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Regular Season: 142-164 (-2096)
Playoffs: 22-18 (+620)


Saturday 11/5
Phillies (Wheeler) +128 over Astros (Valdez)LOSS

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Thursday 11/3
Phillies (Syndergaard) +140 over Astros (Verlander)LOSS

Wednesday 11/2
Phillies (Nola) +100 over Astros (Javier)LOSS

Tuesday 11/1
Phillies (Suarez) +108 over Astros (McCullers)WIN

Monday 10/31
Phillies (Syndergaard) +110 over Astros (McCullers)PPD

Saturday 10/29
Phillies (Wheeler) +125 over Astros (Valdez)LOSS

Friday 10/28
Phillies vs Astros Game 1 Free PickWIN

Sunday 10/23
Phillies (Wheeler) -135 over Padres (Darvish)WIN
Yankees (Cortes) -120 over Astros (McCullers)LOSS

Saturday 10/22
Padres (Clevinger) vs Phillies (Falter)OVER 8.5 -110 WIN
Astros (Javier) +129 over Yankees (Cole)WIN

Friday 10/21
Phillies (Suarez) -102 over Padres (Musgrove)WIN

Thursday 10/20
Astros (Valdez) -147 over Yankees (Severino)WIN

Wednesday 10/19
Phillies (Nola) +107 over Padres (Snell)LOSS
Yankees (Taillon) +165 over Astros (Verlander)LOSS

Tuesday 10/18
Phillies vs Padres Free PickWIN
Yankees (ACTION) -1.5 +135 over Guardians (ACTION)WIN

Monday 10/17
Yankees (Taillon) -147 over Guardians (Civale)PPD

Sunday 10/16
Guardians (Quantrill) +1.5 -120 over Yankees (Cole)LOSS

Saturday 10/15
Phillies (Syndergaard) +112 over Braves (Morton)WIN
Padres (Musgrove) +110 over Dodgers (Anderson)WIN
Yankees (Severino) -115 over Guardians (McKenzie)LOSS
Astros (McCullers) -109 over Mariners (Kirby)WIN

Friday 10/14
Phillies (Nola) -115 over Braves (ACTION)WIN
Dodgers (Gonsolin) -120 over Padres (Snell)LOSS
Guardians (Bieber) +127 over Yankees (Cortes)WIN

Thursday 10/13
Mariners (Castillo) +137 over Astros (Valdez)LOSS
Guardians (Bieber) +120 over Yankees (Cortes)PPD

Wednesday 10/12
Phillies (Wheeler) +125 over Braves (Wright)LOSS
Padres (Darvish) +165 over Dodgers (Kershaw)WIN

Tuesday 10/11
Phillies (Suarez) +170 over Braves (Fried)WIN
Padres (Clevinger) +190 over Dodgers (Urias)LOSS
Guardians vs Yankees Free PickLOSS
Mariners (Gilbert) +195 over Astros (Verlander)LOSS

Sunday 10/9
Mets (Bassitt) -130 over Padres (Musgrove)LOSS

Saturday 10/8
Mets (deGrom) -1.5 +140 over Padres (Snell)WIN
Phillies (Nola) -112 over Cardinals (Mikolas)WIN
Mariners (Ray) +140 over Blue Jays (Gausman)WIN
Guardians (McKenzie) -110 over Rays (Glasnow)WIN

Friday 10/7
Phillies (Wheeler) -103 over Cardinals (Quintana)WIN
Padres vs Mets Free PickLOSS
Blue Jays (Manoah) -128 over Mariners (Castillo)LOSS
Guardians (Bieber) -110 over Rays (McClanahan)WIN

Wednesday 10/5
Rangers (Otto) +125 over Yankees (German)WIN

Tuesday 10/4
Blue Jays (White) -120 over Orioles (Baumann)PPD

Monday 10/3
Padres (Musgrove) -1.5 -120 over Giants (Brebbia)WIN

Sunday 10/2
Padres (Snell) -1.5 +150 over White Sox (Lynn)LOSS

Saturday 10/1
Giants (Alexander) -120 over Diamondbacks (Jameson)LOSS

Friday 9/30
Mets (deGrom) -115 over Braves (Fried)LOSS
Blue Jays (Manoah) -1.5 +105 over Red Sox (Pivetta)WIN

