This Is What It Means If Your Crush Sends A One-Word Reply (2022)

Since the days of sending Taylor Swift lyrics on our middle school AIM accounts, we’ve spent countless hours pouring over our cell phones with friends in an attempt to decode and analyze confusing text messages. You're probably no stranger to frantic Googling in order to figure out how to reply to a text message from a guy or girl you're crushing on, who's just sent you the most conflicting relationship signals. No matter how much better we've gotten over the years of discerning tone on the Internet, there's always a dry response or a misplaced emoji that will make you pause and exclaim, “What does this mean?!”

Knowing how to communicate in a relationship is one of the key skills that will allow you to move past the honeymoon stage and feel confident in becoming fully cuffed — or maybe even develop a more serious, long-lasting connection. But when you're giving your all and the person on the other end of the screen is doing the bare minimum, you might get discouraged about how they really feel about you. Luckily for you, we’verecruited those who know best to weigh in on the issue. With the help of some professional relationship experts, here's your guide to decoding some of the most common types of confusing guy texts you might get when you're in the flirting stage.

1. The Noncommittal Text

“I might be going.”
“I haven’t decided yet.”
“I’ll let you know.”

Are they simply indecisive, or dothey have you on the back burner?

What it means:

According to Patrick Wanis, Ph.D., a relationship and trauma therapist, when someoneis evasive about what they'redoing later, it isn't always because theyhaveso many plans and just can’t decide — unfortunately, it might be you theycan’t make up theirmind about. “Often when someone hasn’t made up their mind, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re noncommittal," he tells Her Campus. "It really could imply something worse, such as, ‘I’m waiting for the bigger, better offer.’”

Dr. Carole Lieberman, M.D., M.P.H, a licensed psychiatrist, agrees. “What they really mean is that they're hoping for a better opportunity to come up,” she tells Her Campus. “If they don’t find another person to do something with (whom they like better), they’ll settle for you.” Try your best not to take this personally; it likely says much more about them than about you, and you shouldn't let it influence your own self-esteem. Though, if you're stuck on what to say that won't turn the situation sour, don't fret.

How to respond:

Attempt to make the non-committer commit. Say, “Let me know when you figure it out!” or even ask, “What else do you have going on tonight?” Assertive, yes, but it’s the best way to coax a direct answer from the evasive texter. And if theystill don’t give you a specific answer, don’t waste your time on them.

2. The Rain Check Text

“Sorry, can’t tonight.”
“Too much work to do.”
“Maybe next week?”

(Video) How To Deal with One Word Answers From Your Crush

How much work could theypossibly have? And if theywere sincerely interested in you, would theyreally let it get in the way of seeing you?

What it means:

They really could have too much work to do, or theycould be out of town visiting grandparents, or theyreally might be way too tired after work to see a movie. “But, on the other hand, they're being particularly vague about making future plans, so they're not all that enthusiastic about seeing you,” Dr. Lieberman says.

If your crushwants to see you, it's fair to assume they'll want to go well out of theirway to ensure that it happens — after all, if they really have a crush, shouldn't they like you enough to put in the work? While you don't want to immediately assume the worst when someonecan’t keep a date, this type of message should make you wary.

How to respond:

According to Dr.Wanis, your response should be straightforward.“The best way to respond to this is to say, ‘Okay, I’m available Wednesday or Thursday, which day [works for you]?’" he says. "You’re now giving them an option.” If your crushis interested, they will probably willingly agree to make alternative plans and (hopefully)keep them.

3. The Flake-Out Text

“Sorry I missed your text!”

You texted. Theydidn’t reply. But now they'reapologizing for it. Is it sincere, or was theiroversight intentional?

What it means:

With all the emails, texts, tweets, and DMsyou'reflooded with on a daily basis, there is a chance your text escaped theirnotice. But if seeing your name on theirphone doesn’t immediately grabattention, chances are theymight not regard you as a top priority.

(Video) What's With The One Word Text Replies?

