The 6 Best Pickleball Nets - The Pickleball Source (2023)

The 6 Best Pickleball Nets - The Pickleball Source (1)

Pickleball courts are popping up all over, at parks, schools, and community centers. If you’re looking for the flexibility to play whenever and wherever you want, a portable pickleball net system is a great thing to have. There are different types of portable nets, with various features that make them great or barely mediocre.

Whether you’re a pickleball novice, a casual player, or hardcore getting into the sport, here’s everything you need to know about pickleball nets, along with six of the top ones on the market.

The Ins and Outs of Pickleball Nets

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A pickleball net system is an essential piece of equipment for playing the game. Pickleball nets are different from other types of racket/paddle sports, like tennis, paddle tennis, and badminton. It has to be the right height and width, to divide the pickleball court in half, offer an obstacle, increase the complexity of the game, and protect the ball from rolling underneath.

A regulation pickleball net will measure 36-inches at both of the net poles, and 34-inches in the center. This is due to the slight amount of slack in the net, which is important. The best pickleball nets have easy net tension straps to keep the net taut, but still allow a bit of slack.

The pickleball court has a regulation width of 20-feet across, so your pickleball net should sit with the net posts 22-feet apart. This allows you to keep the net posts just outside of the boundary lines, with the net itself meeting the official USA pickleball width requirements.

Because of the difference in height between the end and the center of the net, a good pickleball net will have a center post or center base with a cord or strap of sorts to adjust the net’s tension as necessary.

Portable Net Systems

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Most of us who have fallen in love with pickleball don’t have the place to put a permanent net, so a portable pickleball net is often the best choice. A good portable net can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes. High-quality portable pickleball net systems are even used for public play, like what you might find at your local community centers.

The thing about purchasing a portable pickleball net system is that there’s such a wide variance in quality and price. Ideally, you want one made with sturdy materials, including a steel frame, with powder-coated steel. You also want a net that’s sturdier than other nets, like one used for badminton, for example.

Because there’s so much that goes into choosing the right pickleball equipment, let’s take a deeper dive into what to look for with your pickleball portable system., along with some of the top choices.

6 Great Pickleball Net Systems

Onix Pickleball 2 in 1 – Best Pickleball Net

The Onix Pickleball 2 in 1 wins our top spot for several reasons. Quality is important, and in our opinion, Onix knocks it out of the park. It’s constructed with high-quality materials, with a sturdy steel frame and wide steel base for extra stability. This portable system is regulation size, but also comes with a 10-ft practice net. This is also perfect for driveway play and for beginning players who just want to get a feel for the game.

The regulation-size net comes with the center support, but it’s not necessary to use this with the shorter practice net. Of course, it’s also lightweight and comes with its own carrying bag for optimal portability. The price point isn’t the cheapest on the market, but it’s also not the most expensive, putting this net in a good budget zone for most pickleball players.

3.0 Portable Pickleball Net System

The 3.0 Portable Pickleball System is a lightweight (22 lbs, including the carrying case) net system, that’s highly portable and receives tons of great reviews. This net is great for families and weekend players who want a system that sets up and packs away easily.

This net features a sturdy, reinforced metal frame with medial height support, and a lateral bar that keeps the net stable, even when a good gust of wind comes along. The raised crossbar keep runaway balls from rolling along to the other side, and it has easy tension straps. As a bonus, the net was formed by one of the co-inventors of pickleball, so you know it’s going to be good!

A11N Portable Pickleball Net System – Best Half Court Size

A11N offers several different pickleball net systems, but this one makes our list because it’s just the right size for playing pickleball in your driveway. Granted, this net isn’t regulation size, but if you’re tight on space, this one is absolutely perfect.

Of all the pickleball nets on our list, this one is probably the easiest to set up. The parts all fit together with bungee cords, so no tools are needed. This is also great because older children can easily put this together without any adult help. It comes with it’s own carrying case and is lightweight enough to make playing pickleball a breeze anytime, even on a moment’s notice.

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Falconz Regulation Size Pickleball Net for Indoor or Outdoor – Best Indoor/Outdoor

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Falconz offers a regulation-size pickleball net that’s great for both indoors and outdoors. Often nets that are designed for indoor game play don’t have the stability to withstand being used outside, but this one is a true exception.

