'Really great' Antler backpack perfect for airports is £72 off in sale (2024)

Antler launched the Spring sale of all Spring sales earlier but there's still a chance to bag a bargain. The deals are endless with particularly handy cabin bags, weekend bags and packpacks to help getting the family from A to B over the holidays.

Lets not forget that we are all looking to prep for the summer months now too, and it's perfect timing to get all your luggage needs while the price reductions are so ridiculously low. Shoppers are able to pick up 'Last Chance' deals available on the beloved luggage brands website which includes sturdy, reliable hardshell suitcases Logo Cabin in Moss Grey, Clifton Large in Oak Brown and Clifton Medium in Coral- all with upto 40% off.

But, at the top of our wishlist are the weekend bags and duffel bags currently on offer. Two scorching deals which stand out include the Bamburgh Rolltop Backpack and Bamburgh Cabin Duffel which are both 60% off at just £48 each.

'Really great' Antler backpack perfect for airports is £72 off in sale (1)

Bamburgh Backpack is crafted from a lightweight but durable fabric, with Ripstop fabric details. The shower-proof roll top has a U-shaped zipper closure, offering easy access to items. This might be the ideal backpack for mums carting around bits for little ones.

Buckles keep everything secure, offering extra compression. There’s also a padded 15” laptop compartment with a side zip for all your remote working needs, too. Thanks to the reflective cord for visibility, it is also great for travelling at night.

There's also two side pockets, a front, zipped pocket, and multiple internal pockets (I mean it's a travellers dream isn't it)? Other notable features include a back sleeve that slots over a suitcase handle and a hanging handle.

The duffel bags on offer include this Bamburgh Cabin Duffel available in blue, green, pink, coral and purple. This handy luggage option is now reduced to just £48 (reduced from £120). The bag is very well reviewed, getting a perfect score from 12 reviews. One person said: "Really great bag, very comfortable straps and back pad. Big compartment for laptop and books with lots of varying compartments for pens etc. weatherproof too."

'Really great' Antler backpack perfect for airports is £72 off in sale (2)

The duffel has loads of compartments and nooks to squeeze in a lot. They have a sturdy strap with a comfortable padding to not feel the blow which is a great travel companion when going away for the weekend. Intuitive design features of the Bamburgh Duffel include two carry handles, a grab handle, a detachable shoulder strap, four rubber stud feet, a storm flap and kissing zips.

The Bamburgh duffel is also crafted from a lightweight but durable fabric, with hardy Ripstop details and a durable polyester lining. There's also extra visibility after dark or in winter, thanks to the reflective cord.

It boasts internal compression straps and six inner pockets, including a waterproof pocket, two slip pockets and an elasticated Velcro pocket. There’s also a zipped front pocket with an organiser. The bag nearly has perfect reviews, only getting one four star review. A five star read: "This bag incorporates many pockets one of which is waterproof. The bag is big enough for a short holiday. The bungee on top is great for storing your coat when not required. The shoulder strap is useful too."

The only four star review read: "I bought it in a sale and with an added discount. I’ve only used it once so it’s too early to tell if I would be willing to pay full price."

Elsehwere, Narwey's £12.99 bag has gone down a hit with reviewers, being called a 'Mary Poppins bag' at our sister-site MyLondon. Or Dunelm has a 20 per cent off on their suitcases, including this Elements Fuchsia Suitcase for between £24 and £40 depending on the size.

If travelling this summer, here's a handy guide to how big hand luggage is allowed with the following UK airlines.

How big can hand luggage be for 2024?

Here is a list of UK airline cabin luggage regulations for 2024.

British Airways

  • One personal bag such as a laptop bag or handbag measuring max 40x30x15cm including handles, pockets and wheels.
  • An additional cabin bag weighing no more than 23kg and measuring no more than 56x45x25cm.


  • One small bag measuring max 45x36x20cm including handles and wheels. The bag MUST fit under the seat in front of you.
  • If you want to bring a second bag on board, you'll need to pay extra.


  • One small personal item - such as a laptop-size bag or handbag - that can be placed underneath the seat in front of you
  • A larger bag weighing no more than 10kg and measuring no more than 56x45x25cm including the wheels and handles.


  • One small personal bag such as a handbag, backpack or laptop bag, measuring no more than 40x20x25cm.
  • If you want to bring a second bag, you can pay to add 'Priority & 2 Cabin bags' to your booking. This allows you to bring your small personal bag, as well as a 10kg wheelie bag measuring no more than 55x40x20cm.
'Really great' Antler backpack perfect for airports is £72 off in sale (2024)
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