The fact that theyacknowledged thelack of response shows that theydohave some courtesy, but only enough to respond when it’s convenient. It’s more likely that, instead of truly missing your text, your crushwas evading a conversation theydidn’t feel like having at the time —or didn’t want to have altogether —and claimed to have “missed” your text as a handy excuse.

How to respond:

Play it cool. If you truly believe theydid not see your text, you can respond with a simple "no worries!" or "it's ok!"However, if you feel theyaren'tmakingyour conversation a priority, then make sure theyknowthat they'renot a priority of yours: “Oh, don’t worry about it. I forgot about it!” Your flippancy might just make your person-of-intereststep up theirgame.

4. The One-Worded Text


What does it mean when your crushhas suddenly morphed into the driest and least articulate of conversation partners?

What it means:

Dr. Wanis says there are three reasons someonemight send this type of message: “One, the person is sincerely busy. Two, they're stressed out. Three, they don't really care that much,” he says. While Dr.Lieberman points out that there are occasions when one word will suffice, especially if your crush is in the middle of something else, she says one word responses“could also mean that they just don't think you're worth the effort of texting more.”

Just like with the rain check text, your crushcould be otherwise occupied. But if theywere really into you, you’d probably be able to get a little more out of themthan “sweet” when you tell themabout your day, even if they'rein the middle of playingFortnitefor the 19th hour.

How to respond:

Instead of trying to pull teeth to get your crushto talk, the best way to deal with this lackluster energy is to take the hint. Wrap up the convo and try themagain later when they'rea little less distracted and, with any luck, a little more talkative.

5. The Delayed Text

You: [2:14 p.m.] “Hey, what are you up to?”

(Video) When she gives you one-word responses, do this

Them: [8:27 p.m.] “nm, just watching the game.”

You asked how thisweek is going and theysaythat it’s going really well, thanks... five hours later. What’s with the time delay?

What it means:

They could be busy, theycould be distracted, theycould be at work or in class or driving or on an airplane or on the moon. But theycould also beplaying games. Taking theirsweet time to respond to you — if they're not offering up a reason for the lag without your prompting — may be your crush’s way of telling you that theyhave better things to do and that holding the conversation is not a greatconcern.

How to respond:

It’s tempting to prompt someonewith a “Hello?” or “Are you there?” or the ever desperate “?????” but it’s best not to acknowledge the delay. Themnot responding to one of your messages is far less humiliating than not responding to eight of them. And though you’ll want to play games in return (“Okay, so for each hour theymade me wait for areply, I’m going to wait for two hours to reply to them…”), you should give a relatively prompt reply once theyrespondagain. Two wrongs don’t make a right,and two people playing games can make for a conversation that gets nowhere fast.

6. The Booty-Call Text

[10:45 p.m.] “Yo. What’s up?”

[12:30 a.m.] “You back yet?”

[1:15 a.m.] “U up?”

(Video) Women Who Give You One Word Answers

Chances are if any sort of text like this is sent after dark, they don't want to know “what is up,” but rather if you’re down to hook up. Do you go for it?

What it means:

Christine Hart, a dating coach,tells Her Campus,“If someone is interested in a serious relationship, they are not going to send bootycall texts at 3 a.m. Adults know better than that. Also, if a person is interested in pursuing a serious relationship, they do not send you texts like: ‘sup?’ or ‘where you at?’ or ‘you awake?’”

Dr. Lieberman agrees, saying that responding to a booty call is to relinquish control of the relationship. "They obviously have no respect for you if they thinks all they have to do is text you to get you to give them whatever they want,” she says. There’s nothing wrong with having a casual hookup, if that's actually what you want out of these interactions. But if you’re looking for a relationship,the booty callis not the one to pursue. This personmight be perfect for some consensual,detached, late-night fun, but you probably shouldn’t hold your breath for this personto take you out on a date.

How to respond:

If a hook-up buddy isn’t what you’re seeking, then make it known. The best way to express your disinterest in these types of texts? Silence. “You can let a person know you refuse to take their messages that late by ignoring them,” says Dr.Wanis.

