How to fix Valorant FPS drops in Windows 11 (2023)

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How to fix Valorant FPS drops in Windows 11 (1)

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  • Windows 11 Valorant FPS drops can occur because of background apps and features consuming system resources, or overly high in-game graphical settings.
  • Some players might be able to fix Valorant’s low FPS rates by changing in-game graphical settings.
  • Updating drivers might resolve Windows 11 FPS drops for Valorant and other games for some players.
  • Disabling third-party startup items and services in Windows 11 can also help fix Valorant’s frame rate.

How to fix Valorant FPS drops in Windows 11 (2)


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Valorant is still a relatively new freemium first-person shooter game, which more players are now playing on Windows 11. A decent FPS (Frame Per Second) rate is important for the smoothest gameplay in Valorant, like all other shoot ‘em ups.

However, some players have posted on support forums about notable Valorant FPS drops arising when playing it in Windows 11. Valorant’s frame rate has been noticeably lower for those players after upgrading to Windows 11. One player said this in a Microsoft forum post:

Anyone else having FPS drops when upgraded to Windows 11? I know it is still on beta, but I used to have +200 FPS on Valorant. Now I’m getting 130, same as in Resident Evil 6. I used to have around 120 FPS, but now I’m having drops to 80 or less.

Has your own Valorant game had a similar FPS drop on Windows 11? If so, the potential resolutions below might restore your Valorant game’s frame rate to something like it was in Windows 10.

How come Valorant’s FPS drops in Windows 11?

Valorant isn’t the only game players have noticed notable FPS drops for in Windows 11. Some players have reported significant frame rate drops across all games they play on that platform. So, FPS drops for games isn’t an uncommon Windows 11 issue.

Remember that Windows 11 is a very new OS at the moment. So, it shouldn’t come as that big a surprise that there are few gaming performance issues on Windows 11. Microsoft might need a bit more time to address them.

As you can see from the image above, games can be playable at around 30 FPS, but this FPS value is not optimal when it comes to multiplayer games or competitive gaming.

Nevertheless, there are a few things that can have a notable impact on Valorant’s frame rate in Windows 11. These are some of the most causes for a Valorant’s FPS dropping in the latest platform:

  • Outdated graphics card drivers: Low frame rate issues can often arise because of antiquated GPU drivers.
  • Game DVR feature: The Game DVR feature in Windows 11 consumes system resources, which can lower the FPS rate for gaming.
  • Background programs: Lots of startup items draining system resources can cause Valorant’s FPS rate to drop.
  • In-game graphical settings: Higher in-game graphical settings lower average frame rates.
  • High mouse polling rate: A mouse polling rate of 1,000 Hz or higher reputedly causes frame rate drops for games in Windows 11.

How can I fix big Valorant FPS drops in Windows 11?

1. Check for Windows 11 updates

  1. Click the Start taskbar icon.
  2. Then select Settings on the Start menu that opens.
  3. Click the Windows Update tab.
  4. Press the Check for updates button.
  5. Restart your PC if prompted to do so.

2. Turn on Game Mode in Windows 11

  1. Click Start from the taskbar.
  2. Choose Settings.
  3. Then select the Gaming tab in Settings.
  4. Click Game Mode on the Gaming tab.
  5. Turn on the Game Mode option to enable it.

3. Select a high performance power plan

  1. Right click the Windows logo from the taskbar, and select the Run shortcut on the menu.
  2. Next, input this text in the Open box and click OK: control powercfg.cpl
  3. Click Show additional plans on the Power Options Control Panel applet if the High performance setting isn’t visible.
  4. Thereafter, select the High performance radio button.

4. Lower Valorant’s in-game graphical settings

  1. Launch Valorant, and open the game’s Video settings tab.
  2. Select the Graphics Quality tab shown directly below.
  3. Make sure the Multithreaded Rendering option is enabled.
  4. Change the Anisotropic Filtering option to 1x.
  5. Select None for the Anti-Aliasing setting.
  6. Turn off the VSync setting.
  7. Reduce the material, texture, detail, and UI graphical quality settings to low (or at least medium if they’re on high).
  8. Also, turn off the options for clarity, bloom, shadows, and distortions.

5. Update your graphics card’s driver

  1. Press the magnifying glass button on the taskbar.
  2. Enter Device Manager in the search tool’s text box, and open it.
  3. Double-click the Display adapters category and Right-click your PC’s graphics card, then select Update driver.
  4. Thereafter, click the Search automatically for drivers option within the Update Drivers window that opens.

If the Update Drivers utility doesn’t update your graphics card’s driver, there might still be a newer one available.

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Scanning your PC with a driver updater utility will list devices on it that have outdated drivers. Then you can update your GPU’s driver with the driver updater software like DriverFix.

6. Clean-boot Windows 11

  1. Press the Windows + R hotkey and type msconfig
  2. Click Selective startup on the General tab and uncheck the checkbox for the Load startup items option.
  3. Click the Services tab and select the Hide all Microsoft services checkbox.
  4. Click Disable all to deselect all the checkboxes for third-party software services, and press OK.
  5. Select the Restart option on the dialog box.