It’s constructed of durable materials that can withstand a bit of a hit from the elements. We also like that assembly with this net is a breeze and that it can be used on all types of pickleball courts.

PickleNet by OnCourt OffCourt – Best for Durability

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The PickleNet by OnCourt OffCourt is a good, solid classic pickleball net that checks off all the boxes for being regulation size, lightweight, and affordable as it falls right in the middle of the average price range. Many players compare this net to the 3.0 Pickleball Net System, but it does have some slightly different features and a marginally lower price point.

This net features a patented center support and features a steel frame, so it’s extra sturdy and compares well against pricer nets. This set is really designed to withstand the elements, which comes in handy if you’re in the habit of leaving it out for extended periods of time.

F2C Portable Universal Pickleball Net – Best Economical Pickleball Net

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The F2C Portable Universal Pickleball Net scores big points for being well-reviewed and super economical. This net is great for casual players, or for families with kids that have a budding curiosity about the sport of pickleball.

At only 21-lbs this net is easy to lug around in its carrying bag, and the frame snaps together for those times when you just can’t wait to get started with your pickleball game. This net is made with good, high-quality parts, making this a durable net with a low cost of investment.

The only downfall to this net is that while it spans 22-feet across, it doesn’t meet regulation standards for height. The fiberglass net measures 36-inches at either end, but measures only 31-inches, instead of the required 34, in the center.

Choosing a Pickleball Net System

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With pickleball gaining in popularity, you have lots of different pickleball nets to choose from. Before you commit to a purchase, these are the most important factors to consider.

Weight & Portability

The idea behind portable net systems is that they’re, well, portable. A net system that weighs too much isn’t going to be easily portable, but you don’t want a system that’s too light either.

On average, pickleball net systems weigh about 20 – 23 lbs, maybe a bit more. You have to take into consideration the weight of the system itself, plus the storage bag or case, which is usually light but there are some more durable ones. Consider not only how often you might be lugging this in and out of your car, but also the distance you might have to carry it across a parking lot or across your backyard.

Your climate and weather is also a factor here. A system that weighs less is going to be less durable in the face of wind or severe weather. You might like a net that offers a little extra weight in exchange for the extra stability it provides.

Material Quality

Most portable net systems are made from some type of steel. They’re usually coated with paint or a rust-resistant protectant and textured. A net system that features these qualities is going to be more durable than one with a frame made of uncoated metal. If you’re going back and forth between an uncoated metal frame that’s less expensive, and one that’s coated and textured but costs a little more, spending the extra money here is always a smart choice.

You also want to look at the quality of the net. The net should be pulled taut, with a slight amount of slack at the center. It should be made of a strong material and fastened to prevent sagging. It’s also important that the weave on the net is small enough that a regulation-size pickleball can’t pass through.

Frame Design

The frame design among portable pickleball nets is pretty standard, without a lot of variation. Still, there are some key features to look for.

A pickleball net system will have a sturdy post on each end of the net, and often one in the center for increased stability and to prevent excessive sagging. This feature is especially important for heavier systems. Also, consider how much the legs of the system stick out or protrude. You don’t want any part of the frame to get in your way during play. The frame should also be low enough to the ground that it’s not possible for the ball to roll underneath.

With portable net systems, many also have wheels on the poles. If this is the case, make sure that it features locking wheels – the last thing you want is for your net to be rolling around during play! Still, the wheels are a nice feature because without them, moving the net will require more than just two hands.

Ease of assembly is also a huge plus with frame design. Most of these systems are designed to be portable, which means you likely don’t want to spend more than a few minutes putting it together and taking it down with each play. Look for frames that don’t need a lot (or any) tools for assembly, and look for features like strong, but easy-to-use tension straps, and super sturdy materials that can withstand the wear and tear of repeated assembly and disassembly.


There are several pickleball net systems that are actually designed as universal game nets. These nets are adjustable so that you can play several games, including pickleball, badminton, or paddle tennis with them. This is fine if you’re not a serious pickleball player, and you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that allows you to play more than one style of game. If your goal is just to have fun, don’t let anyone stop you!