Thursday 9/29
Orioles (Baumann) +138 over Red Sox (Eovaldi)LOSS

Wednesday 9/28
Padres (Musgrove) +123 over Dodgers (Urias)LOSS

Tuesday 9/27
Marlins (Lopez) +1.5 -125 over Mets (Carrasco)WIN

Monday 9/26
Reds (Anderson) +120 over Pirates (Contreras)LOSS

Sunday 9/25
Twins (Bundy) -105 over Angels (Suarez)LOSS

Saturday 9/24
Diamondbacks (Kelly) -115 over Giants (Cobb)WIN

Friday 9/23
Pirates (Wilson) +100 over Cubs (Assad)LOSS

Thursday 9/22
Padres (Musgrove) -135 over Cardinals (Flaherty)LOSS
Royals (Heasley) +115 over Twins (Winder)WIN

Wednesday 9/21
Mets (Walker) -120 over Brewers (Houser)LOSS

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Tuesday 9/20
Mets (Carrasco) -105 over Brewers (Ashby)WIN
Blue Jays vs Phillies Free PickLOSS

Monday 9/19
Cubs (Miley) +123 over Marlins (Cabrera)LOSS
Rockies (Kuhl) +110 over Giants (Junis)LOSS

Sunday 9/18
Guardians (Morris) -105 over Twins (Ryan)LOSS
Mariners (Gonzales) -110 over Angels (Detmers)LOSS

Saturday 9/17
Orioles (Bradish) +140 over Blue Jays (Berrios)LOSS

Friday 9/16
Seattle (Ray) vs Angels (Lorenzen)OVER 8 -110 WIN

Thursday 9/15
Phillies (Syndergaard) -130 over Marlins (Lopez)LOSS

Wednesday 9/14
Braves (Morton) -115 over Giants (Rodon) LOSS

Tuesday 9/13
Mariners (Gilbert) -115 over Padres (Darvish)LOSS

Monday 9/12
Rangers (Otto) +110 over Marlins (Rogers)Game 1WIN

Sunday 9/11
Orioles (Bradish) -123 over Red Sox (Hill)LOSS

Saturday 9/10
Giants (Webb) -115 over Cubs (Stroman)WIN

Friday 9/9
Rockies (Marquez) -108 over Diamondbacks (Davies)WIN
Twins (Bundy) -105 over Guardians (Quantrill)LOSS

Thursday 9/8
Reds (Cessa) +135 over Cubs (Sampson)WIN

Wednesday 9/7
Rangers (Ragans) vs Astros (Javier)OVER 8 -115 LOSS
Padres (Darvish) -1.5 -105
over Diamondbacks (Henry)WIN

Tuesday 9/6
Orioles (Bradish) +100 over Blue Jays (White)WIN
Marlins vs Phillies Free PickLOSS

Monday 9/5
Mariners (Gonzales) -105 over White Sox (Lynn)LOSS
Guardians (McKenzie) -125 over Royals (Singer)WIN

Sunday 9/4
Tigers (Manning) -115 over Royals (Castillo)LOSS

Saturday 9/3
Phillies (Syndergaard) -115 over Giants (Junis)LOSS

Friday 9/2
Phillies (Gibson) -105 over Giants (Cobb)LOSS

Thursday 9/1
Mets (Bassitt) +125 over Dodgers (Kershaw)WIN
Orioles (Bradish) +155 over Guardians (Bieber)WIN

Wednesday 8/31
Padres (Musgrove) -132 over Giants (Wood)WIN

Tuesday 8/30
Mets (Walker) +125 over Dodgers (Heaney)LOSS
Twins (Archer) -130 over Red Sox (Crawford)WIN

Monday 8/29
Padres (Clevinger) +130 over Giants (Rodon)WIN

Sunday 8/28
Red Sox (Pivetta) +105 over Rays (Kluber)LOSS

Saturday 8/27
Reds (Cessa) +107 over Nationals (Espino)WIN
Red Sox (Hill) +100 over Rays (Springs)WIN
Twins (Gray) -125 over Giants (Cobb)WIN

Friday 8/26
Reds (Minor) +118 over Nationals (Cavalli)WIN
Blue Jays (White) -1.5 +110 over Angels (Detmers)LOSS

Thursday 8/25
Cardinals (Hudson) -120 over Cubs (Stroman)WIN

Wednesday 8/24
Astros (Valdez) -1.5 -105 over Twins (Bundy)WIN

Tuesday 8/23
Orioles (Voth) +130 over White Sox (Cease)WIN
Nationals vs Mariners Free PickWIN

