The Reasons To Focus On Making Improvements In Upvc Window Near Me (2023)

Upvc Replacement Window Handles

Upvc replacement window handles are an easy way to improve the appearance of your windows without having to replace them completely. There are a variety of choices for shapes, colors, and designs. Choose one that fits your window.


There are numerous kinds of window handles available on market. The most popular one in the UK is the Espag handle. This type of window handle is commonly used in aluminium, uPVC, timber and wood windows.

The espag window handle style is very similar to the Venetian. It is a flat metal strip on the back of the handle. The handle is usually attached to the window's front with two bolts or screws.

Depending on your personal preferences There are many styles of espag handle available on the market. Some handles are cranked, allowing users to rotate the handle in one direction. Some handles can be turned clockwise or anti-clockwise , by being right or left-handed.

Espag replacement window handles made of upvc are available in a variety of colors. They also come with a range of features, including keys locking mechanisms. You can buy replacement uPVC handles in sizes of 15mm to 55mm. A replacement uPVC window handle will generally be finished in standard white.

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If you are looking to replace your window handles from espag and handles, you must select a top-quality product. The handles that are not of good quality can break or cause damage to the spindle pivoting regions.

You can also purchase an replacement uPVC handle that is equipped with magnetic spindles. These are easy to put in. You can also buy an inline handle. The handles that are inline are more elegant.

You can alter the replacement uPVC handles to fit various window systems. Generally, these handles are made to fit 43mm centres.


Cockspur Upvc window handles are a popular choice. They are a good alternative to the lever handle that is traditional and will fit almost any style of window. This type of handle is often used in uPVC windows dating from the beginning, and are still used frequently in the present. Modern day handles have an extended 20mm nosepiece as well as an locking mechanism that locks to the transom bar cross member.

The contemporary cockspur handle is getting a lot of attention. Some companies even offer traditional handles that can be used on wood or uPVC. Yale Securistyle Virage Cockspur Handle is one such handle. It is suitable for both aluminum and timber windows. It is well-engineered and features a a high-quality locking deadlock mechanism and a slender grip. It can be deadlocked with the key included.

Depending on your preference, you may prefer the smooth grip of the nipper over the tactile touch of a handle. There are a myriad of cockspur-shaped upvc handles, including Cotswold Cotspurs that can be placed in 38 and 58mm positions. A lot of uPVC versions include a multi-function lever that secures the transom and frame. They are generally a suitable option for windows that don't need to be serviced as often.

The Yale Securistyle Virage Cockspur matches both wood and aluminium windows with a perfect match. It comes with a a high-quality locking deadlock cylinder as well as a slim grip. an excellent locking deadlock cylinder.


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UPVC replacement window handles - are available in a range of sizes, styles, and colors. There are several locking options for certain models that include the espagnolette lock. If you're in search of an entirely new handle, you should think about the type of windows you have. Consider the material of the window, as there are many types of wood, metal, and uPVC.

The most well-known kind of double-glazed window handle is the cockspur. They're typically found on older UPVC windows, however they are more prevalent in older aluminium windows. These handles can be fixed using three to four screws. However they can also be fixed by a variety other methods, including two bolts or screws.

Another kind of double-glazed window handle is the spade or blade handle. Most commonly made of aluminium or uPVC These handles utilize the two-peg locking mechanism to secure the window in place. This design is ideal for windows that have multiple locking points and windows that are set within a wood frame.

Spaded / Bladed replacement window handles are available in a variety of colours including white, silver, bronze, and black. They work with an array of UPVC windows because of their sleek design and low-profile appearance.

Other UPVC replacement window handles include the espag as well as tilt and turn handles. Tilt and turn handles let to open the window in the normal way, but they can be turned inwards or outwards depending on the need.

Turn and tilt

Tilt and turn windows are a great option for homeowners. They are easy to operate and practical, and also provide healthy ventilation. The mechanism to open them is secure and quick.

You can choose from a range of styles and materials , including aluminum, timber and uPVC. Composite and aluminum windows require less maintenance than wooden frames, which may be rotten over time. UPVC tilt and turn window frames are less expensive than aluminum or timber frames.

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A tilt and turn window can be to be shut and opened in one motion. They can also be adjusted for slow or high air flow. For instance, you can leave them open in the evening or during a hot summer. It takes only about two to five minutes to open the window.

One of the most crucial elements of the window is the handle. The handle is made up of two screw heads at the top. You can use a measuring tape determine the distance between the screw holes. It's typically 43mm from the center to the centre.

You should choose a model that is compatible with your existing window handles if looking to replace them. The same design will increase the reliability of your window handles.

Another essential component of a tilt-and-turn window is the locking mechanism. A tiny gearbox is connected to the spindle of the handle. These windows are designed to be highly safe.

If you are in need of a replacement handle, you should contact a specialist contractor. The replacement green upvc windows - tilt-and-turn window handles are larger and have the square spindle diameter of seven millimetres in their rear. This handle is more durable and sturdy than wooden or aluminum handles.


UPVC window handles come in different styles. These handles can be used to replace damaged or worn windows. They are also a great way to update the windows you have. You can pick from a range of colors and designs to complement your decor.

UPVC is a popular choice due to its many advantages such as being resistant to corrosion as well as efficient. It is suitable for both windows and doors and is a popular choice for homeowners. It only takes a few minutes to change the handles on your UPVC window windows.

Before replacing the handle you must measure the distance between the bottom of the window frame and the top of the handle. This is known as the step height and is an important measure for tight closures. The typical step height is approximately 21mm. It is essential to ensure that the new handle is the same height as the one you currently have for a crank UPVC window frame handle.