7. The Unprompted Sext

Do we even need to explain this one any further?

What it means:

So, someone'sunsolicited requests for photos or unexpected confessions of fantasies could be expressing a strong attraction to you — or they'resimply attempting to satisfyarousal through some naughty texting with the first person that came up on theircontactlist.

Whether sexual come-ons are a reflection of theirattraction to you or a reflection of theirhorniness, your crush should always get your consent and read the room before sending such an X-rated message. Harmless flirting is one thing, but you may not want to go further with someone before you're in a committed relationship. Whatever choice you make, it's most important that they're respecting your boundaries — if this text completely bypasses your comfort level, take that as a red flag.

How to respond:

Just like the booty call, there’s no reason not to reciprocate if you’re not looking for anything serious.But if you want a partnerwho’s on the same page and moving at the same pace as you are, ignore these texts. You’ll save yourself a lot of grief — and a lot of anxiety about composing the perfect “sexy” reply.

(Video) How To Respond To One Word Replies?

Hart says that if a personis interested in a serious relationship, theirtext message to you will read more like this: “Hey (name), are you free this weekend? I’ve got passes to…” or “Good to see you at (event) last night! What are you up to this Friday?” Themessages will be respectful, direct, and express the desire to make definite plans with you in the future.

The bottom line: If a personis really interested, you won’t need to hire a cryptographer to figure that out.Someday peoplemight stop playing games (is it different in thepost-college dating scene?), but until then you'll just have to use intuition — and a little advice — to decipher all their confusing text messages.

Interviews have been edited for length and clarity.

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Why does he give one-word replies? ›

He might be chattier later on.

If you're getting a bunch of one-word answers, it could be because he's multi-tasking. You can always ask him if it's a good time to chat. If he says no, take a rain check and try again later. For instance, say something like, "Seems like you're busy right now.

What do you do when your crush gives you short one-word responses? ›

Conversation. Maybe you'll say something like hey or just even what's up and you're hoping that your

Is a one-word reply rude? ›

When we answer anyone, let alone a customer, client, friend, family member,coworker, one-word answers are perceived as cold and rude. It's that simple. If you're reading this I am going assume you went to 3rd grade and I believe that's just about where we learn "3 words make a sentence".

What do short replies mean? ›

Someone may be giving short replies because you're asking closed-ended questions that can be answered with a "yes" or "no". An open-ended question requires them to give a more fleshed out reply.

What to do if a girl replies with one-word? ›

So, to spark up your conversations, here are my tips.
  1. Talk less.
  2. Don't ping repetitively unless she responds you back.
  3. Give her some time if you feel she's not interested to talk to you. ...
  4. Allow her to talk more.
  5. Talk about your friends and fun you have.
  6. Talk about your careers to show you're responsible too.

What is dry texting? ›

Dry texting is what happens when someone sends you short replies that don't move the conversation forward. It usually consists of one-word answers like the dreaded 'K,' says dating coach Alexis Germany.

What does 1 word responses mean? ›

ago. Additional comment actions. One word replies have a lot of meaning. The amount of work you put into something equates to the amount of passion you feel for it. One word replies by a lot people is a way to be short, to end the convo without being rude, which in itself is rude that people don't realize.

What is a dead reply? ›

It means he likes you. If you feel differently, then you should simply tell him you're not interested. If you don't start doing this now, life is going to be hell for you in the next year or two. 0.

How do I stop getting one word answers? ›

Here is their advice to get your kid talking:
  1. Ask open-ended questions. Open-ended questions encourage more than a one-word answer, according to Shannon Kolt, manager of Speech Language Pathology at the Genesis Early Learning Centre. ...
  2. Start a conversation. ...
  3. Ask questions linked to emotions. ...
  4. Get specific. ...
  5. Share.
18 Oct 2016

How do you respond to no way? ›

When someone expresses disbelief by saying "No way," a common colloquial response to confirm the statement is "Way." That response is usually followed by further confirming information. For example, the above dialogue might continue with: A. "Way.