Monday 8/22
Braves (Odorizzi) vs Pirates (Contreras)OVER 8.5 -120 LOSS

Sunday 8/21
Orioles (Kremer) +100 over Red Sox (Pivetta)WIN

Saturday 8/20
Rockies (Feltner) +155 over Giants (Cobb)WIN

Friday 8/19
Rays (McClanahan) -1.5 +115 over Royals (Singer)LOSS

Thursday 8/18
Giants (Webb) -1.5 +155 over Diamondbacks (Gallen) LOSS

Wednesday 8/17
Guardians (Quantrill) -1.5 -105 over Tigers (Norris) WIN

Tuesday 8/16
Mets (Walker) +130 over Braves (Morton) LOSS

Monday 8/15
Mets (Carrasco) +135 over Braves (Strider) LOSS

Sunday 8/14
Giants (Wood) -1.5 -120 over Pirates (Thompson)LOSS

Saturday 8/13
Reds (Ashcraft) -120 over Cubs (Sampson)LOSS
Giants (Webb) -1.5 -115 over Pirates (Beede)WIN

Friday 8/12
White Sox (Kopech) -1.5 -120 over Tigers (Norris)WIN

Thursday 8/11
Phillies (Gibson) -1.5 +125 over Marlins (Cabrera)LOSS
Orioles (Kremer) +110 over Red Sox (Winckowski)LOSS

Wednesday 8/10
Orioles (Kremer) +130 over Blue Jays (Berrios)PPD

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Tuesday 8/9
Padres (Musgrove) -1.5 +117 over Giants (Cobb)WIN
Braves (Morton) -150 over Red Sox (Hill)WIN
Dodgers (Urias) -1.5 -105 over Twins (Ryan)WIN

Monday 8/8
A’s (Irvin) -115 over Angels (Suarez)LOSS
Mariners (Gilbert) +105 over Yankees (Taillon)LOSS

Sunday 8/7
Rockies (Urena) +140 over Diamondbacks (Davies)LOSS
Marlins vs Cubs Free PickLOSS

Saturday 8/6
Padres (Clevinger) +135 over Dodgers (Heaney)LOSS

Friday 8/5
Phillies (Gibson) -1.5 -110 over Nationals (Gray)WIN
Astros (Valdez) -1.5 -120 over Guardians (Gaddis)WIN
Royals (Greinke) -105 over Red Sox (Winckowski)LOSS

Thursday 8/4
Blue Jays (Manoah) -120 over Twins (Gray)WIN

Wednesday 8/3
Blue Jays (Kikuchi) -108 over Rays (Beeks)LOSS
Tigers (Alexander) +188 over Twins (Ryan)LOSS
A’s (Kaprielian) vs Angels (Ohtani)UNDER 7 -110 WIN

Tuesday 8/2
Reds (Ashcraft) +115 over Marlins (Garrett)WIN
Cubs (Thompson) vs Cardinals (Wainwright)OVER 8 -115 LOSS
Blue Jays vs Rays Free PickWIN

Monday 8/1
Giants (Webb) +115 over Dodgers (Heaney)LOSS
Orioles vs Rangers Free PickLOSS

Sunday 7/31
Astros (Odorizzi) -128 over Mariners (Kirby)WIN
Rangers (Dunning) +105 over Angels (Detmers)WIN
Padres (Manaea) -1.5 +135 over Twins (Bundy)LOSS

Saturday 7/30
Rays (Kluber) -125 over Guardians (Plesac)WIN
Red Sox (Pivetta) -110 over Brewers (Lauer)LOSS
Padres (Musgrove) -127 over Twins (Gray)LOSS

Friday 7/29
Phillies (Falter) -125 over Pirates (Quintana)WIN

Thursday 7/28
Phillies (Wheeler) -1.5 -115 over Pirates (Thompson)LOSS
Astros (Urquidy) -135 over Mariners (Gilbert)WIN

Wednesday 7/27
Rangers (Gray) -116 over Mariners (Gonzales)LOSS
Cardinals (Wainwright) vs Blue Jays (Gausman)OVER 8 -110 LOSS

Tuesday 7/26
Rangers (Dunning) +126 over Mariners (Kirby)LOSS
Yankees vs Mets Free PickWIN

Monday 7/25
Pirates (Brubaker) +122 over Cubs (Sampson)LOSS
Orioles (Voth) +115 over Rays (Kluber)WIN

Sunday 7/24
Rangers (Perez) -124 over A’s (Blackburn)WIN

Saturday 7/23
Mets (Bassitt) -148 over Padres (Snell)LOSS
Dodgers (Urias) -1.5 +117 over Giants (Wood)WIN
Rangers (Hearn) -122 over A’s (Kaprielian)NO PLAY

