal smoker to just $80

Grab this ice cream maker while it's discounted in Walmart's sale | Digital Trends (4)

With the weather getting a lot nicer, now is the perfect time to get into grilling and smoking, especially if you've been putting it off due to the cold of the winter. While smoking and grilling can get quite expensive, especially if you get some of the higher-end gear, there are a lot of great budget options for you to dip your toe in. One great example is the BBQ smoker grill from Gymax, which usually goes for $130 but has been discounted to just $80 at Walmart, meaning you can check out the whole process without having to spend a ton of money.

Why you should buy the Gymax 3-in-1 Vertical Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill
One of the great things about this BBQ smoker grill from Gymax is that it's versatile, and you can use it for a lot of different things. For example, you can use the bottom half on its own as a fire pit or a griller, so you don't even need to use it as a smoker if you don't have a need for it. If you do want to use it as a smoker, then you can add the second half for an enclosed area and then a grill on top of that with its own lid for a second enclosed area. Essentially, you can smoke two different things at the same time if you want to, and the quick-access doors let you see what's going on inside with relative ease.

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Grab this ice cream maker while it's discounted in Walmart's sale | Digital Trends (2024)
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