But, if you’re taking a more serious approach to pickleball, making sure you have a regulation net is a must. The net should measure 36-inches in height at either end and be no shorter than 34-inches in the middle. The reason for the difference is that while you want the net taut, you also want a tiny bit of slack to prevent the ball from getting stuck in the net. If the center of your net measures 34-inches, that’s a good sign that it’s taut and pulled in tight enough to prevent sagging.


This is a detail that’s personal, but our best advice here is to buy the best quality net system that you can afford, even if it means spending a little more than you wanted to. You can buy a portable net system for well under $100, but know that these ones might be made of plastic vs metal, come with net tension straps that are more difficult to adjust, and just be a lower quality overall.

The average price range for a net set is anywhere from $120 – $300, with options available outside of both ends of that range. On the lower end of the scale, you’re going to get a simple net without all the bells and whistles, but that doesn’t mean you have to break the bank with your net purchase. Some of the best pickleball nets fall right in the middle of this price range.


The final category for choosing pickleball nets is all the little extras that may or may not be important to you. The higher-priced nets usually include more of these features, but you can also find some really nice extras at a lower price point.

Some sets come with extras like a ball holder, pickleball paddles and pickleballs. These are great for beginners and casual players who aren’t quite ready to invest in all of the equipment. The carrying case is also important. A cloth carrying bag, with a center strap for varying it around, and velcro straps for closure is pretty common and highly portable. It will also take up less space in storage.

There ae also hard cases, which are better at protecting the equipment inside, but also usually a little more cumbersome to carry and store. Think of how far or how often you’ll be lugging the carrying bag around, and take a good look at the carry bag features. This is an often overlooked detail that’s more important than many people realize.

If you’re budget allows it, extras like powder coating, and easy tension straps will make your life much easier and extend the life of your portable pickleball net system.

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Caring for Pickleball Nets

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Most pickleball nets are designed to withstand the elements – to a point. If you’re lucky enough to have a permanent pickleball court, then caring for your net is easy. All you really have to do is check it for structural integrity from time to time, and make sure that there’s the right amount of slack to keep the net at regulation height.

Portable net systems are a bit different. While most claim to be rustproof, they’re not really designed to be left outside when not in use. Exposure to weather elements like heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow can quickly damage the integrity of your net. Not to mention the damage that birds and other wildlife critters can do.

To extend the life of your pickleball net system, always take a few minutes to put it away when you’re done with your game, or at least shortly after. Fortunately, most of these nets can be set up and taken down in just a few minutes, so disassembly really isn’t a big deal.

If your game gets called on the count of rain, just make sure that the unit is dry when you put it away. Make sure there’s no moisture in any of the poles, and wipe the entire system down with a soft cloth.

Also, take a few minutes from time to time to make sure your net is measuring at the proper height. If you purchase a good quality net, this won’t be an issue for a long time. Still, being left outside in the elements or not caring for it properly can cause the net to weaken or sag. In the event that it does need repair, a sporting repair shop can usually help, but it may be more cost-beneficial to just purchase a new portable net system.


What kind of net do you use for pickleball?

The best net to use for pickleball is a regulation pickleball net, that meets the height and width requirement for an official game. Pickleball nets are sturdy and should be made of durable material

Is a pickleball net the same as a tennis net?

No, a pickleball and tennis net are not the same. The main difference is the size. A pickleball net is 36 inches at each end and 34 inches in the center. A tennis net is taller, measuring 42 inches at the side posts, and 36 inches in the center.

What is the standard pickleball net size?

The standard pickleball net measures 20 feet across, although when taking into consideration the side posts, the net system will measure 22-feet across. A pickleball net should also measure 36-inches in height at both of the side posts, and then measure 34-inches in height at the center.

Hit the Pickleball Court with the Best Net System

Our top choice for the best overall pickleball portable net is the Onix 2 in 1 for its durability, ease of setup, portability, and the fact that it comes with a practice net. Still, each pickleball player is looking for something slightly different, and for that reason, we highly recommend all of the pickleball nets on our list.

Head to your favorite pickleball court, or set up one of your own. Grab your paddles and your favorite pickleball competitor, and enjoy a great game.

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