Friday 7/22
Rangers (Howard) vs A’s (Irvin)OVER 7 -110 WIN
Guardians (Quantrill) +134
over White Sox (Giolito)WIN
Cubs vs Phillies Free PickLOSS

Thursday 7/21
Rangers (Gray) +105 over Marlins (Lopez)WIN

Tuesday 7/19
All-Star Game Free Pick

HR Derby
Juan Soto (+600)
Julio Rodriguez(+900)

Sunday 7/17
Giants (Webb) -1.5 +125 over Brewers (Ashby)WIN

Saturday 7/16
Dodgers (Urias) -1.5 -117 over Angels (Suarez)WIN

Friday 7/15
Brewers (Woodruff) -120 over Giants (Wood)LOSS
Astros (Urquidy) -1.5 +105 over A’s (Irvin)LOSS
Phillies vs Marlins Free PickWIN

Thursday 7/14
Cardinals (Hudson) +138 over Dodgers (Anderson)LOSS

Wednesday 7/13
Phillies (Wheeler) -112 over Blue Jays (Stripling)LOSS
Astros (Javier) +110 over Angels (Ohtani)LOSS

Tuesday 7/12
Giants (Webb) -1.5 -105 over D’backsWIN
Brewers vs Twins Free PickLOSS

Monday 7/11
Padres (Manaea) -142 over Rockies (Urena)WIN
Rays (Wisler) +105 over Red Sox (Bello)WIN

Sunday 7/10
Padres (Gore) -120 over Giants (Wood)LOSS
Rangers (Dunning) -115 over Twins (Odorizzi)LOSS

Saturday 7/9
Orioles (Kremer) +110 over Angels (Sandoval)WIN
Rangers (Perez) -115 over Twins (Smeltzer)WIN

Friday 7/8
Yankees (Cortes) -145 over Red Sox (Seabold)WIN
Rangers (J. Gray) -105 over Twins (S. Gray)WIN
Royals (Singer) -110 over Guardians (Civale)WIN

Thursday 7/7
Padres (Musgrove) -130 over Giants (Webb)WIN

Wednesday 7/6
Phillies (Nola) -1.5 -110 over Nationals (Gray)LOSS
Blue Jays (Berrios) vs A’s (Kaprielian)OVER 8 -115 LOSS

Tuesday 7/5
White Sox (Kopech) -125 over Twins (Archer)NO PLAY
Angels vs Marlins Free PickWIN

Monday 7/4
Rangers (Dunning) +100 over Orioles (Kremer)LOSS
Blue Jays (Manoah) -1.5 -120 over A’s (Irvin)LOSS

Sunday 7/3
Rangers (Gray) +126 over Mets (Carrasco)LOSS

Saturday 7/2
Phillies (Gibson) -128 over Cardinals (Liberatore)LOSS
Astros (Urquidy) -1.5 +145 over Angels (Sandoval)WIN

Friday 7/1
Rangers vs Mets Free PickNO PLAY
Diamondbacks (Kelly) +104 over Rockies (Senzatela)WIN
Dodgers (Gonsolin) -1.5 +125 over Padres (Snell)WIN

Thursday 6/30
Phillies (Nola) -120 over Braves (Anderson)WIN
Yankees (Severino) -105 over Astros (Garcia)LOSS

Wednesday 6/29
Reds (Greene) +115 over Cubs (Steele)LOSS

Tuesday 6/28
Rays (Baz) -115 over Brewers (Woodruff)LOSS
Astros (Valdez) -120 over Mets (Carrasco)WIN
Braves vs Phillies Free PickLOSS

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Monday 6/27
Twins vs Guardians Free PickLOSS
Angels (Syndergaard) -123 over White Sox (Giolito)WIN

Sunday 6/26
Reds (Mahle) +138 over Giants (DeSclafani)WIN
Phillies (Gibson) +122 over Padres (Darvish)WIN

Saturday 6/25
Giants (Webb) -1.5 -115 over Reds (Minor)WIN
Red Sox (Winckowski) +140 over Guardians (Bieber)WIN
Rangers (Bush) -115 over Nationals (Gray)NO PLAY

Friday 6/24
Rays (Springs) -1.5 +110 over Pirates (Keller)LOSS

Thursday 6/23
Pirates (Quintana) +100 over Cubs (Steele)WIN
Mariners (Ray) -120 over A’s (Montas)WIN

Wednesday 6/22
Braves (Morton) -117 over Giants (Rodon)WIN
Orioles (Wells) -1.5 +145 over Nationals (Corbin)NO PLAY

Tuesday 6/21
Royals (Heasley) +160 over Angels (Detmers)WIN
Phillies vs Rangers Free PickLOSS
Cubs (Swarmer) +135 over Pirates (Contreras)LOSS