7. Disable the Game DVR feature

  1. Click the Search button on the taskbar, type regedit and choose Run as administrator.
  2. Then open this key in the Registry Editor: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\System\GameConfigStore
  3. Double-click the GameDVR_Enabled DWORD to open the Edit DWORD window.
  4. Input 0 within the Value data box.
  5. Double-click GameDVR_FSEBehaviourMode in the same registry key to bring up its Edit DWORD window.
  6. Type the value 0 within the text box, and click the OK button.
  7. Next, go to this registry key location: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\PolicyManager\default\ApplicationManagement\AllowGameDVR
  8. Double-click the value DWORD in the AllowGameDVR key.
  9. Delete the current value from the data text box, and then enter 0 to replace it.
  10. Click OK when done.
  11. Close the Registry Editor, and click the Restart button on the Start menu.
  12. Click OK to close the Edit DWORD window.

8. Lower your mouse’s pooling rate

The polling rate is a speed specification for how often a mouse’s cursor gets updated. Reducing the polling rate for gaming mice can reputedly help resolve FPS drops for Valaront and other Windows 11 games.

If you’re utilizing a gaming mouse, you might be able to change its polling rate with its dedicated settings software. So, open the settings app for your mouse if it has one. Then look for and reduce a Pooling Rate or Report Rate option to about 500Hz.

Some gaming mice also include dedicated pooling rate buttons or switches. If your mouse has such a button, you can reduce its pooling rate to 500Hz with that.

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Who can I contact about fixing Valorant’s FPS drops in Windows 11?

Valorant has a support service for helping players fix technical issues with the game. You can get in touch with that support service via Submit a Request page on Valorant’s website. You’ll need to be signed in to the Valorant site to submit a support request there.

The suggested resolutions above could feasibly give Valorant’s FPS rate a notable boost in Windows 11. With its frame rate fixed, Valorant’s gameplay will be somewhat smoother than it previously was.

Not all those potential resolutions are necessarily exclusively for Valorant either. Some of those resolutions might also fix FPS drops for other Windows 11 games as well.

Aside from those resolutions, there might be other ways you can fix Valorant FPS drops in Windows 11. Some of the tips in our How to fix high FPS drops guide might also come in handy for boosting Valorant’s FPS rate.

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    Does Windows 11 cause FPS drop? ›

    For some reason, Windows 11 can trigger additional software processes while gaming, which can drag down performance.

    Is Windows 11 fixed for Valorant? ›

    Valorant will not run on systems that do not satisfy the minimum system requirements for Windows 11. The most recent system requirements for Windows 11 are TPM 2.0, Secure Boot Enabled, and a Newer Generation CPU.

    Does Windows 11 affect Valorant FPS? ›

    Game DVR feature: The Game DVR feature in Windows 11 consumes system resources, which can lower the FPS rate for gaming. Background programs: Lots of startup items draining system resources can cause Valorant's FPS rate to drop.

    Is Windows 11 fixed for gaming? ›

    Microsoft provides fixes for gaming performance issues previously reported for Windows 11 22H2. Microsoft fixes gaming performance issues on Windows 11 22H2. The update is now available as a preview through Windows Update.

    Are Windows 11 gaming issues fixed? ›

    Microsoft has apparently resolved the gaming issues in the Windows 11 22H2 update, making it safe for anyone that hasn't updated yet to do so now. The gaming problems were confirmed by Microsoft two weeks into November, following ongoing complaints from Windows gamers that had noticed popular games lagging.

    Why is Windows 11 a bit laggy? ›

    1. Why Is Windows 11 So Laggy? If you feel Windows 11 running slow or freezing, the reasons could come from low system storage or running too many programs at the same time.

    Is gaming slower on Windows 11? ›

    Microsoft itself confirmed some game performance drops and stuttering in Windows 11's 2022 update. Have your PC games been feeling a bit sluggish since you installed the 2022 update (a.k.a. 22H2) for Windows 11?

    Does Windows 11 limit FPS? ›

    The Windows 11 does not slow down the FPS.

    How do I fix Valorant vanguard in Windows 11? ›

    Solution 1: Run Valorant as an Administrator. Solution 2: Reinstall Valorant. Solution 3: Disable Third-Party Antivirus. Solution 4: Bypass Windows Defender Firewall.

    How can I improve my game performance in Windows 11? ›

    Optimize Windows 11 for gaming performance
    1. Open Start.
    2. Search for Windows Security and click the top result to open the app.
    3. Click on Device Security.
    4. Under the “Core isolation” section, click the “Core isolation details” option.
    5. Turn off the “Memory integrity” toggle switch to optimize gaming.
    6. Restart the computer.
    31 Oct 2022

    Is Windows 11 better for gaming or worse? ›

    Its performance is slightly lower or just the same as Windows 10, which is hardly a good thing. In the long run, however, PC gaming will get better with Windows 11. New titles would be optimized to take advantage of Windows 11's features, from DirectX 12 Ultimate to Direct Storage.

