The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (2023)

There’s no better way to show your love than with pure luxury. Thankfully, The Luxe Review is on hand with the most beautiful gift ideas for any partner for Valentine’s Day .

Whether you’re buying a special gift for your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, husband, or, for yourself, here are the best luxury gift ideas to really treat the one you love…

For fun and fresh jewellery: LOVE necklace by Tatty Devine

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On Valentine’s Day, jewellery is always a good idea. Tatty Devine’s distinctive designs are the perfect mix of quirky and classy, with the added bonus that each piece is so unique that you can guarantee your Valentine won’t have something like it already. Even more fittingly, the British-based jewellery designer has a fabulous Valentine’s collection to choose from right now. We’re obsessed with the LOVE necklace (above), for its cute and colourful artwork, with just the right amount of romance.

Usefully, Tatty Devine also offers a gift wrap option in its signature lobster (who are known to mate for life) print, so you can also send gifts directly to your loved one, even if you can’t be with them in person this year.

£75, Tatty Devine

To make it personal: Customised bottles of spirits by INKD

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (2)

Go one better than a bottle of wine and give them something really special: a one-of-a-kind, personalised bottle of their favourite spirit from INKD’s Valentine’s Day collection.

INKD allows you to use innovative and easy design tools to create custom artistic designs, personalised with a name or message, for a beautiful addition to their bar cart which they’ll want to keep long after they’ve enjoyed the drink inside.

The brand’s super fun Valentine’s collection of designs is available in three of the world’s most popular spirits and drinks, on a bottle of celebration-worthy CÎROC vodka, exquisite Courvoisier cognac or celeb-favourite Belaire champagne. Your Valentine will never have been given a gift like this before.

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From £36.99, exclusively at

For making memories: IQUI 360 camera

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (3)

This camera might be small, but it’s mighty. The IQUI is an innovative new camera which takes super cool 360 degree photos and short videos, in a way which captures fun, movement, time and place like no other. This easy-to-use camera connects to your phone via a dedicated app which you can select, view and edit them with, add cool effects (including special Valentine’s Day-themed effects), and is designed for sharing to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and more – making it an ideal gift for the social media-savvy.

The pen-sized camera is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, as not only is it super lightweight and ultra-portable, but its 360 degree lens will capture landscapes and the scenery around you like never before. Give this to your partner this Valentine’s Day and it will become the perfect companion for making fun memories together, wherever you take it along.

£299.95, Selfridges

For the one you love as much as lattes: Home Brew coffee course

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (4)

Finding activities you can do together (other than watching Netflix) for Valentine’s Day is no mean feat. But we’ve found the perfect at-home date for coffee lovers: The home brew course by the leading coffee consumers at the Artisan Coffee School.

Hosted via Zoom (and with dates available to book on Valentine’s Day and beyond), the two hour experience will teach budding baristas how to make the perfect cup of coffee from home.

You’ll learn things you never knew about your favourite drink, as well as the ideal coffee brewing times, weights, roasts and new coffee-making methods, to discover how to make your perfect coffee – a skill you’ll be able to enjoy forever after the course, too.

The Artisan Coffee School’s classes are hosted by super knowledgeable and passionate coffee experts who will educate you on any areas of coffee you’ve ever been curious about. Plus, the Artisan Coffee School even roasts its own coffee, at the Curious Roo coffee roastery in Chiswick, London, and this will be delivered to you ahead of the class – so you can hone your new brewing skills with some of the best beans in the business.

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Book at

To make them feel good, every day: The Positive Planner

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (5)

There aren’t many gifts that will make someone feel good every single day – but The Positive Planner promises to do just that. This special journal will take you on a 12 week journey of self care, gratitude and daily positivity, with sections dedicated to daily intentions and reflections, and more to enhance your positivity. It also features everyday organisational extras such as shopping lists and monthly diary spreads, so it’s practical, too. Gift it to your partner with a message that lets them know how grateful you are for them for bonus Valentine’s points.

£22, The Positive Planner

For the wine lover in your life: A Wine & Spirit Education Trust wine course

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (6)

If your partner appreciates fine wine (and who doesn’t?), go one better than a bottle and make their knowledge official, with a wine course from the Wine & Spirit Education Trust.