Monday 6/20
Blue Jays (Berrios) -117 over White Sox (Lynn)LOSS

Sunday 6/19
Braves (Anderson) -1.5 +105 over Cubs (Hendricks)WIN

Saturday 6/18
Diamondbacks (Weaver) -115 over Twins (Bundy)LOSS

Friday 6/17
White Sox (Giolito) +150 over Astros (Valdez)LOSS

Thursday 6/16
Mariners (Kirby) +105 over Angels (Ohtani)LOSS

Wednesday 6/15
Diamondbacks (Gallen) -122 over Reds (Castillo)WIN
Mariners (Gonzales) +121 over Twins (Gray)LOSS
Rockies (Gomber) +100 over Guardians (Pilkington)LOSS

Tuesday 6/14
Rays vs Yankees Free PickLOSS
Rockies (Senzatela) +135 over Guardians (Bieber)LOSS
Giants (Webb) -1.5 -115 over Royals (Bubic)WIN

Monday 6/13
Rangers (Hearn) +138 over Astros (Javier)WIN
Mariners (Flexen) -115 over Twins (Archer)LOSS

Sunday 6/12
Dodgers (Urias) -130 over Giants (Rodon)LOSS

Saturday 6/11
Rangers (Perez) +125 over White Sox (Giolito)WIN
Mariners (Kirby) -105 over Red Sox (Wacha)WIN

Friday 6/10
Dodgers (Buehler) -135 over Giants (Junis)LOSS

Thursday 6/9
Royals (Bubic) -105 over Orioles (Zimmermann)NO PLAY
Cardinals (Mikolas) +162 over Rays (McClanahan)LOSS

Wednesday 6/8
Rangers (Dunning) +144 over Guardians (Bieber)LOSS
Cardinals (Naughton) +149 over Rays (Kluber)LOSS

Tuesday 6/7
Tigers (Skubal) -110 over Pirates (Quintana)WIN
Cardinals (Hudson) +125 over Rays (Springs)LOSS
Dodgers vs White Sox Free PickLOSS

Monday 6/6
Astros (Javier) -1.5 +120 over Mariners (Ray)LOSS
Red Sox (Wacha) +113 over Angels (Syndergaard)WIN

Sunday 6/5
Blue Jays (Gausman) -1.5 -102 over Twins (Smeltzer)LOSS

Saturday 6/4
Diamondbacks (Davies) +110 over Pirates (Contreras)LOSS
Red Sox (Pivetta) -120 over A’s (Blackburn)WIN
Rays (Rasmussen) -118 over White Sox (Cease)LOSS

Friday 6/3
Rangers (Dunning) +110 over Mariners (Gilbert)LOSS
Red Sox vs A’s Free PickWIN

Thursday 6/2
Blue Jays (Manoah) -1.5 +110 over White Sox (Cueto)WIN
Braves (Anderson) -135 over Rockies (Gomber)WIN

Wednesday 6/1
Blue Jays (Ryu) -124 over White Sox (Kopech)WIN

Tuesday 5/31
White Sox vs Blue Jays Free PickWIN
Royals (Lynch) +140 over Guardians (Quantrill)LOSS

Monday 5/30
Red Sox (Hill) -1.5 +120 over Orioles (Wells)LOSS

Sunday 5/29
Rangers (Dunning) -105 over A’s (Kaprielian)LOSS

Saturday 5/28
Royals (Singer) +138 over Twins (Archer)WIN
White Sox (Cueto) -1.5 +145 over Cubs (Thompson)LOSS

Friday 5/27
Blue Jays (Manoah) -112 over Angels (Silseth)WIN
Astros vs Mariners Free PickLOSS

Thursday 5/26
Reds (Greene) +101 over Cubs (Steele)WIN
Rangers (Perez) +107 over A’s (Montas)WIN

Wednesday 5/25
Reds (Castillo) -120 over Cubs (Hendricks)WIN
Rangers (Otto) +140 over Angels (Detmers)WIN

Tuesday 5/24
Red Sox vs White Sox Free PickLOSS
Reds (Mahle) -112 over Cubs (Stroman)LOSS
Rangers (Dunning) +150 over Angels (Syndergaard)LOSS

Monday 5/23
Mets (Peterson) +115 over Giants (Cobb)WIN
Blue Jays (Berrios) -105 over Cardinals (Mikolas)LOSS