What should I reply to a good girl? ›

You could say something like, "Aw, thanks, that's so sweet of you," or, "Yep, that's me, good to the core, lucky you to have such a good friend!" If you're responding by text, keep your thanks short with something like, "Thanks cutie!" or, "Thank you, sweetie."

Why do girls reply late? ›

Girls are actually vry particular about their choices even in replying message too..if she is replying late or not replying she might have less interest in you or may find something more interesting than you . one chance rare is playing mind games.

Is it rude to text k? ›

According to the first page of Google results about 'texting K', society views receiving this message as akin to a one-letter insult. It's seen as something that we send when we're mad, frustrated, or otherwise want to put an end to a conversation. “K” is rude, dismissive, or cold.

How do u make a girl miss u? ›

How To Make Her Miss You! 4 Tips: When It's Not Going Anywhere!

How do girls flirt over text? ›

  1. Show Her You're Serious by Welcoming Deep Conversation. Flirting over text should mostly be made up of light, fun banter. ...
  2. Include Her Name in a Text. ...
  3. Don't Be Afraid to Have a Sense of Humor. ...
  4. Be Polite – Show Her that Chivalry isn't Dead.

How do you flirt over text? ›

How To Flirt Over Text
  1. Keep it short and sweet. As a general rule, the simpler the message, the better. ...
  2. Stay positive. Flirting, by nature, is meant to be cheerful and lighthearted — it should make you both feel like you're in high school again. ...
  3. Be complimentary.
  4. Ask a playful question.
7 Dec 2021

What is cold texting? ›

What is cold texting? In the sales and business world, cold contacting a customer is generally done via phone or email without context or a prior business relationship. Cold text messaging is similar to cold calling and emailing in this way.

Why do girls send dry texts? ›

Okay, maybe the person on the other side may have started to get bored with those. So, they send a dry text. Dry texting happens when someone just decides to message you with “okay,” “uhuh,” or the ever-formal, “yes,” or “no.”

Why do guys text dry? ›

He might be busy, he might not like texting, or he might not be into you. Dry texting is incredibly frustrating, but try to be patient for the first couple of short texts or long response times. If he starts the conversation up again or starts sending more detailed messages, he was probably just busy.

What are questions to ask a girl? ›

Questions to Ask a Girl About Life
  • If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
  • Is there a book you could read over and over again without ever growing tired of it?
  • Are you a dog person or a cat person?
  • What's your favorite joke?
  • If you had one day left to live, what would you do first?
6 Nov 2021

How do you respond to yeah from a guy? ›

If the context is an answer to a Yes/No question then you can say something like “ok” or “great”.

Should I text again if no reply? ›

Give them the benefit of the doubt, both experts agree. If you wait seven days, without sending a double text, and your inbox is still at zero, you should take that as a sign too. No response is a response, Fields says.

What do the YS mean in hey? ›

Heyyy sounds more cuter. than just your bog standard 'hey'. Heyy means she is interested in you (not necessarily for a relationship, but just wants a casual chat)

What to text if a girl is not replying? ›

Address the fact that she hasn't responded to you and that the ball's in her court. Use silly emojis or throw in a funny twist. This way, she'll see that she needs to respond to you if she wants to keep the convo going. But you're letting her know in a way that feels offhand, funny, and ultimately, attractive.

Do guys text you if they like you? ›

There are no specific times a guy should text you when he likes you, but he must be consistent. A guy who genuinely likes you will text you at least once a day. Also, after a discussion about getting to know each other, he will randomly text to check up on you and text you good morning and good night.

What to do if a guy hasn't texted you back? ›

What To Do When He Doesn't Text You Back
  1. Don't Stress Out. Don't jump to conclusions if your man doesn't text you back immediately. ...
  2. Call Him. ...
  3. Check On Him. ...
  4. Give Him Time. ...
  5. Remember It's Not The End Of The World.
1 Sept 2022

How do I get a girl to text me back immediately? ›

Here are some things that you can do to keep the conversation going and entice the girl that you're into to text you back.
  1. Keep The Conversation Fresh And New.
  2. Avoid Passive-Aggressiveness.
  3. Give Her Physical Space.
  4. Keep It Positive.
  5. Texting Isn't The End.
  6. Use Texting To Find Out More About Your Love Interest.
22 Jun 2022

What do you text to get a response? ›

To make someone text you back, ask a question you want an answer to rather than being vague, since that will prompt the other person to reply. If you don't have a specific question in mind, ask the person about something their passionate about, like their favorite type of music or school subject.