The prestigous WSET have made their globally recognised Level 1 and 2 Award in Wines courses available to take online, from start to finish, including an online exam – so by the end of it, not only will you able to navigate a wine list like a pro, but you’ll have the certification to prove it.

Even better, exploring the world of wines together is a great activity for a couple to enjoy together, from the comfort of home.

Enrol in the WSET Level 1 Award in Wines, here.

To elevate their coffee and their kitchen: Melitta AMANO pour over coffee maker

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (7)
(Video) Couple Gift Ideas For Tech, Luxury Splurges and CHEAP MUST-HAVES | 15 EVERYDAY ESSENTIALS ($-$$$)

If your partner loves coffee, take their brew to the next level with this beautifully high end coffee maker by the experts at Melitta. This will make coffee which looks as good as it tastes, with a beautiful minimalist design and boasting a superior taste experience. Melitta’s especially designed filters allow for a shorter brew time, too.

We’re particular fans of the way every design aspect of this filter coffee maker has been carefully considered, from the mount of the filter ring which appears to be elegantly suspended in the air on its curved metal side, to the beautiful fluid form of the glass jug, which is made from durable borosilicate glass. Usefully, the drip stopmeans you don’t have to worry about leaving any drips on your counter, either.


For a luxurious Valentine’s night: This Is Silk pillow cases

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (8)

Forget uncomfortable lingerie, here’s something you’ll want to slip on every night: a beautiful pillow case by This is Silk, made from a weighty 22 momme silk. This is heavier than most silk on the market and the superior grade means it is more lustrous, more durable and, usefully,machine-washable.

Not only does the range look and feel exquisite, but there are added health and beauty benefits to the luxury brand’s silk bedding, too: This Is Silk’s pillow cases prevent friction, and are designed to give you a restful sleep and wake with soothed skin and smooth hair.

£49.99, This Is Silk

For the music lover: Audio Pro T3+

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (9)

This new and improved version of Audio Pro’s award-winning T3 Bluetooth speaker, this beautiful T3+ model is a real treat for music lovers, rendering their favourite tunes in stunning dynamics, with deep bass and acoustic pressure, and an impressive Digital Class D amplifier and a 3.5” woofer with up to 30 hours of battery life in one charge, making it the perfect portable speaker for the home.

While it may be portable, this speaker looks great in the home, too. Its genuine leather handle and solid aluminium details offer a simple yet solid and elegant design. We can’t get enough.



For a little luxury: SEAMS ‘Hand Love’ gift set

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (10)

A great treat for any partner which they’ll use every day, this cool gift set includes SEAMS’ high-end instantly-absorbing couturiers hand cream, complete with a subtle scent and Biomimetic Lipid Complex, which helps lock in moisture so that hands feel soft and smooth, artisan hand sanitiser and a cushioned nail file, with an understated 100% cotton bag to store it all in.

Made in the UK and so-called because SEAMS was originally created for seamstresses to help mend and moisturise their dry, pinpricked hands without leaving grease marks on fabric, making this practical and posh.

£20, SEAMS Beauty

To spice up Valentine’s: Luxury Indian Spice Tin by Spice Pots

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (11)

Spice up your Valentine’s Day – literally – with this 100% natural set of perfectly balanced spice blends from Scottish artisans Spice Pots.

Whether your partner loves cooking, spices, or you want to make a delicious curry for your date night at home, this gift tin is just the ticket, with five of their most popular blends, a 150 page cookbookand even a handy cook’s candle to help eliminate cooking odours.
£34.95, Spice Pots

For making sure love is in the air: A gorgeous Bubblegum Balloons arrangement

The best luxury Valentine’s gift ideas: personal tech, treats and lifestyle upgrades (12)

Just because we’re celebrating Valentine’s at home in 2021, it doesn’t mean we can’t make it a big event. And what says celebration more than a beautiful helium balloon arrangement? Surprise and delight your Valentine with show-stopping helium balloons from Bubblegum Balloons, which arrives inflated and ready to display, right out of the box. Whether you’re creating an arrangement to enjoy at home, or sending a balloon to someone you’re separated from by distance, this is the way to send a fun message of love with real wow factor.
From £12.50 – £180, Bubblegum Balloons


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