Sunday 5/22
Padres (Gore) +119 over Giants (Wood)WIN

Saturday 5/21
Braves (Wright) -120 over Marlins (Hernandez)WIN
Royals (Keller) +133 over Twins (Ryan)LOSS

Friday 5/20
Padres (Manaea) +100 over Giants (Junis)WIN

Thursday 5/19
Reds (Mahle) +110 over Guardians (Quantrill)WIN

Wednesday 5/18
Reds (Mahle) +117 over Guardians (Quantrill)PPD

Tuesday 5/17
Nationals (Adon) +144 over Marlins (Poteet)LOSS

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Monday 5/16
Braves vs Brewers Free PickWIN
Astros (Odorizzi) +105 over Red Sox (Whitlock)LOSS

Sunday 5/15
Orioles (Wells) +122 over Tigers (Skubal)LOSS
Mets (Carrasco) -131 over Mariners (Ray)LOSS
Royals (Lynch) +117 over Rockies (Gomber)WIN

Saturday 5/14
Marlins (Rogers) +124 over Brewers (Lauer)WIN
Royals (Hernandez) +145 over Rockies (Marquez)LOSS

Friday 5/13
Blue Jays vs Rays Free PickLOSS
Orioles (Lyles) +128 over Tigers (Rodriguez)LOSS
Rangers (Dunning) -111 over Red Sox (Pivetta)LOSS

Thursday 5/12
Phillies (Wheeler) +125 over Dodgers (Anderson)WIN
Yankees (Gil) +128 over White Sox (Cease)WIN

Wednesday 5/11
Nationals (Sanchez) +160 over Mets (Megill)WIN
Angels (Ohtani) -120 over Rays (McClanahan)LOSS

Tuesday 5/10
Diamondbacks (Bumgarner) +127 over Marlins (Luzardo)WIN
Rockies (Senzatela) +160 over Giants (Wood)LOSS
Astros (Verlander) -1.5 +135 over Twins (Ryan)WIN

Monday 5/9
Dodgers (Urias) at Pirates (Quintana)OVER 7.5 +105 LOSS

Sunday 5/8
Braves (Morton) -115 over Brewers (Ashby)WIN
Dodgers (Buehler) -1.5 -120 over Cubs (Stroman)WIN

Saturday 5/7
Padres (Manaea) -122 over Marlins (Lopez)LOSS

Friday 5/6
White Sox (Velasquez) +155 over Red Sox (Eovaldi)WIN

Thursday 5/5
Blue Jays (Berrios) -1.5 +115 over Guardians (Civale)LOSS
Rays (McClanahan) -110 over Mariners (Ray)WIN

Wednesday 5/4
Padres vs Guardians Free PickLOSS
Nationals (Corbin) +125 over Rockies (Gomber)LOSS

Tuesday 5/3
Padres vs Guardians Free PickPPD
Nationals (Fedde) +138 over Rockies (Marquez)WIN
Orioles (Zimmermann) +160 over Twins (Ryan)LOSS

Monday 5/2
White Sox (Cease) -121 over Angels (Sandoval)WIN
Royals (Greinke) +143 over Cardinals (Matz)LOSS

Sunday 5/1
Mariners (Gilbert) vs Marlins (Alcantara)UNDER 7 -110 LOSS
Nationals (Gray) +160
over Giants (Cobb)WIN
Phillies (Eflin) +155 over Mets (Scherzer)LOSS

Saturday 4/30
Mariners (Ray) -117 over Marlins (Luzardo)LOSS

Friday 4/29
Rockies (Senzatela) -118 over Reds (Greene)WIN
Blue Jays (Kikuchi) -113 over Astros (Urquidy)LOSS
White Sox (Giolito) -121 over Angels (Syndergaard)NO PLAY

Thursday 4/28
Braves (Wright) -1.5 +105 over Cubs (Smyly)WIN
Blue Jays (Manoah) -1.5 +125 over Red Sox (Whitlock)LOSS
Guardians (Quantrill) +142 over Angels (Detmers)LOSS

Wednesday 4/27
Braves (Morton) -1.5 -107 over Cubs (Leiter)LOSS
Tigers (Pineda) +160 over Twins (Ryan)LOSS

Tuesday 4/26
Mets (Bassitt) -110 over Cardinals (Hicks)WIN
Astros (Odorizzi) -112 over Rangers (Hearn)WIN
Guardians (McKenzie) +136 over Angels (Sandoval)LOSS

Monday 4/25
Astros (Valdez) vs Rangers (Dunning)OVER9 +100 LOSS
Blue Jays (Berrios) -1.5 +150
over Red Sox (Eovaldi)WIN

