How Many Trulys To Get Drunk: A Complete Guide to Truly’s ABV (2023)

How Many Trulys To Get Drunk: A Complete Guide to Truly’s ABV (1)With the popularity of hard seltzers, asking how many Trulys to get drunk is pretty standard for beer drinkers.

Now that there are many seltzers with alcohol like Truly and White Claw, one must know how many they can drink before getting wasted.

Trulys are known for their bubbly and fruity flavors much like other seltzers, making them taste less like alcoholic drinks. We have answered all questions about getting drunk with Trulys in our guide below.

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How Many Trulys Does It Take To Get Drunk?

It takes between 4 and 5 cans of Trulys to get legally drunk with a blood-alcohol level of 0.08 percent. But once you’ve had between 5 and 7 cans, you can be sure that you’re already drunk. Keep in mind that this depends on your metabolism, weight, gender, and other factors.

– How Much Alcohol Is In a Truly?

In a standard 12-oz can of Truly, you get 5 percent alcohol content. The 5 percent ABV makes it similar to some light beers. All flavors of Truly have the same ABV with 100 calories, two grams of carbs, and a single gram of sugar.

– Can I Get Drunk on One Can of Truly?

It is unlikely for anyone to get drunk on one can of Truly. Although everyone has a different alcohol tolerance, just one can pack a big punch. One can of a seltzer with an alcohol percentage of 5 will increase your blood alcohol concentration by 0.02 percent alone, which is not considered drunk.

However, if you are tired and drinking on an empty stomach, and you have a low tolerance for alcohol, you can get tipsy. If this is the case, it’s inadvisable to drive at this state.

– Are Truly’s Hard Alcohol?

No, it’s not; the alcohol is pure and clean, and all cans are set at 5 percent regardless of the flavor. This is the same level as a standard White Claw can. Truly does not have any gluten or spirits, and the alcohol is obtained from fermenting cane sugar.

Truly is well-known for its sugar-loaded and fruity taste that makes you forget that you aren’t consuming alcohol. But this might make you drunk faster because the flavor is more inviting than beer or wine. It is also carbonated, allowing the alcohol to get into your bloodstream quicker.

– Is Truly a Beer?

No, it’s not; Truly is not a beer but a hard seltzer and has become very popular among beer lovers. Hard seltzer is a beverage made with carbonated water, flavorings, and alcohol. It is known for having low carbs and calories, and so it is marketed toward health-conscious drinkers.

Truly and other seltzers can be a low-calorie alternative to beers, with refreshing, fruity, and delicious tastes. Their tastes are also sweeter than beer, but just because seltzers have colorful and fruity flavors doesn’t mean they don’t contain alcohol, so drinking too much of it can lead to abuse.

– Does Truly Have More Alcohol Than Beer?

Yes, Truly has more alcohol than some beers, but most of the time, the alcohol in Truly is easily compared to most beers. Many beers have an alcohol rating of 5 percent, the same as Truly.

Beers usually contain alcohol content between 3 percent and 13 percent, with a significant number between 4 percent and 7 percent. So Truly has more alcohol than most light beers like Bud Light, which are usually between 3 percent and 5 percent.

Since the alcohol in Truly is obtained from all-natural cane sugar, one can say that it is more healthy than your standard can of beer.

– Does Truly Have Vodka?

No, Truly does not have vodka. Truly is not a cocktail, so it does not have any vodka or other forms of liquor. Although most people think that seltzers are spiked because they can make you drunk, this isn’t the case.

The alcohol in Truly and similar hard seltzers are obtained from fermenting cane sugar. It is made in the same way as beer but without carbonation and flavors. Truly is made with different fruit flavors and is carbonated, giving you a fizzy taste.

With this process, Truly gives you as much alcohol as the average beer and does not need any vodka.

– How Long Does It Take for a Hard Seltzer to Kick In?

It takes about 10 minutes after drinking for a hard seltzer like Truly to kick in. Keep in mind that Truly seltzers are carbonated, and this means that it works faster than the average non-carbonated beer.

The carbonation causes the seltzer to have higher absorption into the bloodstream from the stomach. It also makes Truly move faster from your stomach to the small intestine, where most of the alcohol is absorbed.