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The kind of window handle you require is contingent upon the kind of window you have. For instance, if have a tilt and turn window you'll need a handle that is capable of supporting the weight of the window. There are a variety of double-glazed window handles, such as cockspur, Venetian and Espag.

Espag handles are the most well-known type of UPVC window handle. They feature a brain spindle that is located at the back. This allows the handle to be fixed securely to the window frame, while also allowing it to be operated in any direction.


When looking to replace your upvc window handles There are a lot of different styles you could want to look at. These include tilt and turn, cockspur and espag style handles. It is important to pick the right handle for your window.

Tilt and turn handles are among of the most used handles on UPVC windows. They are typically used on patio doors as well as high-rise flats. They come in both left-hand and right-hand styles. They are also available in a variety of colors and designs.

The cockspur handle is a common option on older properties. They have an elongated blade with an extended nose. They can be used on windows with slimmer profiles. They are typically secured using three to four screws.

Another popular option is the espag handle. This handle is angled , and more secure than its flat-blade counterpart. Although they aren't as sleek as Venetian handles, Upvc Replacement Window Handles - they do offer the same fine build quality.

Espag handles can be used to open double-glazed windows. These handles come with a spindle which is attached to the frame. The spindle size is usually 7mm. It can be longer, however. This makes it possible to be adapted to any UPVC Espag locking window.

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There are uPVC window handles that can be fixed on aluminium windows. The espag holds have an opening in white and are available in various lockable designs.


How can I improve my uPVC windows? ›

5 Ways to Make Your uPVC Windows More Thermally Efficient
  1. Install Curtains to Improve Efficiency.
  2. Replace the Weatherseal.
  3. Replace the Window Entirely.
  4. Put Window Film in Your Home.
  5. Secondary Glazing.
  6. Conclusion.

Why are uPVC windows better? ›

UPVC is a low maintenance material, unlike natural materials which require annual sanding, varnishing and repainting. Windows & doors made from UPVC can last for decades without any sign of weathering, the only upkeep is a wipe down clean with soapy water to prevent staining and remove grim or dirt.

What are common problems with uPVC windows? ›

Problems with uPVC windows

The most common issues with uPVC windows are rusting, letting in cold air and damaged hardware, including screws, locks and hinges. This occurs from wear and tear, and also when windows are left open for too long and become stiff to open and close.

How can I improve the efficiency of my windows? ›

There are several things you can do to improve the efficiency of your existing windows:
  1. Check existing windows for air leaks.
  2. Caulk and weatherstrip. ...
  3. Add energy efficient window coverings. ...
  4. Add storm windows or panels.
  5. Add solar control film.
  6. Add exterior shading, such as awnings, exterior blinds, or overhangs.

What is quality in uPVC windows? ›

uPVC windows can withstand exposure to UV rays, dust, moisture, termites, chemicals, etc. As a result, the material does not rot, peel, warp, or get discoloured easily. It thrives even with minimal maintenance. Despite being a synthetic material, uPVC is also environmentally friendly.

What are the benefits of uPVC material? ›

uPVC tops the durability stakes, remaining strong and sturdy for up to ten years, and making these products more hardwearing than other traditional materials. Plastic also has the advantage in terms of rusting, swelling and warping; unlike metal or wood, uPVC will retain its shape and strength for years to come.

Why are uPVC windows so popular? ›

It's particularly ideal for double-glazed windows and doors because it's low-cost and low-maintenance. UPVC can also be used for roofline products, such as downpipes, guttering and fascias. UPVC is also known as PVC and PVCu, however, they are all referring to the same plastic building material.

How durable are uPVC windows? ›

Since uPVC is water and salt-resistant as well as thermally passive, it can withstand extremes of heat, cold, wind, rain, and snow without bending, rotting, peeling, chipping, or flaking. This makes uPVC a versatile and extra-durable option for buildings.

What is the disadvantage of uPVC? ›

uPVC doors can become discoloured and breakable at the end of their lifespan. At some point, it'll become so broken down you need to replace it all together rather than have it fixed.

What is different about uPVC windows? ›

UPVC does not contain any chemicals, rendering it a safe product for the environment. PVC is more porous and requires more maintenance over time, to remove surface stains. UPVC is a robust material and less porous, known for its thermal efficiency and durability. Not often used in window and door construction.

What are the disadvantages of uPVC window frames? ›

Despite their robustness, uPVC windows and doors are prone to sagging and sashing due to their lightweight and also because they are structurally not as strong as aluminium windows. Too much heat can even result in the rupture of their frames.

What is better than uPVC? ›

The aluminium is better than uPVC because it can take a lot of pressure before breaking. Which makes it perfect for areas with extreme weather conditions. It also has a much lower U-value than uPVC so it provides better insulation and doesn't let heat escape as easily.

Are uPVC windows worth it? ›

Known for their durability, low maintenance requirements, and energy-saving benefits, it's clear to see why they have become such a popular option. Modern uPVC windows are highly energy-efficient, meaning that the energy used to heat your home during the winter months won't escape through your windows.

Can uPVC windows be modified? ›

It is possible to upgrade all existing components of a UPVC window without removing the uPVC frame. It is simply a matter of replacing certain window components. The glazing, hardware (handles, hinges, locking mechanisms, restrictors) and rubber gaskets can be replaced by specialists easily with modern equivalents.

What is the average life of uPVC windows? ›

Typically lasting around 20 years, which can vary between 10-35 years depending on the quality and upkeep, if your uPVC windows were installed around 1999 it's likely that they could need replacing or at least repairing by now.


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