Sunday 4/24
Phillies (Nola) -1.5 +120 over Brewers (Lauer)LOSS

Saturday 4/23
A’s (Montas) -118 over Rangers (Perez)LOSS

Friday 4/22
Pirates (Quintana) +143 over Cubs (Smyly)WIN
Blue Jays (Stripling) +152 over Astros (Verlander)WIN
Mariners (Flexen) -128 over Royals (Keller)WIN

Thursday 4/21
Nationals (Rogers) -1.5 +150 over D’backs (Davies)LOSS
Blue Jays (Gausman) -115 over Red Sox (Houck)WIN

Wednesday 4/20
Mets (Bassitt) -105 over Giants (Rodon)LOSS
Rays (Rasmussen) -110 over Cubs (Stroman)WIN

Tuesday 4/19
Yankees vs Tigers Free PickLOSS
Braves (Fried) +140 over Dodgers (Buehler)WIN
Blue Jays (Kikuchi) +123 over Red Sox (Eovaldi)LOSS
Mets (Megill) -118 over Giants (Cobb)WIN

Monday 4/18
Mets (Megill) -114 over Giants (Cobb)PPD
Braves (Ynoa) +168 over Dodgers (Kershaw)LOSS

Sunday 4/17
Tigers (Alexander) +115 over Royals (Hernandez)PPD
Rangers (Perez) +110 over Angels (Suarez)LOSS

Saturday 4/16
Brewers (Houser) -115 over Cardinals (Matz)LOSS

Friday 4/15
Braves (Wright) -105 over Padres (Gore)WIN
Red Sox (Pivetta) -110 over Twins (Ryan)LOSS
Guardians (Plesac) +135 over Giants (Rodon)LOSS

Thursday 4/14
Angels vs Rangers Free PickLOSS
Braves (Morton) -115 over Padres (Musgrove)LOSS

Wednesday 4/13
Padres (Manaea) +108 over Giants (Webb)LOSS
Guardians (McKenzie) +117 over Reds (Lodolo)WIN

Tuesday 4/12
Padres (Darvish) -118 over Giants (Cobb)LOSS
Tigers (Alexander) +123 over Red Sox (Hill)LOSS

Monday 4/11
Mets vs Phillies Free PickWIN
Padres (Martinez) +122 over Giants (Wood)WIN
Rangers (Hearn) -120 over Rockies (Gomber)LOSS

Sunday 4/10
Red Sox vs Yankees Free PickLOSS
Marlins (Rogers) +110 over Giants (DeSclafani)LOSS
Tigers (Skubal) +125 over White Sox (Kopech)LOSS
Astros (Urquidy) -105 over Angels (Suarez)WIN

Saturday 4/9
Marlins (Lopez) +130 over Giants (Rodon)WIN
Tigers (Mize) +133 over White Sox (Cease)LOSS

Friday 4/8
Rangers vs Blue Jays Free PickLOSS
Red Sox (Eovaldi) +150 over Yankees (Cole)LOSS
Twins (Ryan) -105 over Mariners (Ray)LOSS

Thursday 4/7
Astros vs Angels Free PickWIN
Royals (Greinke) +108 over Guardians (Bieber)WIN

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2021 Regular Season: 168-174 +291
2021 All Picks: 1124-1177-11 +6757
2021 Playoffs: 15-22 -851
2020 Regular Season: 25-37-1 -1498
2020 Playoffs: 24-29-0 -673
2019 Regular Season: 131-111-0 +1447
2019 Playoffs: 18-18-0 +87
2018: 107-112-0 -900
2017: 123-125-2-297
2016: 123-92-2 +3424

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How do you win a baseball bet? ›

10 Expert Tips for Betting MLB | How To Win Money by Gambling on ...

What is the run line in baseball? ›

The run line is one of the main betting options for baseball. It's the baseball version of a point spread, but the number is typically the same for each game. Unlike standard point spread odds, run line betting odds can vary dramatically.

How do you bet on MLB games? ›

There are a number of ways you can bet on MLB games. When wagering on Major League Baseball, you can bet on the moneyline, the runline (point spread), totals (over/under) futures, player and team props (strikeouts, RBIs, and home runs), parlays, and you can bet live (in-play).

How many innings are in baseball? ›

If not terminated early, regulation games last until the trailing team has had the chance to make 27 outs (nine innings). If the home team is leading after the visiting team has made three outs in the top of the ninth inning, the home team wins and does not have to come to bat in the bottom of the ninth.