Due to this, you can get drunk quickly after two or more Trulys depending on how fast you are drinking, the water you have taken, and if you ate anything beforehand.

– Does Hard Seltzer Give You a Hangover?

Yes, hard seltzer can give you a hangover. Although the hangover given by a seltzer is not as bad as wine, beer, or hard liquor, you will still feel the after-effects of alcohol consumption. Just because Truly is sweet and fizzy doesn’t mean it’s not an alcoholic drink — you will still feel headaches if you drink a lot.

It’s advisable to drink your Truly cans in moderation to prevent a hangover. Also, ensure you’re drinking water with your seltzer and not drinking on an empty stomach. Luckily, you won’t feel the nasty hangover that other alcoholic beverages give.

– Are Trulys Healthy?

Yes, Trulys can be considered healthy, but most seltzers have the same nutritional info, which makes them all healthy. With a 12-oz can of Truly, you get 5 percent of alcohol, 100 calories, two grams of carbs, and one gram of sugar. These are lower-calorie options compared to the standard beers that we drink.

How Many Cans You Need To Drink To Get Drunk Based on Weight

The other factors that affect the number of Trulys you need to get drunk are how fast you consume the drink and your water composition. But for your blood alcohol content to get to 0.08 percent and more, you must have drunk between 4 to 7 cans of Trulys.

This depends mainly on your weight since lighter people would get drunk quicker than heavier people. Let’s see how many Trulys you need to drink to get drunk based on weights from 100 pounds to 180 pounds.

– 100 Pounds

A woman or man weighing 100 pounds will need 2-3 cans of Trulys to get drunk.

– 120 Pounds

After 2-3 cans of Trulys, a 120-pound woman is considered legally drunk, but a man will have to drink 3-4 cans before getting drunk.

– 140 Pounds

A woman weighing 140 pounds will need to drink 2-4 Trulys to get drunk, but it takes 3-5 cans for a man of the same weight.

– 160 Pounds

A 160-pound woman will be considered drunk after 3-5 cans of Truly, while a man will need to drink up to 6 cans.

– 180 Pounds

A man of 180 pounds will get drunk after 4-6 cans of Trulys, while a woman of the same weight will get drunk after 3-5.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled some popular questions that beer drinkers and alcohol consumers usually have about how many Trulys they need to get drunk. Check them out below.

– How Many White Claws Will Get You Drunk?

It will take between 5 to 7 cans of White Claws for you to get drunk. These beverages have a 5 percent ABV with 12-oz cans, so they work very similarly to Trulys. If you’re drinking White Claws for the first time, it takes 2-4 cans to get drunk.

– How Much Alcohol Is Needed for a Beginner To Get Drunk?

It takes between 2-4 units of alcohol to make a non-experienced drinker get drunk, although this depends on the type of alcohol. For Trulys, it is the same as drinking 2-4 cans.

It takes between 2 to 4 standard cans of Trulys for a lightweight to get drunk. It’s always best to stay under five drinks to avoid getting wasted, making mistakes, and even ending up with a bad hangover.

– Can You Become Drunk From Drinking a 5% Alcohol Beverage?

Yes, you can become drunk from drinking alcoholic beverages with 5 percent ABV. You might even feel tipsy the second time you drink alcohol. Take note that one 12-oz can of Trulys with 5 percent ABV is the same as one 1.5-oz shot with 40 percent of hard liquor.


How Many Trulys To Get Drunk: A Complete Guide to Truly’s ABV (2)If you’ve decided to dive into Trulys or wonder how many cans to take until you get drunk, we’ve answered all the possible questions in our guide. Here’s the rundown:

  • It takes between 4 to 5 cans of Truly to be legally drunk and 5 to 7 cans for you to appear truly drunk.
  • Every 12-oz can of Truly has 5 percent of alcohol.
  • You can’t get drunk from one Truly but should begin to see effects from the second can.
  • Truly is not a beer and can have more alcohol than some beers.
  • The alcoholic effects of Truly can kick in after about ten minutes.

Remember that moderation is key when you’re drinking alcohol, and Truly completely qualifies as an alcoholic drink.

So the next time you’re drinking your can of Truly, don’t let the sweet taste confuse you!

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