Israel-Gaza latest: Israeli fighter jet hits West Bank in deadly strike; aid pier off Gaza coast 'not enough' (2024)

Key points
  • Israel says its fighter jet has hit West Bank
  • IDF has 'seized bodies of three hostages from Gaza'
  • They were murdered while celebrating life', IDF says|Netanyahu 'heartbroken' over deaths
  • Alistair Bunkall: Discovery of bodies will reinforce Israeli belief that more hostages are in Rafah
  • Israeli protesters attack truck in attempt to block aid reaching Gaza
  • Spain bans ships carrying weapons for Israel from docking at its ports
  • Scroll down for the latest on the Israel-Gaza war
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We're pausing our live coverage

That's all for this evening, but if you're just catching up, here is a recap of the key developments.

  • An Israeli fighter jet struck a refugee camp in the West Bank, killing at least one person and injuring eight;
  • The bodies of three Israeli hostages were recovered from Gaza;
  • An investigation was launched after a 450kg bomb fell from an Israeli fighter jet into an Israeli town;
  • Spain banned ships carrying weapons for Israel from docking at its ports;
  • Dozens of Israeli protesters in the West Bank attacked a truck in an apparent attempt to prevent aid from reaching Gaza, beating its driver and setting it on fire.


US doctors trapped in Gaza have now left, says White House

A group of US medicalworkers trapped at a hospital in Gaza have now left the territory, the White House says.

American doctors providing care in Gaza were unable to leave after Israel closed the Rafah bordercrossing.

Among them were 10 from the US-based Palestinian AmericanMedical Association, who had intended to leave after a two-weekmission at the European Hospital in Khan Younis.

Today, 17 American doctors and healthcare workers, outof a total of 20, left Gaza, White House national securityspokesperson John Kirby said.

"I can assure you that any of them that wanted to leave areout," Mr Kirby said.

Three of the doctors chose not to depart Gaza, a source familiar with the situation said.

The Palestinian American Medical Association reported on Wednesday that its team of 19 healthcareprofessionals, including 10 Americans, had been denied exit fromGaza

Israel seized and closed the Rafah border crossing betweenGaza and Egypt on 7 May.


Wounded rises to eight after strike on West Bank refugee camp

The number of people injured by an Israeli airstrike in the West Bank has risen to eight, according to the Palestinian health ministry.

They are in a stable condition and receiving treatment at hospitals, it said.

As we reported in our last post, at least one person has been killed by the attack on Jenin refugee camp.

Residents of the camp said a house was targeted.

Unlike Gaza, such a strike is a rarity in the West Bank, which is run by the Palestinian Authority, not Hamas.


Israeli fighter jet strikes West Bank

The Israeli military says a fighter jet has carried out a strike in Jenin in the West Bank.

One person was killed and two injured, thePalestinian health ministry said.

While Palestinians live in both Gaza and the West Bank, the territories are controlled by distinct groups.

Hamas has ruled over Gaza since seizing control in 2007 following a brief civil war with the Palestinian Authority.

The West Bank, meanwhile, is still run by the Palestinian Authority, headed by presidentMahmoud Abbas.


Girl, three, with ultra-rare disease denied escape from Gaza for treatment

By Mark Stone,US correspondent

A three-year-old Palestinian girl with an ultra-rare genetic condition has been forced backwards in her quest to leave Gaza for life-saving treatment.

Julia Abu Zeiter,whose story is being followed by Sky News, was moved with her family from a tent in the southern city of Rafah and relocated to a supposedly safer zone to the north and further away from the border they had hoped to cross.

Speaking to Sky News, her mother Maha said: "We were going through the travel procedures to leaveGaza. When the time for us to travel through Rafah crossing got close, the Israelis occupied the crossing, and they told us they want to invade Rafah."

She added: "I was between two fires, not knowing where to go. Do I go try to travel to treat my daughter or do I flee to another place?"

Read on here...


US: Israel open to talks before major decision on Rafah

Israel has assured the US they are willing to continue discussions before making any major decisions on plans to assault Rafah, a US official has said.

White House national security spokesperson John Kirby said national security adviser Jake Sullivan will raise the issue on a visit to Israel to meet Benjamin Netanyahu.

Mr Sullivan will stress the need to go after Hamas in a targeted way, not with a full-scale assault on the southern city, Mr Kirby said.

He said it was important that the Rafah crossing was opened immediately.

The Israeli militaryseized control of the crossing between Gaza and Egypt earlier this month.


US-built aid pier off Gaza coast not enough, says Hamas

Hamas says the US-built aid pier off Gaza's coast is noalternative to opening all land crossings under Palestiniansupervision.

It added that they reject any military presence onPalestinian land.

Trucks carrying aid rolled across the pier today for the first time in an operation the US says will scale up to 150 truckloads a day.

But Gaza is already on the brink of famine, according to international aid organisations.

Aid groups also say land crossings are much more effective, and at least 500 trucks a day are required to meet the basic needs of the population.

Israeli restrictions on border crossings and heavy fighting have hindered the delivery of food and other supplies.


Reports: Probe launched after IDF bomb falls from jet into Israeli town

An investigation has been launched after a 450kg bomb fell from an Israeli fighter jet into an Israeli town this morning, according to reports.

Images showed the munition landed close to homes in Yated.

The Israeli military said it was intended for Rafah and described the incident as "unusual", reported the Times of Israel.

"Air Force technical teams arrived at the scene and began an in-depth investigation of the incident."

The Rafah strike was carried out moments later, the military said.


Israeli strikes 'kill five' in Lebanon

Israeli strikes on Lebanon have killed at least five people including Lebanese militants, Hamas fighters and Syriancivilians, security sources told Reuters.

A series of strikes on a coastal town further north than the usual conflict area killed a Hezbollah member as well as two Syrian civilians, the security sources said.

They said a separate Israeli strike on Majdal Anjar, on Lebanon's eastern border with Syria, killed two Hamas fighters.

Israel and Hezbollah have beenexchanging fire across Lebanon's southern border for sevenmonths in parallel with the Gaza war, but it has ramped up in recent days.

There was no immediate comment from the Israeli military.


Recovery of bodies a 'painful reminder' of hostages still in Gaza

The recovery of the bodies of three hostages from Gaza is a "painful reminder" of those who are still in captivity, says a member of the Hostages and Missing Families Forum.

Professor Hagai Levine said over the last day, rumours circulating about which bodies had been returned to Israel were "very painful for the families" of all the captives.

It was important to bring home the bodies of hostages to give their families closure, he said.

"We do not lose hope. We are preparing for the return of the hostages that are alive," he said.

"As long as we promote a solution to release the hostages, it will also help to prevent further bloodshed in Gaza."

Turning to the approach the Israeli government has taken, Mr Levine said the government "is not representing well the desires of the public".

"There is a majority in Israel that believe that we should now promote regional agreements and together with the moderate countries, not the extremists, we should kick out Hamas... and replace them with another kind of government.

"This could really bring peace and prosperity to the Palestinians and to Israelis and to the entire region and we feel that the government is not doing enough."

Israel-Gaza latest: Israeli fighter jet hits West Bank in deadly strike; aid pier off Gaza coast 'not enough' (2024)
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