Which bet is easiest to win? ›

What are the easiest bets to win?
  • BTTS: BTTS bet demands the punters to predict if both teams will score a goal or not. ...
  • Over/Under: This bet can work in your favor when you have chosen a smaller figure as reference. ...
  • Double chance bet: In this bet, you win money when any two from the three outcomes are obtained.

What is the smartest way to bet? ›

Make bets based on the odds.

Betting with your head instead of your heart is all about making smart bets based on odds rather than emotions. Sometimes it's a good idea to bet on the numbers rather than who you think will win, because this can represent a better value if the odds are in your favor.

What does +2.5 mean in baseball? ›

A team at +2.5 is getting 2.5 runs. The plus sign means they are getting 2.5 runs added to their final score. So if they lose 5-3, you add 2.5 runs to their total, and now the bet wins 5.5 to 5. You can also make it so the favored team can lose by up to two runs or that the underdog can win by three runs.

Should you bet the run line in baseball? ›

A substantial favorite that's bet on the run line will give you a more favorable payout than on the moneyline, but they may remain the favored side. Meanwhile, taking underdogs on the run line can decrease the payout if they win outright but improve your odds of winning the bet.

What is a +1.5 run line? ›

With a run line, the standard spread is always 1.5 runs. The favorite will be -1.5 runs and will need to win by two or more to be graded as a successful bet. The underdog is +1.5 and will have to win the game or lose by just a single run to earn a payout.

How often do underdogs win in MLB? ›

MLB underdog betting systems are based on the fact that, statistically, underdogs win four out of every nine MLB games (around 44%).

Is it better to bet before the game or during? ›

When's the best time to place a sports bet? The answer is whenever you have the best chance to make a profit. Some handicappers find more value on early lines, while others are able to use the information available right before the game starts to make better bets.

Is baseball hard to bet on? ›

It's nearly impossible to luck into consistent wins betting on America's pastime. Inexperienced gamblers can struggle mightily after they first start betting, leading to an early exit. Despite popular belief, there is a way to win money on baseball, even for fresh sports bettors.

Can you bunt on 2 strikes? ›

Bunting with two strikes is already fairly rare. You understand why — bunting is a lot harder than it would appear, and a missed or foul bunt with two strikes leads to a strikeout.

What's the longest baseball game ever played? ›

San Francisco Giants 2, Washington Nationals 1 – 18 innings – Oct. 4, 2014 – 6 hours, 23 minutes. While the longest baseball game ever and its closest challengers trace back decades, things are a lot different in October.

How many innings was the longest MLB game ever? ›

The longest game by innings in Major League history could have gone even longer -- after 26 innings, the game was called due to darkness. The Robins (the predecessors to the Dodgers) and Braves were tied at 1, and that's how the game ended. The entire episode took just three hours and 50 minutes.

› how-to-bet-on-sports › h... ›

Learn how to bet on baseball. MLB betting is a moneyline sport. Topics include wager types, baseball betting terminology, and a sportsbook guide.

Betting on MLB Baseball Guide › sports-bet › mlb-betting › sports-bet › mlb-betting
This is the Betting Brain Guide to Gambling on Major League Baseball and was written to give bettors a complete understanding to betting on baseball.
Baseball Betting Tips and Strategy. Being a successful baseball bettor isn't easy. If it was, everyone would do it. While anyone can place a bet on baseball...

What does +200 mean for odds? ›

Odds with a plus sign are underdog bets. Plus odds tell you how much profit you will get on a $100 bet. A $100 bet with +200 odds nets you $200 profit plus your original $100 bet. If you bet $20, you would profit $40. For the rare even money odds, those can be listed as -100, +100 or EV.

What does +1.5 mean in baseball? ›

How do Run Lines Work in MLB Betting? With a run line, the standard spread is always 1.5 runs. The favorite will be -1.5 runs and will need to win by two or more to be graded as a successful bet. The underdog is +1.5 and will have to win the game or lose by just a single run to earn a payout.

What does a +200 money line mean? ›

What does a +200 money line mean? A +200 money line would mean that if you placed a $100 bet, you would win $200. It also tells you that the team is not expected to win, as it is the underdog in the game.

What does +1.5 mean in baseball bets? ›

Betting on the favorite requires your team to win its game by two or more runs. Conversely, betting on the underdog at +1.5 means that your team can either win the game or lose by one run, and your ticket will still cash.

› betting › how-to-bet-on-baseball ›

The game of baseball generates a large portion of the betting handle at American sportsbooks. The wide variety of wagering options available on baseball can be ...
Every wager has a rotation number. The number helps keep the wagering process simple, so no mistakes are made when you're at the betting window or partaking...


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