    Is Win 11 faster than Win 10? ›

    Windows 11 is faster than Windows 10. Processing performance and RAM distribution are notably quicker with Windows 11. What is the big difference between Windows 10 and Windows 11? Speed and design are the two main changes between 10 and 11.

    How do I revert from Windows 11 to 10? ›

    Go to Settings > System > Recovery and, under the Advanced Startup heading, click Restart Now. At the Windows 11 recovery menu, choose Use A Device and select your USB drive. When you see the prompt to boot from the USB drive, tap the spacebar to start Windows Setup. Follow the prompts to install Windows 10.

    What is the biggest problem with Windows 11? ›

    Intel and Microsoft have found incompatibility issues with certain versions of drivers for Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST) on Intel 11th Gen Core processors and Windows 11. Windows 11 devices with the affected Intel SST driver might receive an error with a blue screen.

    Which Windows 11 version is best for gaming? ›

    Which Edition is the Best for Gaming? When it comes to gaming, the OS capabilities are the same whether you choose the Home, Pro, or Enterprise edition. No additional features they might have will bring a different gaming experience. Windows 11 Home is all you need as a gamer.

    Is Windows 11 worth it 2022? ›

    You may be wondering, though, should you install the upgrade? With all the new security, productivity, accessibility and gaming features, the answer is likely yes. The operating system is fast approaching its first anniversary in early October.

    How much RAM do I need to run Windows 11 smoothly? ›

    Hardware requirements

    RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB) or greater. Storage: 64 GB* or greater available storage is required to install Windows 11.

    Can Windows 11 run 144Hz? ›

    Set 144Hz in Settings

    Step 1: In Windows 11/10, go to Settings by pressing Win + I and click System > Display. Step 2: Click Advanced display or Advanced display settings, select a display, and tap on Display adapter properties for Display (Number). Step 3: In the Monitor tab, set Screen refresh rate to 144Hertz.

    Does Windows 11 Decrease PC performance? ›

    Windows 11 is snappier than Windows 10, but the differences are small in real-world use. The various optimizations in Windows 11 help it to run faster on weaker laptops, but you're not giving up a ton of performance with Windows 10.

    How do I get rid of FPS drops? ›

    Easy Fixes for Low FPS
    1. Close background processes. Use the Task Manager (shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+ESC), then click the CPU and Memory tabs to see what's using large chunks of your CPU or RAM.
    2. Update the game. ...
    3. Update your graphics drivers. ...
    4. Search for player tweaks and mods. ...
    5. Repair your install.

    How do I fix game stuttering in Windows 11? ›

    “If you are already on Windows 11, version 22H2 and are experiencing this issue, you might be able to resolve it by updating your games and gaming related apps to the latest version available,” Microsoft says.

    How do I get 144 Hz on Windows 11? ›

    To change the refresh rate
    1. Select Start > Settings > System > Display > Advanced display .
    2. Next to Choose a refresh rate, select the rate you want. The refresh rates that appear depend on your display and what it supports. Select laptops and external displays will support higher refresh rates.

    Does Windows 11 make gaming faster? ›

    However, the truth in our investigative comparison testing last December was that Windows 11 was neither better nor worse than Windows 10 in terms of gaming performance.

    Why is Windows 11 lagging? ›

    You need to check and disable irrelevant startup apps from settings. Step 1: Open Windows 11 Settings menu (use Windows + I keys) and select Apps from the left sidebar. Step 2: Select the Startup menu. Step 3: Check Startup apps and their impact on the system.

    How much RAM does Windows 11 use? ›

    Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster with two or more cores on a compatible 64-bit processor or system on a chip (SoC). RAM: 4 gigabytes (GB) or greater. Storage: 64 GB* or greater available storage is required to install Windows 11.

    Does Windows 11 affect RAM? ›

    Does Windows 11 Use More RAM? Yes, Windows 11 uses more RAM than earlier versions of Windows. This is because Windows 11 includes a lot of new features and programs that require more memory to run. On average, Windows 11 uses about 4 GB of RAM.

    How do I stop Valorant FPS drop? ›

    If you are facing FPS drops in Valorant, you should re-check your system specifications to ensure you meet the requirements.
    1. Resolution: Select your Native resolution.
    2. Frame Rate Limit: Unlimited.
    3. Material Quality: High/Medium.
    4. Texture Quality: High/Medium.
    5. Detail Quality: High.
    6. UI Quality: Low.
    7. Vignette: Off.
    8. VSync: Off.

    Does CPU affect FPS? ›

    The more cores your CPU has, the better framerate you get.” Having multiple cores isn't the only important thing to consider, however.

    Why do I have low FPS with good PC? ›

    If you have outdated hardware in your PC, you can suffer from low game FPS, no matter what software changes you make. In that case, it's time to upgrade your hardware. You may need a more powerful video card that can handle higher-quality games, more RAM to keep the game running smoothly, or a stronger CPU.

    Does Windows 11 cause stuttering in games? ›

    For some reason, the Windows 11 22H2 update can trigger additional debugging software processes while gaming, which can result in a performance drop, including stuttering.

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