What should I text a girl for the first time? ›

If you met on a dating app or in person, just send her a quick text with your name included. Keep it short and sweet, and don't send anything too long in your first message. Try something like: "Hey it's James from Tinder!"

How do you respond to a hurtful text? ›

How to Respond to a Negative Text Message?
  1. I'm Not Going to Respond to This Right Now. ...
  2. Did I Say Or Do Something Wrong? ...
  3. Is This Really About Something Else? ...
  4. I'm Really Sorry You Are Hurting. ...
  5. That's Not Cool At All. ...
  6. Don't Ever Talk to Me Like That Again! ...
  7. I'm Going to Screenshot This. ...
  8. Noncommittal Texts.
25 Jan 2022

How do you answer a conversation? ›

How to respond and keep the conversation going
  1. Use any information the speaker gives you. ...
  2. Echo the speaker's word. ...
  3. Ask open-ended questions – so that you don't just get a “yes” or “no” answer. ...
  4. Ask for the speaker's opinion on something you have just said.
  5. Tell the speaker about a similar experience you have had.

How do you say I don't know in a professional way? ›

Here are a few other ways to say it that can help preserve your credibility, and even build it. “I don't know the answer to that, but I'm anxious to find out.” “Let me tell you what I know, and what I'm still learning.” “That's an important question and I don't want to give you a half answer.

What a good girl meaning? ›

There's a good girl!: You are behaving well! You are being obedient or well-behaved! idiom.

What does it mean when a guy calls you little girl? ›

He is being polite and wants to make you comfortable

A guy may simply refer to you as "baby girl" because he wants to be extra polite and make you feel special, even though there is no reason for it. This could be his 'go-to' nickname, so he instinctively uses it whenever a female approaches him.

What does it mean when a man says you are a good woman? ›

A good woman is someone that adds something to your life and graciously accepts when you add something to theirs.

What does 3 mean from a girl? ›

means she loves you. For many girls, sending a <3 is a way of saying, "I like you as more than a friend." Maybe she's crushing on you and finally has the courage to say how she feels, or she's your girlfriend sending a quick "I love you" text.

What if a girl is online but not replying? ›

What if a girl is online but not replying? It simply means that she is busy with someone else. Or she is doing important chit chat to someone who is close to her.

What does 3 mean in texting? ›

The emoticon <3. means "Love." The characters < and 3 (which literally mean "less than three") form a picture of a heart on its side, which is used as an emoticon, meaning "love." For example: Sam: <3. Ali: <3.

What does LOL mean from a guy? ›

Lol is an acronym of laugh out loud. It can be used as an interjection and a verb. Lol is one of the most common slang terms in electronic communications. Even though it means laugh out loud, lol is mostly used to indicate smiling or slight amusement.

What is the full meaning of KK? ›

(Internet slang) okay cool (a shortened response usually used at the end of a conversation).

What are the signs that your crush doesn't like you? ›

Does my crush like me? Signs they're probably not interested:
  • There's inconsistent, limited, or no communication. ...
  • They're unavailable, emotionally or otherwise. ...
  • They constantly seem distracted. ...
  • They take no accountability. ...
  • They don't laugh at your jokes. ...
  • They're inconsiderate.
10 Sept 2019

How do you know if a man likes you but is hiding it? ›

Look out for these signs to understand if he likes you but is hiding it: He stares at you and can't help smiling: He gazes at you longer than necessary and returns a smile when you look back – that kind of smile he can't control because he gets nervous around you.

How do u know if a guy doesnt like u? ›

He seems uninterested in things you do. His eye contact with you doesn't last long. He will stare at you for a moment and blink his eye away. He doesn't smile or laugh when you're together, and he doesn't laugh at your jokes.

What does it mean when a girl is dry texting? ›

Dry texting is something that happens when you are in a text conversation with someone. The other person only responds with short texts and does not text anything that engages in the conversation or keeps the conversation going.

What does it mean when a girl reply fast? ›

You will notice that she instantly replies to all your texts. Even when you text her while she's offline, you would be surprised by how fast she views your message and replies to it. This is probably because she has her notifications switched on for you.

What does 3 mean from a girl in text? ›

Summary of Key Points. "Love" is the most common definition for <3. on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. <3.

How do u make a girl miss u? ›

How To Make Her Miss You! 4 Tips: When It's Not Going Anywhere!

What's a fun question to ask a girl? ›

15 Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl
  • What do you like to do the most when you're alone?
  • When's the last time you got butterflies and why?
  • What's your opinion on manscaping?
  • Who's your biggest celebrity crush?
  • What's your guilty pleasure?
  • What's your favorite daydream to have?
  • Have you ever had a one night stand?
20 Sept 2022

How do you know if a dry texter likes you? ›

However, if you're noticing these disinterested texting signals, then it may be time to focus your energy on someone else.
  1. They Keep Their Texts Short. Shutterstock. ...
  2. They Take A Long Time To Reply. ...
  3. They Claim They “Didn't See Your Message” ...
  4. They Don't Ask Questions. ...
  5. They Don't Spellcheck Their Texts. ...
  6. They Text Sporadically.
11 Jul 2018

How do girls flirt over text? ›

  1. Show Her You're Serious by Welcoming Deep Conversation. Flirting over text should mostly be made up of light, fun banter. ...
  2. Include Her Name in a Text. ...
  3. Don't Be Afraid to Have a Sense of Humor. ...
  4. Be Polite – Show Her that Chivalry isn't Dead.

How can I spice up my crush over text? ›

Knowing how to text your crush will be easy with a little bit of dating expert-backed advice.
  1. Ask A Leading Question. ...
  2. Jog Their Memory. ...
  3. Say Something Sweet. ...
  4. Bring Up A Shared Interest Or Experience. ...
  5. Send An Emoji. ...
  6. Be Genuinely Curious.
7 May 2018

How do you text small talk? ›

How to start a conversation over text
  1. Re-introduce yourself. ...
  2. Continue a previous conversation. ...
  3. Mention something from a profile or post. ...
  4. Ask them for expert advice. ...
  5. Ask for their opinion of a celebrity's post. ...
  6. Send a text that piques their interest. ...
  7. Send a GIF, meme, or emoji. ...
  8. Say “thank you” for a recommendation.
26 Jan 2022

How long should I wait to reply to my crush? ›

Post Senning's general rule is to not wait longer than one to three hours to reply, he tells TI. "A text conversation can go stale in a few hours," he says. "Don't just make them wait." If you're crushing on someone, don't play mind games, he says.

Should girls text first? ›

Believe it or not, many guys really like it when girls text first. Being confident is a big turn-on, and sending the first text takes confidence! Unless you're sending slews of unanswered messages at a time, consistently sending the first text can actually be a big turn-on for guys.

What does a 💜 mean from a girl? ›

Like the many other heart emoji such as Red Heart ❤️ and Blue Heart 💙, the Purple Heart emoji 💜 is generally used to convey love and other strong, affectionate, positive feelings.

What does 😫 mean from a boy? ›

What does 😩 Weary Face emoji mean? The weary face emoji, 😩, cries out: “I can't handle this!” It marks content dealing with a very wide range of overwhelmed feelings, from genuine exhaustion to ironic self-pity to being overjoyed.

What does a 🖤 mean? ›

🖤 Black Heart emoji

For some, the black heart emoji is the perfect emoji for a rainy day when you are sitting inside, feeling angsty and misunderstood. It can mean you are feeling emo, have a dark twisted soul, morbid sense of humor, or just love sad stuff.


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